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Union sues to block Kaiser from Covered California exchange. Received this press release yesterday, which we are reprinting in full below.

Union sues to block Kaiser from Covered California exchange

NUHW is quickly becoming our favorite union. It is the same organization that crafted the complaint which recently resulted in a $4 million fine against KP for violating California mental health care laws. The link in the first paragraph takes you to a PDF of the lawsuit. NUHW Sues California’s “Obamacare” Exchange to Protect Patients from Kaiser Permanente’s Substandard Care SACRAMENTO, Calif. , Sept. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today, the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) and five other plaintiffs filed suit in the Superior Court of Sacramento, California to block Kaiser Permanente from participating in California’s Health Benefit Exchange due to its substandard care that violates the Exchange’s rules. SOURCE National Union of Healthcare Workers. Romney's Transition Site. Who Won The Popular Vote In 2012? Barack Obama, Carla WindhorstPresident Barack Obama calls to thank volunteers in Wisconsin, at campaign office call center the morning of the 2012 election, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, in Chicago.

Who Won The Popular Vote In 2012?

Carla Windhorst is seated next to the president. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)Jabrylle McClendon, center, waits at the front of the line to vote with her nephew,Terrell Ford, 7, as a woman who only identified herself as Dolores, takes a seat next to them before their polling place opened on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)Voters line up to cast ballots in the general election at Barrow County's Precinct 16 at Bethlehem Christian Academy, Tuesday morning, Nov. 6, 2012, in Bethlehem, Ga. (AP Photo/David Tulis)Voters line up to cast ballots in the general election at Barrow County's Precinct 16 at Bethlehem Christian Academy, Tuesday morning, Nov. 6, 2012, in Bethlehem, Ga.

Barack Obama Sings 'U Can't Touch This' You better believe it, suckers.

Barack Obama Sings 'U Can't Touch This'

Ahem. Sorry. We got carried away in all the euphoria there. But here's the reigning US president (er... "reigning" is the right word, isn't it?) SEATTLE TIMES: Pennsylvania touchscreen machine openly flips vote from Obama to Romney. Obama wins the election! (on Twitter) Can Twitter predict the outcome of the US election tomorrow?

Obama wins the election! (on Twitter)

If our results are anything to go by then Barack Obama will be reelected. The data presented below are the result of some research that Adham Tamer, Ning Wang, Scott Hale and I (Mark Graham) carried out in order to see how visible both major presidential candidates are on Twitter. We collected about 30 million geocoded tweets between Oct 1 and Nov 1 and pulled out all references to Obama and Romney.

You can see the initial results in the map below. We see that if the election were decided purely based on Twitter mentions, then Obama would be re-elected. Election Results. 2012 Presidential Election - Candidate Tracker. Christie gets call with the Boss, sells out Romney. New Jersey Gov.

Christie gets call with the Boss, sells out Romney

Chris Christie, helping people, pissing off GOP base. Jay-Z sings ’99 Problems But a Mitt Ain’t One’ at Obama rally. Hip-hop artist and entrepreneur Jay-Z performed at a rally for President Barack Obama in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday, where he sang a version of his song "99 Problems" with the refrain, "99 Problems But a Mitt Ain't One.

Jay-Z sings ’99 Problems But a Mitt Ain’t One’ at Obama rally

" "I changed this one up, I have to do it, I'm sorry. I didn't get clearance from the Secret Service so if they come tackle me y'all save me," Jay-Z said onstage before Obama's speech. BREAKING: Lawsuit Filed In Ohio Over Voting Machine Software. A lawsuit filed Monday, on the eve of the election by the co-chairman of the Ohio Green Party and editor of, Bob Fitrakis alleges that software in some Ohio voting machines makes the machines vulnerable to having votes altered after they are cast.

