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Coinbase: reliable platform to trade digital currencies

29 may 2018

Coinbase: reliable platform to trade digital currencies

If you are looking for the reliable platform to trade digital currencies, then you should look for Coinbase. It acts as intermediary when it comes to communicate with network. This is a GDAX that offers a platform to sell/buy virtual currencies. It provides a venue to send transaction information to blockchain network to verify them. It acts as wallet to store digital currencies as well. Coinbase offers a wallet, exchange and developer API. It has simple interface that make it easy for new users to buy BTC for the first time.. This was founded in 2012.

 Payment Methods Support By Coinbase:

Coinbase customers Service should be well aware of the popular payment methods include bank transfer, debit card, credit card, SEPA transfer, Xfers transfer. Payment methods depend on the country.

Coinbase supports some European countries including :

·         Sweden

·         Switzerland

·         Slovenia

·         Spain

·         Slovakia

·         San Marino

·         Romania

·         Portugal

·         Poland

·         Norway

·         Netherlands

·         Monaco

·         Malta

·         Liechtenstein

·         Latvia

·         Italy

·         Ireland

·         Hungary

·         Greece

·         France

·         Finland

·         Denmark

·         Czech Republic

·         Cyprus

·         Croatia

·         Bulgaria

·         Belgium

·         Austria

It operates exchange of many digital assets and BTC, Litecoin, Ethereum, BTC cash and much more. It has facilitated exchange of digital currency with worth fifty dollar and served more than 10 million customers so far.

Why to buy Coinbase?

·         Coinbase offers an easy way to novice that help buy BTC.

·         High liquidity and buying limits are the other benefits of using it.

·         You can also have the facility to buy instantly with credit cards.

·         It is the largest BTC exchange that support 4 million global customers and 32 countries

·         This is the oldest and popular exchange

·         This is a licenced and regulated company

Verification Methods: 

If you want to create an account on Coinbase you have to go through the verification process. Coinbase account has wallet that is used for receive/send BTC. If you want to open account, you need to provide information like name, email address and much more. You have to accept user agreement of Coinbase. You have to provide valid bank account details in order to allow bank transfers.

Once your account has created ,you can buy BTC in small amount. Once the limit increases, you can go for the high limits. You can buy BTC worth $1000 in a week if you are US residents and have credit card on file in your account. ACH transfer has higher limit those other options like credit and debit cards.

If you want to raise limit, you have to supply


·         credit card verification

·         debit card verification identity verification

·         A fully verified US resident can reach upto $ 50000 BTC/day buying limit

 You can use Coinbase easily but sometimes you have to face issues associated with registration, buying/selling BTC and much more. Coinbase support number 1-800-509-3075 or customer service can be helpful in this case. But if you don’t get quick response due to busy staff or any other reasons, you can go for Wallet online. This is a trusted online platform that provides assistance in resolving all issues associated with wallets, exchanges and digital currency trading.