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Free iPod Diagnostic Service / Repair Estimate - iPod Repair Services. If you don't know what is wrong with your iPod or if you need a repair quote (*read below), this is the service for you!

Free iPod Diagnostic Service / Repair Estimate - iPod Repair Services

If you think you need a logic board repair, we will provide you with a logic board replacement quote once we receive and evaluate your iPod. Here is what our Diagnostic service entails: 1. Once the order has been made and we receive your iPod, we perform an extensive diagnosis to figure out exactly what is wrong with your iPod. The Omnius Manifesto. Capitalism and the corporate culture, despite spinning off a virtual cornucopia of benefits for humanity as a side effect of its obsessive drive for profit, has become more and more destructive to both the quality of human consciousness and the quality of the ecosystem.

The Omnius Manifesto

Capitalism is about making a profit and the corporations which populate capitalism are profit generating organisms. In this, they’re not very different from biological organisms. All living systems have to operate at a profit, that is increase their energy and substance, as well as propagate, in order to survive. There is another similarity between corporations and living systems. All living systems survive, increase and propagate by consuming the resources of their environment and successfully competing with other living systems for the same resources. Tarab Tulku Rinpoche on death and rebirth. Magical Technique. Animal pictures of the week: 29 July 2011.

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