BREAKING: Lawsuit Filed In Ohio Over Voting Machine Software

The lawsuit involves machines made by Election Systems and Software out of Omaha, Nebraska, alleges that software on the machines could allow vote manipulation by non-election board officials. The lawsuit comes days after published a report claiming that Husted had done an “end run” around Ohio law by installing the software on the vote tabulators in the weeks leading up to to the election. According to the report, the software was installed on machines that will be used by more than 4 million registered voters, including those in major metropolitan areas such as Cleveland and Columbus. FreePress claimed it obtained a copy of the contract for the software from a source at Husted’s office. How Early Voting Prevented Ohioans From Choosing Between Their Paycheck And Their Vote. By Scott Keyes on November 5, 2012 at 6:00 pm "How Early Voting Prevented Ohioans From Choosing Between Their Paycheck And Their Vote" DAYTON, Ohio — “Today is the first day in the last seven that I’ve been outside,” David Ellis, a heavy-set African American man, told me as he waited at the back of the line in Springfield to vote.

How Early Voting Prevented Ohioans From Choosing Between Their Paycheck And Their Vote

Robocalls from GOP give false voting locations to Democrats (VIDEO) Lemmy: Mitt Romney Is a 'Monster' Presidential Polls 2012: Obama's Battleground Advantage Holds. Situation RoomMay 1, 2011: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with members of the national security team, receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House, May 1, 2011.

Presidential Polls 2012: Obama's Battleground Advantage Holds

Seated, from left, are: Brigadier General Marshall B. "Brad" Webb, Assistant Commanding General, Joint Special Operations Command; Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough; Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton; and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Standing, from left, are: Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; National Security Advisor Tom Donilon; Chief of Staff Bill Daley; Tony Blinken, National Security Advisor to the Vice President; Audrey Tomason Director for Counterterrorism; John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism; and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Polls 2012: Barack Obama Leads Mitt Romney With One Day Remaining. WASHINGTON -- With just one day remaining in the 2012 race for president, the polling picture is now virtually complete.

Polls 2012: Barack Obama Leads Mitt Romney With One Day Remaining

President Barack Obama continues to hold narrow but significant leads over Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in enough battleground states to put him over the 270 electoral votes needed for victory. The sheer volume of data tells us that Obama's leads in the tipping point states like Ohio and Nevada are not a matter of random chance, and there are no signs of any late breaks to Romney.

Ohio Romney Rally - Interviews with Supporters. Organic Bytes #353: Do or Die in California: OCA's Final Plea. The final Pepperdine pre-election poll on the November 6 Proposition 37 California ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods came out October 30. After enjoying a 26-point lead for the past six months, our side is now supposedly 10 points behind in the polls. The online poll, which in theory has a margin of error of 3-5%, was conducted before our Yes on Prop 37 TV ads finally began running last weekend.

But the results are nonetheless alarming. We still enjoy a lead among those who don't watch TV, but the opposition's ads have turned huge numbers of California TV-watchers against us. For a full month Monsanto and their allies have pounded the California airwaves with nearly $50 million in TV and radio ads, spewing lies about how mandatory labeling for genetically engineered food will mean higher costs for consumers, lawsuits clogging the courts, "confusing" labels and poor farmers and grocers facing "nightmares of paperwork. " U.S. Adds 1.1 Million Millionaires Under President Obama: Report. Debate over the strength of the U.S. economy has been at the heart of much of this year's presidential election.

Mitt Romney has continually slammed President Barack Obama on his economic record and accused him of being "anti-wealth," but a recent survey from British analyst WealthInsight reports the U.S. has added 1.1 million millionaires since Obama was elected in 2008. According to the London-based wealth-analysis group, the figure means the number of millionaires has grown by 28.6 percent.

This is equivalent to over a thousand new millionaires per day during Obama’s first three years, according to a press release obtained by The Huffington Post. "It doesn't really fit the campaign rhetoric that one side is against the rich and the other is for," WealthInsight analyst Christopher Rocks said. The Romneys’ Hands Caught In The Cookie Jar, Time For Mitt To Prove Himself. It was learned yesterday that Mitt and Ann Romney have more than likely broken ethics laws.

The law is simple; The writes: Federal law requires that candidates disclose stock holdings that are affected by government action—and Romney’s million-dollar (at least) investment in a hedge fund that bought up Delphi stocks surely fits that bill… Under any rational interpretation of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, these are holdings that a presidential candidate would need to disclose, because they can be affected by government action. Larry Flynt Offers Richard Mourdock $1 Million Rape Challenge. When Indiana GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock declared he opposes aborting pregnancies conceived in rape because "it is something that God intended to happen," he came under a lot of fire. While he's apologized if he offended people for the controversial comment, he has stuck to his guns. "You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, you can't unring the bell," Mourdock said. Now, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is offering $1 million to Mourdock if the Tea Party favorite can prove his statement that “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.” Flynt also suggests that divine intervention must have happened for Mourdock to make the statements in the first place.

