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Programmable color LED array from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. The Embarrassingly Easy Case Mod. The problem with basic electronics projects is that they have a very bad ratio of effort to result.

The Embarrassingly Easy Case Mod

OK, you've got to learn to solder somehow. But the niftiest thing you're likely to end up when you've worked your way through the whole Let's Learn About Wires kit series is a weeny FM transmitter. So here, for your delectation, is a Thing You Can Make that's easier than that very first Two LED Flasher kit, and creates a genuinely cool (though not, I grant you, especially useful) effect. You've probably seen little LED lights of various kinds that cycle through red, green and blue, and then numerous psychedelic combinations of those colours. LED Cube 8x8x8. At first glance this project might seem like an overly complex and daunting task.

LED Cube 8x8x8

However, we are dealing with digital electronics here, so everything is either on or off! I've been doing electronics for a long time, and for years i struggled with analog circuits. The analog circuits failed over half the time even if i followed instructions. One resistor or capacitor with a slightly wrong value, and the circuit doesn't work. ‪LED cube 8x8x8 demo‬‏