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A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities. 15 Funny Exam Answers. 15 Funny Exam Answers by oddetorium | 02:10 in exam answers, funny stuff, funny test, greeks, history, how to, internet, peter nguyen, photos, real life, school, search, student, teacher, teachers, test answers| Newer PostOlder PostHome Oddetorium acknowledges that though we try to report accurately, we cannot verify the absolute facts of everything posted.

15 Funny Exam Answers

Postings may contain fact, speculation or rumor. We find images from the Web that are believed to belong in the public domain. Search Friends Blog Archive Categories. Walt Disney. About four or five years ago, militant housewives, and deluded idiots across the country, discovered they had a "frame-by-frame" feature on their VCR.

Walt Disney

Ever since, Disney (and the rest of us) has had to tolerate their "crusade" against "dirty" cartoons like "Beauty and the Beast," and "The Little Mermaid. " "The Little Mermaid?!? " you ask, "what could they find offensive about that? " What they found was a "penis" on the video packaging. One of the towers remotely resembles the glorious cock of yore, and the religious-right is sure this will corrupt their once innocent children forever (who would have never noticed it in the first place, if certain "religious" people could have kept their mouths shut). Stuff the right-wing religious groups missed, in their battle against Disney cartoons Written by: Alex Sandell Research done by: Alex Sandell Disney's greed, and "profit above all else" tactics still hated by: Alex Sandell Beauty and the Beast:1.)

The Little Mermaid:1.) Dumbo:1.) Bambi:1.) White Whine - A New White Person Complaint Daily. 6 Reasons North Korea is the Funniest Evil Dictatorship Ever. Some country has to be worst one on Earth, and based on the conversation they heard you having in your hotel room last night, North Korea is really worried that you might think it's them.

6 Reasons North Korea is the Funniest Evil Dictatorship Ever

Unfortunately for North Korea (and fortunately for us) they're just as bad at looking good as they are at being good, and their attempts to not make their country appear to be a festival of horrors usually end in laughable failure. For instance... The Official North Korea Website Appears to be the Work of a Lone Middle School Child The Problem: Kim Jong-il is a self-proclaimed expert on the Internet, but understandably, Kim was having a hard time getting other people who were not otherwise required by law to believe this.

The Ridiculous Solution: ... that 1998 can buy! We'll understand if you're feeling a bit like a kid who's just been set loose at a carnival. There is also a FAQ, full of facts about North Korea, but in question form. Have we mentioned that the default language of this site is English? The Best Viral Videos Of 2009: A Retrospective - Viral Video - Videogum Video. Clothing Of The Future - Clothing in The Year 2000. China's Andy Rooney Has Funny Opinions On How Great China Is. Heroism (for Advice Dog) Benny Hinn: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.