The Second Coming: Mitt flips out when asked about the whole ‘Jesus in Missouri’ thing. New Ad Attacks Romney For Leading 'Gang Of Bullies' Affordable Care Act. President Clinton Explains Mitt Romney's $5 Trillion Tax Cut. Campagne présidentielle 2012. Early Voting — California — GottaVote. Romney Admits Limited Understand of the World Economy (VIDEO) Meatloaf Butchers America the Beautiful for Romney. Election Beast. Republican operatives caught throwing away Democratic voter registration forms - Detroit liberal. A Republican funded voter registration operation in Harrisonburg, VA was found to be throwing away voter registration forms of people who did not identify themselves as Republicans. GOP employee Colin Small, 31, was arrested by police after multiple witnesses watched him throw away voter registration forms in a dumpster. Those forms were recovered and given to police.

The Republican party is denying any involvement or responsibility for the actions of their surrogate to whom they paid a salary. Small was originally hired by Strategic Allied Consulting, a known right-wing front that has been previously connected to cases of voter fraud around the nation. Romney Blocked Birth Certificates for Gay Couples' Children. Since winning his party’s nomination, Mitt Romney has attempted to appeal to moderate voters on a variety of issues to include gay rights. WHOA: Romney Backs Candidate Who Says Rape Pregnancies Are Intended By God. Obama Schools Romney On The Fact That We Have ‘Fewer Horses And Bayonets’ 10 Lies And Blunders That Say A LOT About Whether Mitt Romney Is Fit To Be President. The Graphic That Needs To Be Posted On Every Congressional Facebook Wall Before November 6. SHOCKING Mitt Romney Footage: ‘I’m A Big Believer In Getting Money Where Money Is, And It’s In Washington’ Ann Romney Caught on Video Saying "WHAT?!" to Obama During Debate.

Ann Romney made a joke on The View about Mitt killing someone in France in 1968 - Detroit liberal. Ann Romney made an appearance on the popular morning talk show The View on Thursday Oct. 18. She fielded many questions including if she watched television, and how long she and Mitt have been married. While answering the question she made a joke about Mitt being in the hospital in France because he was broken hearted.

Actually, he was in the hospital because he was involved in a head-on car accident where one of the passengers died. Mitt was driving, and many Americans do not find this to be a matter where humor should be involved. If the polls are right, Romney will win the popular vote and lose the election - National Political Buzz. If the current polls of the presidential race are accurate, Mitt Romney could become the Al Gore of 2012. Mitt Romney implicated in perjury and stock fraud, made millions in process - Detroit liberal. Mitt Romney has been implicated in a complex case involving perjury, stock manipulation, and possibly consumer fraud.

Mitt Romney lied in the divorce proceedings of his wealthy friend, Tom Stemberg, founder of Staples, according to a story by Romney: Election outcome will be defining for American families. Tips for Bird-Dogging Candidates. The term "bird-dog" comes from hunting; the bird-dog's job is to flush the birds out of the bushes and into the open. Jon Stewart Rips Romney, Obama Foreign Policy Debate Agreement: What The Hell Was That? Obama's Anger Translator Reacts To The Third Presidential Debate (NSFW VIDEO) Binders Full of Flim Flam. Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post. Presidential Debate: Obama, Romney Agree On Foreign Policy. BOCA RATON, Fla. -- There may be a presidential election around the corner, but voters won't have two competing foreign policies to choose from at the ballot box, at least among the major parties.

If Monday night's debate proved anything, it showed that when it comes to drone strikes, the war in Afghanistan, relations with Pakistan, the intervention in Libya, support for Israel or for "crippling sanctions" on Iran, there is little difference between the two parties. Employees of Romney Family's Secret Bank Tied to Fraud, Money Laundering and Drug Cartels. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with his wife, Ann, and son, Tagg, at his primary night event in Manchester, New Hampshire, April 24, 2012.

