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Ebook: Photography and rendering with vray (Free English+Tiếng Việt PDF) - 3DsMax.VN. Photography and rendering with vray là cuốn sách đầy đủ nhất, tất tần tật về Vray.

Ebook: Photography and rendering with vray (Free English+Tiếng Việt PDF) - 3DsMax.VN

Tác giả Ciro Sannino tốt nghiệp cử nhân mỹ thuật công nghiệp và bắt đầu lằm việc trong lĩnh vực 3D và Rendering từ những năm 1997. Ông được cấp chứng chỉ đào tạo V-Ray bởi tập đoàn Chaos Group và từ năm 2006 ông cũng được biết đến rộng rãi qua cộng đồng internet Với sự giúp đỡ từ CGworld, ông đã phát triển ra phương pháp 5-Step Render Workflow® được ông giới thiệu thành công trong các buổi hội thảo của mình và được trình bày trong cuốn sách này. Link tải bản Photography and rendering with vray Tiếng Việt + Tiếng Anh + DVD file Max bên dưới Link sách: Photography and rendering with vray (English PDF) Sẽ uplink bản Tiếng Việt cùng DVD trong thời gian tới. UPDATE: Link bản tiếng việt + DVD. Bài tập DIỄN HỌA CÂY màu nước - Dành cho Học viên Diễn họa Kiến trúc T.H.K.T.

CLB Diễn họa KIẾN TRÚC. CLB Diễn họa KIẾN TRÚC. Section architecture rendering by Photoshop _ Midnight scene. Tạo hậu kỳ toàn cảnh tòa nhà với Photoshop - Photoshop post production [ Building ] The 7 Most Popular Architectural Visualization Styles. Architizer is pleased to announce the new A+Awards category of ARCHITECTURE + RENDERING.

The 7 Most Popular Architectural Visualization Styles

Submit renderings of built or unbuilt projects that were used to illustrate a new concept and design here. There was a time when no self-respecting rendering would allow itself to be seen in public without a zeppelin hovering somewhere in its desaturated sky. Supermodels in haute couture garments strutted across opera foyers, uninterested expressions and blasé attitudes adding to the exclusivity of the space. These gimmicks are still widely used, but since its early days architectural rendering has seen major technical advancements that allowed it to appropriate cinematic techniques relying on color, lighting, framing, composition, and angles to convey moods.

This disciplinary overlap between architecture and film is fundamental in the use of similar software and modeling techniques and has brought the two closer through the idea of storytelling, a notion inherent to both disciplines. The Mad Max. All Tutorials. Work / Mir - Bergen, Norway. Contrabands and Freedmen's Cemetery Memorial. Yesterday’s tomorrow is not today. .Image: Rendering by Hugh Ferriss of the UN Building proposal (1947) What’s so fascinating about [Hugh] Ferriss is what makes him so different to his near-contemporary Iakov Chernikhov.

Yesterday’s tomorrow is not today

While the latter made fantasy cities out of bizarre amalgams of what did exist and what hadn’t yet been invented, Ferriss drawings take the actually constructed and make it look utterly unreal.Owen Hatherley, “Fairytales and real estate” (2007)Unreal City, Under the brown fog of a winter dawn, A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many, I had not thought death had undone so manyT.S.

Eliot, “The Waste Land” (1922) It’s an odd feeling one gets from time to time, that the future we remember was more futuristic than our own. And yet it’s unmistakable. Architectural sketch by Hugh Ferriss, 1917 Architectural sketch by Iakov Chernikhov, late 1930s Architectural sketch by Hugh Ferriss, mid-1930s House of Books by I. Nor do the similarities end there. Hugh Ferriss’ lunar amphitheater (late 1950s) Like this: Diễn Họa Kiến Trúc. Visualizing Architecture. Kho ảnh của luxigon. Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide. Visualizing Architecture. One of the very first tutorials I created for this site described a workflow that generated a night scene only using Photoshop.

Visualizing Architecture

That tutorial used a very simple base image exported right out of Sketchup. The workflow is easy to implement and is especially useful if you are not comfortable setting up night scenes and lighting in an external render engine such as Kerkythea or V-Ray. However, that same workflow is equally useful with more complex and developed scenes and this latest post is my attempt prove it.

As I was working on the previous post, I realized the daytime scene could easily be shifted into a night scene to generate a more compelling image. Everybody likes a good night illustration but they also tend to be the most intimidating. 1. The first step is to get rid of some layers in the original daytime scene that don’t belong in the night scene. 2.

Probably one of the more difficult steps is editing out all of the sharp shadows created from the sun. 3. 4. 5.