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"We connect Australian pet lovers to our experts for individualised answers. Our mission is to free you from the stress of not knowing where to go for trusted information. Visit now to save."

Pets Forever - Signup. PetsForever. Melbourne's Best 9 Off-Leash Dog Parks and Beaches. Most of the parks in Melbourne are dog-friendly.

Melbourne's Best 9 Off-Leash Dog Parks and Beaches

For an unforgettable and more freewheeling adventure with your dog, you may want to take your dog to an off-leash dog park or beach. Your dog will be in a position to run around and sniff along the eucalypt-lined walking trail. If you and your dog are tired of making laps on the pavements in your neighbourhood, you can try any of these dog parks and beaches for a change. Give your dog a chance to sniff new smells, let the grass between their paw or even make new human and fur friends. TRENDING SUPERFOOD INGREDIENTS DOGS WILL LOVE by PetsForever. Trending superfood ingredients dogs will love. Fur parents everywhere do their best to try and understand what their dog might be feeling or thinking.

Trending superfood ingredients dogs will love

Yet, without any means of verbal communication and so much different advice on the best food (let alone superfood ingredients) to feed your pooch, it’s no wonder many feel confused about their pet’s needs. So, we spoke to Field Day Vet Dr Emily Turner. PetsForever. HOW SMART IS YOUR PET? How Smart is your Pet? Ever wondered why some pets catch on easier than others?

How Smart is your Pet?

Ever questioned how you determine a dog’s IQ in the first place? When it comes to smart pets, it’s not uncommon to find a cat or dog who seems to grasp things quicker than others. Moving with Pets: Helpful Tips For a Successful Relocation. Moving with pets is not as simple as packing up their stuff and putting them in your car.

Moving with Pets: Helpful Tips For a Successful Relocation

There’s a lot of details you need to plan for. Whether you’re moving across town or the country, moving — and all it entails — is stressful. If you’re moving with pets, not only do you have to manage and navigate your stress, but you need to make sure you’re helping your beloved pet deal with the stress of the move, too.

THE INCREDIBLE BENEFITS OF TOPICAL MAGNESIUM FOR YOUR PET by PetsForever. Ultimate Dog Breed Questions App. Ultimate Dog Breed Questions App. Top Dog Owner Expert Knowledge App. PetsForever. The incredible benefits of Topical Magnesium for your pet. Why Magnesium?

The incredible benefits of Topical Magnesium for your pet

Magnesium is an alkaline earth metal. This mineral is found naturally in the environment and also inside many living organisms. Magnesium is one of the essential minerals needed to grow and sustain life. Magnesium is an essential agent in over 300 enzymatic functions that regulate a range of biochemical reactions in the body. These include assisting both muscle and nerve functions, energy production and maintaining regulated heart and blood pressure. Grow your business with PetsForever: Social App offers a thriving community of pet lovers for ethical companies. Founded by entrepreneur Eric Hsu earlier this year, the PetsForever app holds the purpose of connecting pet enthusiasts from all over Australia with a trusted platform where they can build profiles of their pets, share content, join or create communities and, most importantly, shop with a variety of ethical partners chosen by the Pets Forever team.

Grow your business with PetsForever: Social App offers a thriving community of pet lovers for ethical companies

“I wanted to create a safe space for pet owners to connect, share stories of their pets and be able to become better pet parents,” says Eric, when explaining what drew him to create the platform. “Pet providers that meet our five-star rating system play a huge role in that scenario; in order to help our users become better pet parents, we must have a pool of ethical partners in our app store with the certainty knowing they value and respect our fur babies” WHAT VITAMINS AND OTHER SUPPLEMENTS CAN I GIVE MY PETS FOR JOINT PAIN? by PetsForever. What vitamins and other supplements can I give my pets for joint pain? Osteoarthritis (OA) is common in dogs and cats, especially as they age.

What vitamins and other supplements can I give my pets for joint pain?

It is reasonable to assume that most senior pets have some degree of OA which can cause chronic pain, restrict movement and lower quality of life. Treatment is multi-modal and includes reducing joint inflammation (and therefore pain), weight loss if the pet is overweight, physical therapy and gentle exercise; the aim being to enable the pet increased comfort and freedom of movement. The human and veterinary markets are awash with nutraceuticals; their manufacturers claim we will enjoy longer, healthier and happier lives if we use their product on a regular basis.

