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Facebook History of the World. Listen to Music With Your Friends. Cell phone Ringtone in the style of a Renaissance Galliard. The Day The LOLcats Died - #SOPA #PIPA Protest Song. Homemade Synthesizer - KITCHEN MUSIC by Stephen J Anderson. Cinemagraphs. 5 Alternatives to Consider After Spotify's Free Music Cutoff. If you're an early Spotify user, you may be looking for a new, free music-streaming service as Spotify's six months of free listening comes to an end.

5 Alternatives to Consider After Spotify's Free Music Cutoff

Trendsetting music lovers who signed up for Spotify when it first hit the U.S. on July 14, 2011 will soon encounter roadblocks. For instance, come the six-month deadline to switch to Spotify Unlimited ($4.99 per month) or Spotify Premium ($9.99 per month), Spotify users will only be able to play their favorite songs a maximum of five times, and free streaming will cap at 10 hours per month. It's no doubt the unlimited access to a huge library of music — about 15 million tracks — is one of the features that loyal Spotify users love. SEE ALSO: Shazam’s New App Wants to Be Your Music Player Other features include the ability to make playlists of favorite songs (up to 10,000 tracks per list) and social integration to Facebook. As fun and convenient as Spotify is, for many, the honeymoon phase is over with the service's free music cutoff. 1. 2. Bringing MySpace Back: Timberlake Unveils MySpace TV.

Justin Timberlake just took the next step in his campaign to bring MySpace back.

Bringing MySpace Back: Timberlake Unveils MySpace TV

The pop super star and MySpace co-owner joined Panasonic on stage at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show to announce a new service that will make TV a whole lot more social. Available on the next generation of Panasonic VIERA ConnectT-enabled HDTVs, an app called MySpace TV will allow viewers to see what their MySpace friends are watching, and enable them to make comments through the TV set and via smartphone and tablet devices. The app will be available on Panasonic’s new HDTV line, as well as some devices created in 2010, via a software update. Early channels on MySpace TV will focus on music, and then expand to movies, news, sports and reality channels.

See Also: The hottest stories from the floor of CES 2012! “We see MySpace as a companion to what the social community is watching,” Marcus Liassides, executive VP of MySpace, told Mashable. Will you use MySpace TV? DIGIbux. Autoren. Im Rahmen von veröffentlichen das Redaktionsteam, Lehrerinnen und Lehrer, politische Bildnerinnen und Bildner und andere Bildungsexperten- und expertinnen sowie Praktiker und Praktikerinnen Beiträge und Kommentare zu den Themengebieten Digitalisierung und Migration im Bildungssektor.

Die Beiträge sollen informieren, Einblicke in die Theorie und Praxis geben und zur Diskussion und Vernetzung ermuntern. Expertinnen und Experten sowie Praktikerinnen und Praktiker sollen hier die Möglichkeit erhalten, in direkten Kontakt miteinander zu treten, bestehende Bildungsangebote und denkbare neue Vermittlungsstrategien zu bewerten und gemeinsam zu diskutieren. Kanal von GoogleScienceFair.

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