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Why You Should Make Free Play an Essential Part of Your Child's Day. Like us, our children need to be able to explore and do things on their own to learn.

Why You Should Make Free Play an Essential Part of Your Child's Day

Thus, aside from structured and guided learning, we must make sure that they have time to play on their own terms in what is called ‘free play.’ Free play is play that does not have an external set of rules or intervention. Nurturing Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence. Did you know that bilingual or multilingual kids are proven to have higher emotional intelligence?

Nurturing Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

Due to their exposure to several cultures and languages, these kids are more adaptable to new surroundings and opportunities. They also have more ways to express themselves. Emotional intelligence or social cognition is our ability to identify and understand other people’s feelings, motives, desires, and behavior. What Is Guide Play: Learning Through Fun. Playing is a vital part of a child’s development.

What Is Guide Play: Learning Through Fun

It not only provides them with entertainment, but it also prepares them for various life skills. Here, your little one gets to experience new things, such as social interaction and intrapersonal development. Childcare experts say that playing offers numerous benefits for your child. Firstly, it provides great memories they can cherish through life. Secondly, playing introduces them to different aspects of life: family (playing house), work (role-playing), education (reading, drawing, writing), and more. The Role of Family in Child Development. A child’s first classroom is at home, and parents are the first teachers.

The Role of Family in Child Development

Both, you see, play a vital part in a child’s overall development because learning begins in the family and at home. Learning may take various forms. Youngsters may learn by being told, but the most frequent way for children to learn is through observation of ordinary life. Because the family is a child’s primary social group, it has the greatest effect on their learning and socialization. Benefits of Learning a Second Language at an Early Age. It’s incredible to witness a youngster talk eloquently and confidently.

Benefits of Learning a Second Language at an Early Age

What is more astonishing is when a youngster at a young age can master and speak two languages at the same time with proper enunciation, pronunciation, word choice, and message conveying. The Significance of Child Care. Childcare is vital to the development of children and provides invaluable assistance to working parents.

The Significance of Child Care

As a result, selecting high-quality child care is essential to ensuring the safety and well-being of your child. It also aids youngsters in the progress of their abilities necessary for academic and non-academic success. They would develop social, emotional, and communication skills, among other things. We’ll Be Your Partner in Promoting Your Child’s Growth! Offers a bilingual French-English education that respects our students’ identities and cultural heritage.

We’ll Be Your Partner in Promoting Your Child’s Growth!

While our program emphasizes language development in both languages, we also help students of all ages become more autonomous, self-assured, socially aware, and thoughtful of others. Toddler Tantrums? Here’s How to Deal with Them. One thing children do that makes parents scratch their heads is throwing a tantrum.

Toddler Tantrums? Here’s How to Deal with Them

We know it might be a lot to handle tantrums because we have been there, too. As a childcare provider, has heard familiar stories from parents. Toddler tantrums happen because your child might be hungry, angry, lonely, or tired (HALT). These are some tips we do at our preschool in Brooklyn. Avoid bribery. Sometimes, you just need to let your children learn how to vent their emotions. Give specific commands. Tantrums are a normal response to frustration, and as children grow, they will eventually learn how to manage these emotions the right way. Strategies for Raising a Bilingual Child. In a world that’s quickly moving towards diversity and globalization, the ability to speak more than one language has opened many social, economic, and intellectual advantages.

Strategies for Raising a Bilingual Child

This is why does their best to teach little tots a new language at an early age. At this stage in life, your little pumpkin can absorb information like a sponge, so take advantage of it! While we make sure that the students at our Preschool in Brooklyn have lots of programs to improve children’s mastery of the French language, we need your help to continue this practice at home. So here are a few tips that we use at our Childcare Center: Increase the quantity This means giving your child more opportunities to see, hear, and experience how the language is spoken. Guess what? Teaching Your Child About the World Through Food. Train your little world explorer’s tastebuds by introducing them to cultural food at an early age.

Teaching Your Child About the World Through Food

While they are able to interact with other children in their Preschool in Brooklyn, that’s not enough to show them the wonders of other cultures. Give Your Child the Love Of Reading. Children can be transported from one world to another just by reading a book, according to an expert in childcare. Because children will eventually become interested in its content and discover a life that is very different from their own, they are not far from picking up new words and feeling a variety of emotions. They can even develop new information and skills. Reading has a wide range of effects on child development, as suggested by numerous studies. For this reason, parents and teachers from preschool in Brooklyn are in an excellent position to ascertain that the class’ daily routine involves reading aloud different books, including those with different cultures and languages.

Road Trips with Your Child. Many adults consider road trips to be something that they need, to take a break from their busy life. You yourself probably want to travel to places now that the season is warmer, making the idea of a road trip appealing. But what happens when you throw a preschooler into the mix? Any parent knows that little ones can easily get bored with sitting and watching the road most of the time. Most likely, your child is going to get impatient and keep asking when you all arrive at the destination. The challenge here is whether your sanity can take it if they keep on begging for constant entertainment while sitting in the car with you.

The Advantage of Raising a Bilingual Child. Children who are raised as bilingual embodies a character like no other. As they say, the more language they will learn, the better. Why Is Daycare Recommended? The idea of sending your child to daycare can be very overwhelming mostly at the time when the parent leaves the child in the center while they go to work. However, don’t worry too much about it because a reliable daycare center provides great help to you and your child as well.

These centers have staff that is trained in early childhood education. They are an expert in the field of childcare. Petits Poussin Brooklyn is a preschool daycare in Brooklyn that offers fine and extensive bilingual programs inspired by the French Education Nationale while at the same time following the New York State academic standards in early childhood education. Each program is divided by age group and ability.

The qualities that daycare can generally provide are the following: Child Care and Safety Tips. Toddlers are curious creatures and children will do everything in their power to explore the world and absorb everything around them. Because they are moving around so much, it’s no wonder that they come across more dangers that could pose a challenge in childcare. has listed some tips for parents to keep their toddlers safe without inhibiting their growth: Do not leave your children around water on their own such as bathtubs, pools, ponds, lakes, etc. Among toddlers aged 2 to 3 years old, drowning is the leading cause of injuries among this age group.Encourage toddlers to sit down while eating and chew their food properly while eating to prevent choking.

Understanding Child Development. Dealing with Attention Issues in the Classroom. Why Is It Advantageous to Learn a Second Language Early? Fun French Activities for Young Children. Learning French is not just about the language. While we include language in our Childcare, you can also explore French culture and fun with your child. Try out the following activities to make learning French a great educational experience.

Enjoy the virtual tours available on the major French museums’ websites. The works of talented artists speak the genius within. You can also search for artworks online. Benefits for Raising Bilingual Children.