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Scratch Tutorial for Beginners - part 1. Download the latest version of scratch free in English on CCM. Now, with the evolution of technology, creating a story, a game or a small computer program on a computer is easy.

Download the latest version of scratch free in English on CCM

Several tools can assist you in this task in case of Scratch. Key Features Creation: you can create stories, games and other interactive programs with ease. It is a programming language that is easy to understand and to use. Scratch 2.0 for Mac - Download. Scratch is a programming language for kids that allows even young children to begin familiarizing themselves with computers and application development.

Scratch 2.0 for Mac - Download

Scratch substitutes the program source code for a series of pre-defined instructions that can be dragged and dropped within the development area. Instructions like loops and control sentences like 'if' or 'case' are used to nest the rest of the operations in a graphic form. Refugeecodeweek. Twitter. TweetDeck. How to upload video on Vimeo. Vimeo iPhone App and Website Review and Demo.

Photo Collage Maker. Cardboard Camera. 360 Degree Videos for Education. Upload Heather Breedlove Loading...

360 Degree Videos for Education

Working... ► Play all 360 Degree Videos for Education. Expeditions – Android Apps on Google Play. How To Use Google Expeditions with Students. YouTube. [DIY] ทำแว่น VR 3มิติ Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard Assembly - Step by Step Instructions. Scissor cut template. Cardboard. How to build Google Cardboard.

GCardboard - Google Cardboard Custom Printing Australia. Google Cardboard manufacturing guidelines. Becoming A Refugee Through Your Smartphone. Google Cardboard IO 2015 Technical Specifications. Google Cardboard – Google VR. Tech review with Peter Marks: Virtual Reality - RN Breakfast. WHAT’S IN MY BAG? – Uprooted – Medium. This year, nearly 100,000 men, women and children from war-torn countries in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia have fled their homes and traveled by rubber dinghies across the Aegean Sea to Lesbos, Greece.

WHAT’S IN MY BAG? – Uprooted – Medium

Refugees travel light, for their trek is as dangerous as it is arduous. They are detained, shot at, hungry. Smugglers routinely exploit them, promising safety for a price, only to squeeze them like sardines into tiny boats. Teachers Without Borders. Clouds Over Sidra: A Virtual Reality (VR) film. Zaatari Image.