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Senchalabs/philogl - GitHub. The Lessons. Matrix Benchmark. This page benchmarks the performance of several matrix libraries intended for use with WebGL: glMatrix, mjs, CanvasMatrix, and EWGL_math Benchmark times are averaged over 10 runs of 20,000 iterations of the target operation.

Matrix Benchmark

=============================================Multiplication============================================= glMatrix - Avg: 4.8ms, Min: 3ms, Max: 6ms. Sylvester - Vector and Matrix math for JavaScript. WebGL Cheat Sheet. Buffers Object createBuffer void void deleteBuffer Object buffer void bindBuffer ulong target, Object buffer void bufferData ulong target, Object dta, ulong usage void bufferData ulong target, long size, ulong usage void bufferSubData ulong target, ulong offset, Object data any getBufferParameter ulong target, ulong value bool isBuffer Object buffer any getParameter ulong pname Renderbuffers Object createRenderbuffer void void deleteRenderbuffer Object buffer void bindRenderbuffer ulong target, Object buffer any getRenderbufferParameter ulong target, ulong pname void renderbufferStorage ulong target, ulong format, ulong width, ulong height bool isRenderbuffer Object buffer any getParameter ulong pname Framebuffers Program objects.

WebGL Cheat Sheet

The WebGL Cookbook.