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Manuales. Folcsonomía. Livecd. Conocimiento libre. International School of Information Science (ISIS) Free and Pro Wiki Hosting: Wiki Syntax. This document describes the Wiki Syntax used within the project.

Free and Pro Wiki Hosting: Wiki Syntax

Any page of any of the sites exists in two different forms: the source code and the compiled code. Source code is what you can edit and what describes the content of the page. Source code is compiled into the (XHTML) code that is sent to the browser when you view/browse the page. The Wiki Syntax is used to create content of the pages by editing the source code. If you are looking for wiki code snippets ready to copy/paste/modify, please visit our Code Snippets Site. Scientific Journal to Authors: Publish in Wikipedia or Perish - ReadWriteWeb. Every day, hundreds of articles appear in academic journals and very little of this information is available to the public.

Scientific Journal to Authors: Publish in Wikipedia or Perish - ReadWriteWeb

Now, RNA Biology has decided to ask every author who submits an article to a newly created section of the journal about families of RNA molecules to also submit a Wikipedia page that summarizes the work. As Nature reports, this is the first time an academic journal has forced its authors to disseminate information this way. The initiative is a collaboration between the journal and the RNA family database (Rfam) consortium led by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

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