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Chinese Schools of Penjing. NORTHERN (SU) SCHOOLS EASTERN SU SCHOOLS: * YANGZHOU (Styles include: "Platform," "Ingenious or Delicate Cloud," "Pagoda," "Three-Winding") TUNG (Styles include: "Coiled Dragon," "Dancing Dragon") WESTERN SU SCHOOLS: * SUZHOU (Styles include: "Six Platforms, Three Bases and One Top," "Tree Branches Overhanging a Cliff," "Split Trunk," "Screen," "Following the Wind," "Aslant and Supine," "Erect with Spreading Foliage," "Phoenix and Crane on Pavilion and Pagoda") * SHANGHAI NANTONG ZHEJIANG (Styles include: "Tall Trunk," "Forest") HUNAN (Styles include: "Hanging Cliff") HUBEI (Styles include: "Flat-Top") HENAN (Styles include: "Flat-Top") SHANDONG LIAONING JILIN * SICHUAN (CHUAN) SCHOOL (Styles include: "Straight," Reclining and Slanting Trunk," "Hanging Cliff," "Earthworm") SOUTHERN SCHOOLS * LINGNAN (Styles include: "Ancient Tree" or "Military General Tree;" "Large Tree" or "Tall Tree;" "Towering Tree", "Five-Tree") FUJIAN * GUANGXI.

Chinese Schools of Penjing

Chinese Schools of Penjing. Bonsai Design Techniques, a Craftsy Gardening Class. Advance your bonsai skills!

Bonsai Design Techniques, a Craftsy Gardening Class

Join bonsai artist Colin Lewis, and transform your tree — from subtle shaping to dramatic character changes. Create exciting, original bonsai with advanced design techniques! Join renowned bonsai artist and author Colin Lewis, and explore bonsai as a true art form. Begin by developing an eye for design by sketching trunks and canopies. Then learn the best way to shape branches while leaving little evidence of human interaction. Stylet pour iPhone, iPad et iPod. Aide technique handicap moteur Apple.


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