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Looking for a Great "No-carb" Snack? Try Chocolate Coconut Candies! Chocolate Coconut Candies, aka "fat bombs", are amazingly easy and delicious!

Looking for a Great "No-carb" Snack? Try Chocolate Coconut Candies!

They are made from super-healthy coconut oil and just a few more ingredients. These candies are great for the FAT FAST and also as a pre-workout snack! You may be following TKD (Targeted Ketogenic Diet), where some carbs are allowed before workouts. However, probably most of those on a low-carb diet try to avoid carbs completely. While these candies have almost NO CARBS, they have similar effects as carbohydrate-based snacks: coconut oil, which is the main ingredient, provides a quick source of energy!

Nutritional values (per serving): Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (5.3%), protein (4.7%), fat (90%) Ingredients (makes 30 servings): Note: When looking for ingredients, try to get them in their most natural form (organic, without unnecessary additives). Instructions: Place the extra virgin coconut oil into a small bowl and melt in a microwave oven on low heat for just about a minute. Navy Bean Soup I Recipe. Low Carb Cauliflower: One Prep, 3 Dishes. Artichoke Dip with Fontina Recipe & Video. Sesame Tahini Halva Recipe. Dark Chocolate and Avocado Pudding Video. One-Pot Scallion Ginger Roast Chicken Video.

Kimchi Stew with Chicken and Tofu Recipe & Video. Chicken with Pumpkin-Seed Mole Recipe. Paleo Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. As the weather turns colder, I always think about making soup.

Paleo Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Perhaps it’s because I start craving warm, hearty foods and seem to have a larger appetite. I like to make soup in large batches because it doesn’t take that much extra time, and I can freeze any leftovers for later. This squash soup is transformed from an ordinary recipe into an extraordinary one by adding spices that taste of fall and by roasting the main ingredients.

The ingredients are quite simple: a squash, an apple, an onion, and carrots. A little bit of tartness from the green apple balances the sweetness of the squash, with some heat added by chili powder. 7 delicious takes on the all-star vegetable. Back in the day, we used to breeze past cauliflower in the grocery aisle.

7 delicious takes on the all-star vegetable

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How To & Instructions

Baked Pear Chips Video. Beet Chips Recipe. Advertisement No Thanks Keep In Touch With Sign up and we'll send inspiration straight to you.

Beet Chips Recipe

Martha Stewart takes your privacy seriously. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy. Beet Chips. Simple Roasted Spaghetti Squash Recipe Recipe. Paleo Garlic Breadsticks (Just Don't Eat Them All Yourself) The right combination of almond flour, coconut flour, and eggs has finally come together to bring you Paleo breadsticks.

Paleo Garlic Breadsticks (Just Don't Eat Them All Yourself)

You searched for brownie. Have I got a treat for you today.

You searched for brownie

Delicious, fudge-like brownies that are not even bad for you! No sugar, no flour involved. Almond butter is what makes these brownies perfectly dense and chewy. They melt in your mouth when eaten warm right out of the oven. Baked Eggplant Fries with Rosemary and Thyme. We’re very into creating fun, healthy fries lately.

Baked Eggplant Fries with Rosemary and Thyme

In this recipe, creamy delicious eggplant is covered with a crunchy coating of almond flour. Instead of frying the eggplant, this healthier version bakes the vegetable slices. Addictive, decadent, and quite filling, add these fries to your list of regular snacks, or enjoy them with your lunch! You can easily change the flavor of these eggplant fries by altering the spices used to coat them. Eggplant tends to soak up other flavors very easily, so they are versatile for sweet or savory recipes. The spices are mixed in with almond meal before the eggplant slices are coated. Creamy Pumpkin Curry with Chicken. Creamy, sweet pumpkin is a delicious accompaniment to spicy Thai red curry.

Creamy Pumpkin Curry with Chicken

The rich pumpkin balances the curry to give the dish well-rounded flavor. It almost keeps getting better as leftovers the next day. Serve it alongside some cauliflower rice or Paleo pita bread for a hearty meal with bold flavor. What I especially love about adding pumpkin to this curry dish is the extra velvetiness it lends. Instead of adding cream to thicken the curry, pumpkin adds smoothness and flavor. Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Pumpkin Frosting. Besides the fact that this recipe incorporates the popular seasonal combination of chocolate and pumpkin, these cupcakes even appear like they belong at a Halloween party.

Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Pumpkin Frosting

And I am happy to report that they will satisfy even the non-Paleo crowd with their fluffy, moist, chocolaty taste. Share them at your next party or gathering for a special clean eating Halloween treat. These chocolate cupcakes are easy to make and easy to share. Simply whip together the batter, divide it into muffin cups, throw it in the oven and the cupcakes are ready in 30 minutes. I also decided to add double the chocolate for a little extra decadence. The pumpkin frosting is easy to mix together but needs time to chill in the refrigerator. Coconut cream and pumpkin puree are mixed together with a dash of maple syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon to make a frosting that is finger-licking good.

6 Paleo Breakfast Bars to Start Your Day Right. Each of these breakfast bars contain wholesome Paleo ingredients so you can start your day off on the right foot.