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To the outside world, it’s a festival, a castle, a university, a tin of shortbread and a drone of bagpipes.


To Jackie Hunter, it’s home, and it’s more about coping with the weather ... From INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine, Summer 2009 On the short, steeply curving street where I live, the neighbourhood shops offer an unexpectedly refined display of goods: between my front door and the pub on the corner it’s possible to buy Yohji Yamamoto’s artfully cut menswear, cherry-red rubber shoes by Vivienne Westwood, Tom Dixon armchairs and Ingo Maurer lights, Gothic tattoos, a pierced nipple (or two), quirky Scandinavian kitchenware and even a tubby-bellied woodburning stove, one of which would nicely warm my crow’s-nest flat, where on windy nights the sash windows rattle like a box of cutlery as easterly gales blast in off the North Sea.

Adapting your personal sense of style to Edinburgh’s many idiosyncrasies and paradoxes is no easy task. Picture credit: Murdo Macleod. Andrej Blatnik.