Information Architects » Blog Archive » Web Trend Map 3: Get it! Information Architects » Blog Archive » Web Trend Map 3: Get it! by Oliver Reichenstein It was featured by The Guardian, WIRED, Le Monde, Corriere, kottke, Boingboing, Techcrunch, Mashable, Valleywag and literally thousands of blogs. We are happy to announce that the coolest gift for geeks, the A0 poster of the 2008 Web Trend Map (841mm x 1189mm / 33.25in x 46.75in), is now up for grabs:
Sleepless Night; So here it is – the big Web2.0 everything, released under Creative Commons license Attribution-ShareAlike Click to see the full size. If i forgot anything, put it in the wrong place, mentioned anything outside your mindmap or if you want me to add your funky startup … put it in the comments, but do not expect me to edit the monster. Maybe i will add the big linklist another day. Readers who are tagging this have also tagged O’Reilly‘s What is Web2.0, 37 signals‘ negative top 10, and Dion Hinchcliffe‘s diagrams. [later next day]See it on flickr.See it on ipernitySee it on 23Digg it here.On StumbleUpon. The huge cloud lens bubble map web2.0 | || kosmar || The huge cloud lens bubble map web2.0 | || kosmar ||
TwitterPoster TwitterPoster is a mashup created from Twitter, the microblogging service owned by Obvious LCC (Blogger Xanga, Odeo). Inspired by 'The Million Dollar Homepage' and the populars tagclouds, the service generates a mosaic with the images of users who have a greater number of followers in Twitter. Each poster have 5 photos of 72x72 pixels showing at 5 users with more followers, 10 images of 48x48 pixels for those between the positions 6 and 15 (both inclusive) and XXX images of 24x24 pixels for those who are on the position 16 to 538. TwitterPoster plays with the original meaning of the word "poster" and the blogger meaning of word "post" and may also understood poster as the person who posts (blogger).