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TouchIT » Mind. As a physical thing Our brains are also physical, apparently inert grey goo, yet full of electrical activity running through networked neurons and flooded with neurotransmitters. Three different kinds of physical processes: electrical, structural (connectivity) and chemical working together. In the 19th Century, many believed that one could tell a person’s character and skills through the shape of the skull, reading ‘bumps’. This study of ‘phrenology”, or did make sense: if the brain is the seat of character and intellect, and if some parts of your brain are bigger then normal, then surely this should be able to tell you about the person. In fact, we now know that even gross measurements do not correlate well with specific abilities.

For example, the total volume of the brain typically varies between individual by up to 50%, but there is no connection between this and intelligence. BOX: fetal development of the rain, cortex as folded skin, the sea inside memory and time just numbers ??

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