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The Mindmap Blog. Mind Map Library. 1000s of Mind Maps in FreeMind, MindManager and other formats - Mappio. Periodic Table of Visualization methods. Mind Mapping Software, Brainstorming, GTD and Knowledgebase Software. Innovation Weblog - Trends, resources, viewpoints from Chuck Frey at InnovationTools. The SmartDraw Blog.

ConceptDraw Products and Solution Browser. Biggerplate - the mind map library. XMind. After a year’s efforts, the new XMind 7 comes public beta today. The last whole year, we’ve been focusing on making XMind more beautiful, modern and professional. To achieve this goal, we’ve spent a lot of thought on optimizing the user interface. The new XMind 7 will come with a brand new UI, which is so stunning and won’t let you down. To do project management more professionally in XMind, we’ve greatly improved the built-in Gantt chart. Besides these, the new version has also brought so many other exciting new features and improvements.

Now, we’re so glad to introduce you the new XMind 7 and invite you to have a trial of this Beta version. Try XMind 7 Beta Now What’s New in XMind 7 ? 1. A new toolbar with new large icons. 2. Start your new mind map journey from the brand new home panel. 3. Gantt chart was not that satisfactory in the previous XMind versions. 4. XMind 7 provides a better way to show detail information. 5. 6. Important information deserves more attention. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1. The Mindjet Blog. Mindmapping & other goodness Blog | Stuff about Topicscape, mindmapping, organizing information. Big Al, and a tale of China, America ... I have moved this post to my personal blog... posted on: Feb 1, 2013 | author: Roy The sometimes-makes-me-stupid filter ... I tweet and blog a lot about mind mapping. I search often on mind mapping topics. Posted on: Sep 22, 2011 | author: Roy WikiSummarizer takes on yet more Not content with visually summarizing Wikipedia (see Herculean Task…), WikiSummarizer have added a new... posted on: Jul 19, 2011 | author: Roy “Words tell you what to think. ...

“Words tell you what to think. Posted on: Jun 23, 2011 | author: Roy Doing a ‘virtual’ carve up of a b... posted on: May 30, 2011 | author: Roy With complex documents, like large reports or spreadsheets, the complexity becomes manageable by breaking down and visualizing in the 3D landscape.... Duplicate file handling with Topicscape posted on: May 13, 2011 | author: Roy If you routinely organize project files in Topicscape and have trouble with duplicate files or multiple versions, you’ll love this Topicscape... The Underlying Blog. Burritos & Sundresses It's summertime and most of my motivation, to put it bluntly, is focused on Chipotle, Mountain Dew and girls. It reminds me of that episode of Friends when someone asks Joey what he'd rather give up, food or women? I still have no answer, all I see is a pretty lady in a sundress handing me a Chipotle burrito with steak and guacamole, telling me I won the race. I have no damn clue what that means. Someday this paragraph may be used against me.

Seriously though, and especially given that I live in Ohio, land of the 4 schizophrenic seasons, I don't feel like working at all... and I actually have a lot to do. If only I had motivation... so in 'continuing the greatness' as Bron Bron would say and blogging monthly, I've written the following to myself in the hope it helps you and I. 3 Tips for Destroying Summer Procrastination Tip 1: Make yourself work, at a minimum, 9-5 OR an 8 hour shift If you need to break it up into 2, 4 hour shifts that's fine.

Look, I live in Ohio. Hypershifters Visualize IT Working. Wp-content/uploads/2011/07/CRT.pdf.