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Piping & Stripe(ing) Shoulder Bag Tutorial. **UPDATE** If you'd like this tutorial (and any of my others) in PDF format click here.

Piping & Stripe(ing) Shoulder Bag Tutorial

Note: to view the PDF tutorial, you will need the latest Adobe Viewer program. Get the latest version of the viewer absolutely free by clicking on the button below: Trumpets sounding! Finally here at last, is the shoulder bag tutorial that was a little slow in coming took ferlipping ages! Something about only one pair of hands, and life getting in the way! I have written another tutorial about sewing with piping on bags which accompanies this tutorial. I think one of the things that we love about bags is that they are a great way to add interest to your outfit. Click on any picture to enlarge it. Yum! Back view. Close-up left In this project you will pick up/apply these skills: Sew with piping - to trim a pocket and the top edge of your bag. Here's How I Put It Together Shopping list (as if you were buying from a shop, and not using stash fabrics) Pattern includes 1cm seam allowance.

How to make a simple (reversible) tote bag. Embroidered Felt Brooch Project. Melissa (from tiny happy and our board) has made some lovely embroidered brooches in past months.

Embroidered Felt Brooch Project

Tiny happy: shoulder bag tutorial. Here's a rough pattern and guide for making a shoulder bag like one of these, as promised.

tiny happy: shoulder bag tutorial

These are really easy to make, and I always have so much fun choosing fabrics and buttons for them. I have to warn you however that i'm not very good at explaining things in words, so I hope you can understand my general meaning in these directions! Please email me if you need further instruction, and I'll be happy to help! I couldn't work out how to do a PDF file so this is a very basic and d-i-y version of a pattern! As you can see, I've drawn a tiny, rough and very much NOT-to-scale outline of the pattern which you will need to draw to the proper measurements yourself on some tracing paper or a piece of newspaper. Once you've drawn and cut out your pattern, cut two from your chosen bag fabric, and two from your lining fabric. 1. Tiny happy: a dress for hot weather. Here are the instructions for making your very own Beach Dress, as promised yesterday.

tiny happy: a dress for hot weather

It really is a dress for hot weather- mine is made from lightweight fabric, is knee-length and ties up at the nape of the neck. But I think you could also make it from a stretch jersey cotton or a fine wool fabric and wear it over warmer layers if you like. Ironically, today is the darkest and rainiest we've had this summer- so I'm sorry that some of the photos are rather dull.

Hopefully you get the picture anyway. Sewing. Tiny happy: shoulder bag tutorial. Make Alpaca Wool Sweater into Felted handmade Bag tutorial - The Inadvertent Farmer. I paid $3.00 for the sweater...

Make Alpaca Wool Sweater into Felted handmade Bag tutorial - The Inadvertent Farmer

I found two sweaters with this tag...lucky me! Start by cutting off the sleeves just inside the arm-hole seams Next cut at the neck... I lined up a straight edge across the bottom of the armpits to make sure my neck cut would be as deep as my arm cuts. Try to make the arm curves and the neck curves match...I had to fool with it a little after these pics to get them even.


Sewed Toys. How to sew a circular skirt. My apple green bedsheet dress had a circular bottom.

how to sew a circular skirt

This is how you make one. 1. Measure your waistline, or where you want the waistline of your dress to fall. Divide by four. How to make a piano shoulder bag. The piano tote is one of my bestsellers. It may sound completely irrational but I’m thinking of letting this particular bag design retire. So to celebrate, I made a piano bag tutorial. Happy sewing! 1. Black fabric (one measuring 12″ x 14″ and another that measures 8″ x 14″ For the sides, two that measures 14″ x 2″ and one measuring 12″ x 2″ for the bottom) Tutorial: how to sew a simple maxi dress.

The Plan.

tutorial: how to sew a simple maxi dress

Fabric. You will be making a maxi dress so buy fabric accordingly. I stand 5′ tall (I know, I know, I am tiny) and I needed 2.5 meters of fabric with a 45-inch width. Preparation and Cutting.