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BDD de fichiers DXF et de fichiers GRV. BDD de fichiers DXF et de fichiers GRV. КАТАЛОГ БЕСПЛАТНЫХ 3D МОДЕЛЕЙ ДЛЯ ЧПУ В STL ФОРМАТЕ. Dinosaur skeleton, and other models, DXF files. - Page 225. Ma maison de poupée. Wooden combination lock. In terms of neat mechanical things to build out of wood, I figured a single dial sequential combination lock would be a neat thing to make. It would be relatively simple, involve movement, and also show people how a combination lock actually works. I spent some time thinking about it, and the design I came up with was the simplest that would also be visually appealing that I could come up with. Unlike a real lock, my priority was to show how it actually works. Like most real combination locks such as a Dudley or master Combination locks, the core of this lock consists of three rotors.

Each rotor has a notch in it, and when the three notches line up, some sort of bar can drop into them, and allowing the lock to be opened. The front most rotor is directly coupled to the dial on the front of the lock. All the rotors have tabs sticking out the front and back, so that once the front rotor is turned by one turn, its tab hits the tab on the middle rotor.

This view shows the bar in the slots.