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Pacific Northwest Sheet Music Collection. Home » Pacific Northwest Sheet Music Collection The Pacific Northwest Sheet Music Collection is part of the Ashford Sheet Music Collection at the University of Washington Music Library.

Pacific Northwest Sheet Music Collection

The Ashford Collection was built from a core collection donated by Paul Ashford to the University of Washington in 1959. The collection has been augmented considerably since 1959 and now contains over a thousand titles. In addition to music from and about Washington State and the Pacific Northwest, the Ashford Collection also includes other Americana such as campaign songs and songs from the two World Wars. The digitized Pacific Northwest Sheet Music is all in the public domain and represents a fraction of the Ashford collection. Music Australia - Music Australia has been integrated into Trove.

Music Australia -

Music Australia was released in April 2005 and brought together Australian music and music related resources into a single online discovery service. All the resources and people and organisation records previously in Music Australia are available in Trove.

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Sheet Music Consortium

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