There is a common misconception that “more is better”; that if we hoe into the vitamins and minerals, we will be better off. Best Dog Dental Care Tips. Top Pet Q&A App. Top Pet Q&A App. 8 Tips to Stop Wasting Money on Products and Services For Your Pet. Every pet parent adores their pet and wants them to live a long, healthy and happy life.

8 Tips to Stop Wasting Money on Products and Services For Your Pet

We do our best to provide our fur babies with the best food, toys and, of course, loads and loads of love. We all love to save money where we can, and there’s no shame in admitting to wish we could spend a little less on our pets. However, the realisation of just how expensive owning a pet can be is astounding. If you’re a pet owner who wants to spoil your feathered, furred or scaled fur baby without breaking the bank, we have great news for you. For Dog Lovers Archives. The Impact of Gut Health on Pets.

They say that you are what you eat.

The Impact of Gut Health on Pets

This saying rings equally true for pets and humans. Scientific research reveals the many ways in which food has an impact on gut health on pets and how that in turn affects not only their gut health, but also their immunity and overall well-being. Pets have a unique collection of hundreds of different microbes such as fungi, viruses and different types of bacteria in their gastrointestinal tract. These are collectively referred to as their gut microbiome.

A healthy microbiome is important for your dog’s overall health, starting from mental health to nutrient absorption. Advanced Vet 24/7 Online Service In Australia. #1 Accredited Pet Knowledge Free App. Q&A Recent Answers. Top Pet Trends for 2021 All Pet Parents Should Know About. All pet parents can agree that our pets are becoming more and more like family members to us.

Top Pet Trends for 2021 All Pet Parents Should Know About

This explains why the pet industry continues to see a huge rise in pet trends such as premium services and products. With so many pet parents concerned about their pets, manufacturers are doing their very best to capitalise on our worry. Surprisingly, even during these tough economic times due to Covid-19, pet parents are still splashing considerable amounts of cash to keep their pets healthy and happy. Dog Anxiety: What dog Owners Need to Know about an anxious dog.

In the real sense, a dog should never have anything to worry about. With humans who are dedicated to feed and take care of them, anxiety should be the last thing they should experience. We always believe anxiety is only experienced by humans where they have to worry about relationships, careers, and daily stress. Believe it or not, dogs too become anxious. Even though they do not have to worry about paying bills or achieving specific goals in life, they can also experience some nervousness that greatly affects their behaviour. It is, therefore, important for dog owners to understand how anxiety affects their dogs because it can cause several problems for them and their dogs. Adorable Pet Q&A App. Top pet health questions app. HOW SMART IS YOUR PET? by PetsForever. How Smart is your Pet? Product Review. Top Dog Health Questions And Answers App. Holiday pet care tips for a jolly season. Christmas is a season to be jolly for many families and that includes our pets. However, the festive holiday period also offers some dangers for animals that keep emergency veterinarians very busy!

Every year, thousands of pets end up at the vet clinic injured or extremely ill, which can be avoided with a little extra knowledge of the dangers. Veterinary surgeon Dr David Simpson from Sydney’s 24-hour Animal Referral Hospital once told me about a Golden Retriever that was brought in with signs of a bloated, painful abdomen. #1 Rated App For Pet Owners.

Product Review. Want a Healthy pet? Tips to keep your pet healthy. It’s every pet owner’s wish to have a healthy and happy pet. So, how do you achieve this? Many people do not quite understand the importance of pet health. They think that pets should be fed with any food, and just left to lie down the whole day. What they do not know is that when they do this, they are shortening the lives of their pets. You should put your pet health on the top of the list. Top Dog Breed Questions and Answers. Top Rated Dog Q&A App. #1 Pet Q&A Social App. How to Save Money on Pet Ownership. When you take in a pet, you are already committed to the big financial commitment they come along with. You can spend on average between $3000 and $6000 for a new cat or dog in their first year, and between $962 and $1627 annually thereafter.

All pet owners love their pets and want them to have a safe, happy, healthy and comfortable life. Q&A Recent Answers. Pet Care Tips You Wish You Knew About. All pet parents do everything in their position to take care of their pets and make sure they have a safe and happy life. They do everything in their power to see their pets are regularly exercised, fed with the best nutritious food and have a safe and comfortable shelter.

Practice the below pet care tips for you to enjoy a longer life with your pets. Veterinary Visits. Pet Care Tips You Wish You Knew About. Top Dog Breed Questions and Answers. Best Pet Knowledge App. PetsForever – Pet Q&A social app, Australia.