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Energy Generation

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Hybrid Solar System Helps Green Natural Gas Plants. Hybrid Solar System Helps Green Natural Gas Plants (11)Apr-21-13 A hybrid solar system could help increase the efficiency and eco-friendliness of natural gas power plants while also creating a synthetic fuel for vehicles.

Hybrid Solar System Helps Green Natural Gas Plants

The system features a parabolic mirror that focuses sunlight on a small chemical reactor lined with narrow channels containing natural gas. A catalyst breaks down the molecules of the sunlight-warmed gas to create a mixture of carbon dioxide and hydrogen called syngas (synthesis gas). The waste heat from this reaction is capture by a heat exchanger that sends it back to the reactor, boosting the process until 60 percent of the sunlight is being converted into energy. Syngas can also be used to make synthetic crude oil, which can then be refined for use in vehicles.

More Info: Add Comment Comments. First Hybrid Wind/Current Turbine Soon to Launch. First Hybrid Wind/Current Turbine Soon to Launch.

First Hybrid Wind/Current Turbine Soon to Launch

Generating Energy from Water Pressure. Generating Energy from Water Pressure (6)May-20-13 By building a power plant deep beneath the ocean, a team of researchers hopes to generate energy by harnessing the pressure of the ocean water.

Generating Energy from Water Pressure

The concept was proposed by a team of Norwegian scientists from the SINTEF organization. The plan would involve placing large tanks in the water at depths between 1300 and 2600 feet. World's First Hybrid Wind/Current Generator. World's First Hybrid Wind/Current Generator (6)Jun-30-13 The SKWID is designed to capitalize on the energy potential available both in the winds above the ocean, and in the currents flowing beneath the waves.

World's First Hybrid Wind/Current Generator

The device uses an omnidirectional Darrieus wind turbine sitting 47 meters above the sea on one end of a vertical shaft, with a different type of omnidirectional turbine design, a 15 meter diameter Savonius, spinning at the other end under the surface. Portable Molten Salt Thermal Reactor. Portable Molten Salt Thermal Reactor (6)Jul-07-13 This invention relates to a Molten Salt Reactor that is a portable plug and go green thermal reactor called the RTMSR.

Portable Molten Salt Thermal Reactor

This new reactor will even be able to burn Nuclear Waste to energy. The burning of Nuclear Waste is only one source of fuel for the reactor will run of Molten Salt as the driver fluid. This technology is a portable design reactor that is a truck mounted unit. Thermal Energy sizes will come in 2.5MW to as high as 1GW on all truck mounted units. Utah Valley University is looking at equity partnerships for the new reactor. More Info: Add Comment Comments Would like to know as soon as one is built . Harnessing Currents with Underwater Kites. Harnessing Currents with Underwater Kites (5)Nov-08-13 Tethered underwater kites able to harness the power of ocean waves and currents could provide significantly more power than wind turbines.

Harnessing Currents with Underwater Kites

The research, being carried out by David Olinger of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is based upon the idea of taking advantage of the ocean currents—which he refers to as ‘liquid breezes.’ Creating a Power Plant in the Sky. Creating a Power Plant in the Sky (5)Nov-26-13 By placing a network of unmanned drones at high altitudes, a UK firm hopes to harvest energy from a variety of sources for transmission to ground-based receiving stations.

Creating a Power Plant in the Sky

The company, New Wave Energy, is developing technology that will see a network of drones hovering in the sky and harnessing wind and solar power. Each four-rotor drone would be equipped with wind turbines and a panel for harvesting solar energy, allowing it to gather enough energy to power itself and still transmit an additional 50 kW wirelessly to the ground as electromagnetic waves. The drones would operate at high altitudes where they would not be disturbed by weather or aircraft, and their aerial nature would make it easier to send power to remote locations or provide assistance during a natural disaster. More Info: Ecos PowerCube Features Pop-Out Panels. Ecos PowerCube Features Pop-Out Panels (3)Jun-25-14 The Ecos PowerCube is a portable, pop-up solar station, capable of bringing solar power to just about anywhere in the world.

Ecos PowerCube Features Pop-Out Panels

Developed by Ecoshpere Technologies, the self-sustaining Ecos PowerCube is transported and housed in shipping containers, which make it possible to deliver it to anywhere these containers already go. Once the system is on location, the panels can be deployed for use, generating up to 15 kW of electricity to power wireless communications or water treatment systems. Creating Electricity from Bouncing Water Droplets. Creating Electricity from Bouncing Water Droplets (3)Jul-24-14 A new method of generating electricity from condensation also happens to create clean water as a side product—making the technology particularly useful in developing countries.

Creating Electricity from Bouncing Water Droplets

The technique, created by a team from MIT, was based upon the observation that water droplets on superhydrophobic surface convert their surface energy to kinetic energy as they move to form into larger droplets. During this process, the droplets will sometimes "spontaneously jump away," which causes them to develop a small electric charge. The team then went on to create a series of plates made by alternating water-repellent copper oxide with water-attracting copper. As the droplets move from one plate to other, they carry that electrical charge with them. More Info: MiPower International Limited. MiPower International Limited (1)Jul-27-14 Almost emissions free (no smoke) flue less wood fired home power plant for the home or small business.

MiPower International Limited

The MiPower International system is so clean burning emissions are almost indistinguishable from the naturally occurring environment. BioFuel-Powered All-In-One Energy System. BioFuel-Powered All-In-One Energy System (3)Aug-06-14 A prototype Biofuel Micro Trigeneration system fueled by unrefined plant oils could provide a new source of power for homes in remote, off-grid areas. The small-scale system is designed for use in homes, and is able to provide cooling, heating and electrical power. The BMT system works with a diesel generator that has been adapted to run on plant fuels and is coupled to the electrical storage system, enabling the system to respond to peaks in demand.

Waste heat is captured and stored for use heating and hot water, and that same stored heat can be used to run an absorption chiller for cooling and refrigeration. WaveNET Harvests Energy from the Waves. NASA's basement nuclear reactor. If Joseph Zawodny, a senior scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center, is correct, the future of energy may lie in a nuclear reactor small enough and safe enough to be installed where the home water heater once sat. Using weak nuclear forces that turn nickel and hydrogen into a new source of atomic energy, the process offers a light, portable means of producing tremendous amounts of energy for the amount of fuel used.

It could conceivably power homes, revolutionize transportation and even clean the environment. Currently, nuclear power means one of two approaches. There’s fission, which involves splitting atoms of uranium or plutonium to release energy, and is employed in all military and civilian nuclear plants. Then there’s fusion, which involves forcing together hydrogen atoms to form helium and releasing even more energy. A nickel lattice (Image: NASA)

Water-Repellent Coating Reduces Greenhouse Gases. Water-Repellent Coating Reduces Greenhouse Gases.