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JOHNSON'S® Baby. Página inicial. Crianza Natural - Guía para padres inquietos. Frugal Baby Tips - Make Your Own Rebozo Sling. Rebozo is a Mexican word for the shawl that is a woman's constant companion - day and night.

Frugal Baby Tips - Make Your Own Rebozo Sling

This shawl was commonly used to carry babies on mother's back. The fabric is simply tied in a knot, and placed around the mother's body. An amazing tool, a Rebozo provides your baby with a safe and secure place, while participating in life with mom and dad. So simple, yet so elegant! Now you can make your own! Make a Wrap. Fleece is warmer but bulkier, and is slightly stretchy.

Make a Wrap

It makes a good winter wrap for wearing outdoors. Cotton knit is stretchy (depending on how much Lycra, it could be very stretchy) and therefore may not be as cooperative for long-term carrying of a heavier baby. So, very stretchy knits work best when reserved for small babies. Make an ABC. Child's Doll Sling. GC Home | Register | Shop | Learn | Business | Around Town | Info When my first child was born, I used a sling for him and loved it.

Child's Doll Sling

When number two came along I pulled out the same sling to use for her. Child #1 however wanted one too. Where was his teddy going to go?!? I made him a doll's sling and it was enjoyed. Maya Wrap 101. GUÍA PARA LA RESOLUCIÓN DE PROBLEMAS. Karma Baby. Using your sling is simple and fun, but you need to practice a few times to feel really comfortable with it.

Karma Baby

Following are some simple instructions and tips on how to best wear your Karma Carrier. 1. Practice when your baby is well fed and well rested. 2. Always make sure your baby is secure before letting go. Jan Andrea at home on the web. The URL for this page is: Reversible, unpadded ring sling: Method 1 | Method 2 | Method 3 This method is great for two fabrics of the same or very similar weight, like a double layer of lightweight silk (dupioni or shantung) or handkerchief/lightweight linen.

Jan Andrea at home on the web

Links for Sewing and Improvising Babycarriers. $ in front of an item indicates that the item has a cost.

Links for Sewing and Improvising Babycarriers

All others are free! General Help's DIY Forum Join in at our forum to read about and dicuss everything to do with sewing and improvising babycarriers. You must be logged on to access the forums. Errores comunes primerizas.