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Take College And University Courses Online Completely Free. In recent years massive open online courses (MOOCs) have become a trend in online education.

Take College And University Courses Online Completely Free

The term was coined in 2008 by David Cormier, manager of web communications and innovations at the University of Prince Edward Island. The first MOOC was created the previous year, at Utah State University. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of courses available online at no cost. You can study anything from business to zoology in your own home at no cost. MOOCs are designed like college courses but are available to anyone anywhere in the world, at no cost. Coursera is perhaps the most well-known of the online education facilitators. EdX is another non-profit course site created by founding partners Harvard and MIT and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

How-To: Moss Shower Mat. Tip of My Tongue - Chirag Mehta : Free online speed reading software. Find Courses by Department. Online Shakespeare Course: Shakespeare After All with Harvard Faculty.

Marjorie Garber, PhD, William R.

Online Shakespeare Course: Shakespeare After All with Harvard Faculty

Kenan Jr. Professor of English and American Literature and Language and of Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University This free online Shakespeare course focuses on Shakespeare’s later plays beginning with Measure for Measure and ending with The Tempest. Building on the discussions of individual plays in Marjorie Garber’s book Shakespeare After All, this course takes note of key themes, issues, and interpretations of the plays, focusing on questions of genre, gender, politics, family relations, silence and speech, and cultural power from both above and below (royalty, nobility, and the court; clowns and fools). Designed as part lecture-presentation and part discussion, this is a course that is meant to be interactive, taking up topics generated by students as well as by the instructor. The lecture videos The Quicktime and MP3 formats are available for download, or you can play the Flash version directly.

Introduction. Cipher Tools. World Family Names. Recite. Pi-trainer. Dalek Colour Schemes and Hierarchy - The Daleks - The Doctor Who Site. BlaBlaMeter - Bullshit detection tool. A new way of choosing what to read next. Bind your own books. In today's creative environment, where promotional material is routinely sent in the form of a digital file via email, a handmade self-promotional book can make a cost-effective, personal and unique alternative to help you stand out.

Bind your own books

In this tutorial, I'll explain how to bind a book in a few easy steps. How to make a triple-decker Nutella sandwich. Most underrated songs by the most overrated artists. Songs for when you’re stuck in the friend zone… Requested by Big Teddy Bear · Compiled by BFFE Man, do I know the feeling. 01.

Most underrated songs by the most overrated artists.

The Magnetic Fields - “I’m Sorry I Love You” (69 Love Songs) 02. Badly Drawn Boy - “Disillusion” (The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast) 03. Music to find yourself and start all over again to. Nerdy Day Trips. Mistake Reports : Lessons Learned the Hard Way. The Bureau of Communication - Fill-in-the-blank Correspondence. Interactive Greek Gods Family Tree.

You're Bored? That's So AWESOME. How Lock Picking Works" Most people carry five to 10 keys with them whenever they go out.

How Lock Picking Works"

On your key ring you might have several keys for the house, one or two more for the car and a few for the office or a friend's house. Your key ring is a clear demonstration of just how ubiquitous lock technology is: You probably interact with locks dozens of times every week. The main reason we use locks everywhere is that they provide us with a sense of security. But in movies and on television, spies, detectives and burglars can open a lock very easily, sometimes using only a couple of paper clips. WTF Should I Do With My Life? OhLife helps you remember what's happened in your life. Impact: Earth!

10 commandments for con artists. Eight Secrets Which Writers Won’t Tell You. Move over eBay - this is the police. Get amazing bargains on property, cars, computers ... buy top-quality stolen bikes for £10 at official police auctions ... discover the secrets of government auctions ... fantastic prices on army surplus ... ridiculously low clearance prices from government departments.

Move over eBay - this is the police

These claims are plastered over internet adverts. But do these secret stashes of bargain goods really exist? Is there a sort of parallel eBay known only to a select few? Many of the claims are indeed bunk, but when Guardian Money investigated, the big surprise was that there are bargains to be found if you search hard enough - from stolen bikes starting at £1 where the police can't find the owner to RAF officer shoes at £4 a pair. NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein. Grooveshark - Listen to Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Free MP3 Streaming.

Nerdy Day Trips. Add Your Day Trip Once you're happy with your pin position, you can save it to the map for everyone to see.

Nerdy Day Trips

Pin position cannot be changed later, so please take care to place it correctly.I am finished - place my spot. Please click on the map to drop your pin.If you get it wrong, you can move it by dragging the new pin to where you want it. How to Forecast Weather Without Gadgets. Fake Name Generator.