(Photo: Cheryl Senter / The New York Times) As previously reported in by the Columbus Free Press, the Romney family, namely Mitt, Ann, G Scott and Tagg Romney, along with Mitt's "6th son" and campaign finance chair have a secretive private equity firm called Solamere Capital Partners. This firms ties to Romney's campaign and bundlers is already well documented, along with its connection to the manufacture and distribution of voting machines. What is not as well documented is a subsidiary of that private equity firm hiring employees of a failed firm tied to a Ponzi scheme that has a long history of money laundering for Latin American drug cartels and to the Iran-Contra scandal. Does the Romney Family Now Own Your e-Vote? Do you feel that mainstream media spin is obscuring the truth during this election season?

Richard Clarke: Romney's Libya Questions Reveal Someone with No Experience in Terrorism. Romney lied about binder has archaic view of women. Jon Stewart Rips Romney's Binders Full Of Women. Rabbi Writes Patronizing Letter To Sarah Silverman, Has His Ass Handed To Him By Her Dad. WHOA: Tagg Romney Caught On Tape Saying He Wanted To Take A Swing At The President. 10 Rules for Dealing with Police (Full-Length) : Binders Full Of Women.

Romney's 'Pick A Number' Tax Plan Would Hurt Middle-Income Households. Transcript And Audio: Obama-Romney 2nd Presidential Debate. 8 New Lies From A Lying Liar Who Thinks He Can Lie His Way To The Presidency. The Final 2 Minutes Of The Debate, Wherein Barack Obama Performs A Slam Dunk. Romney campaign - lying and lying about its lies (VIDEO) RNC Web Ad: "Laughing at the Issues" (VIDEO)

Threats To Riot If Obama Loses Flood Internet! VIDEO: Documenting the Romney - Ryan lies this week. Ignored in Daytona - is Romney a joke that everyone gets but him? Paul Ryan - 6 reasons not to vote for Romney. Rich Kids For Romney (VIDEO) The $3.87 Trillion Dollar Suit Being Hidden from American People. Weapons of Mass Distraction: The Big, Long Lie about Iraq Lingers Still. Weapons of Mass Distraction: The Big, Long Lie about Iraq Lingers Still. The Romney-Ryan Plan to Obliterate Medicaid. Obama vs. Romney Electoral Map.

Stream of Tax Dollars Fund Water District "Meetings" Romney’s Investments In Iran And China Prove We Need More Of His Tax Returns. USA's military terrorism. Fear Of Police Drones: 1 In 3 Americans Are Afraid Of Police Using Unmanned Aircrafts. What If Everyone Saw This Clip Of Robert Reich Exposing 7 GOP Lies? Joe Biden, Paul Ryan Spar On Abortion, Contraception. Facebook virus forces me to “like” Mitt Romney « Mark Turner dot Net. Putin's Crane Stunt Fails. Mitt Romney Abortion Stance Changes, As Candidate Says He Won't Push To Restrict Access. Jon Stewart Knocks Mitt Romney's Deficit Cutting Plan, Asks 'Are You A Wizard' Amtrak Ridership Hits Record High Amid GOP Attacks. Jon Stewart: What If ‘Sesame Street’ Changed Its Name To ‘Patriot Street’? Inside the campaign: The Romney rebellion - Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei.

Mitt Romney's Bain Made Millions On Big Tobacco In U.S., Russia. Over Forty Years Ago, Mister Rogers Fought For PBS, And Gave The US Senate Goose Bumps. Mitt Romney and Steve King Partners in Extremism (VIDEO) Mitt Romney's Campaign Forced To Clarify His Claims After First Presidential Debate. At First Debate, Mitt Romney Admits That He Would 'Absolutely Not' Support His Own Tax Plan. Romney's Flag Pin Is Bigger Than Obama's At Debate... And What's With That Strange Blob? (PHOTOS) NEW ROMNEY VIDEO: In 1985, He Said Bain Would "Harvest" Companies for Profits. Rachel Maddow Rips Mitt Romney For Lies In Campaign Ads.

Five Guys Took A Boy Band Anthem And Created One Of The Best Romney Parodies, Hands Down. This Video MIGHT Stop Romney From Becoming President. Rachel Maddow Rips Mitt Romney For Lies In Campaign Ads.