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La Tartine Gourmande. Just Love Cookin' Laura Adamache. Edith's Kitchen.  je veux être bonne. Trois fois par jour - Recettes & Art de table - Par Marilou et Alexandre. French Cuisse. Carnets Parisiens. How to make healthy choices every day. Chocolate Shavings. Adventures in Cooking. Food Loves Writing. Seasonal recipes and photography. Culinária. Esta é a primeira receita "destes lados" que publico. sei que é um clássico, que não é nenhuma novidade, mas a verdade é que só me aventurei a fazer há pouco tempo e afinal é bem mais fácil do que parece.


E é uma daquelas receitas perfeitas para fazer num almoço com amigos num destes dias quentes. O cheiro, as cores, os sabores, tudo numa paelha é Verão :)_ Esta es la primera comida "de estas tierras" que publico. Sé que es un clásico, que no es ninguna novedad, pero la verdad es que sólo la he hecho por primera vez hace poco tiempo y al final es más fácil de lo que parece. Y es una de aquellas recetas perfectas para hacer en una comida con amigos en una de estas tardes calientes. FOOD/DRINKS. Last weekend we celebrated our CONSTITUTION DAY, the 17th of MAY, here in NORWAY.


Ever since I was a child I have LOVED this holiday and the way it is celebrated, but these last years I've been abroad and therefore haven't celebrated it in a traditional way. It turned out that I would not this year either, even though I have moved back to BERGEN ..BUT I still feel that it was celebrated in a very traditional spirit. My sister and FRODE invited ERLEND and me to join them at FRODE's family's cabin in LUSTER in SOGN. I have not been there before, and it turned out that it is the most beautiful ..and NATIONAL ROMANTIC place with steep mountains with snow on them, beautiful fjords and fruit trees in BLOOM. Recipes. Annapolis & Company. Food. Bakelove. Shutterbean. Here’s what this past week looked like: Cinco de Mayo dinner for three.


We all went a different route. Mitch Hedberg’s donut joke lives on! 100 Most Important Cat Photos of ALL TIME. Meow.Little things to look for the next time you watch a Pixar movie.I needed to hear this on Monday.Did you watch Louis C.K. on Letterman? Receitas. Há pessoas que nos inspiram.

receitas // RECIPES & TRAVEL stories. Because im addicted recipes Archives » because im addicted. Recipe Index. Jo's Chocolate Factory. Sorry I have been quiet for the last couple of weeks.

Jo's Chocolate Factory

I had a very relaxing Easter break. Today’s recipe comes from my sister, Nicola who made it at school. My sister loves cooking but she only enjoys cooking anything with chocolate involved. So this post is dedicated to her. Her recipe for toffee crisp (like the well-known chocolate bar) is below. Video-2011-12-01-12-15-10.mp4. The First Mess » The First Mess » Damn Delicious - Simple ingredients. Elegant dishes. COMIDAcomPAIXÃO. The Breakfast Lover. Chocolate Morno. Cook with Art. A Casinha das Manas - Carcavelos - Negócio local. Une-deux senses. The Vanilla Bean Blog. Red Star to Lone Star. Experiências de uma cozinheira amadora, que gosta de experimentar coisas novas e tem muito jeito para a recriação de cenários de guerra na cozinha.

Baunilha e Caramelo. Baking in lisbon. Suvelle Cuisine: Receitas*Recipes. Céu da Boca. Recipes. RECIPES. Gourmets {amadores} Hoje para jantar ... As melhores receitas de sobremesas de Leonor de Sousa Bastos. Receitas. RECIPES. Delicious hand-made gifts online. Melhores blogues de culinária portugueses. Donna Hay - Recipes. DEVIL'S FOOD CAKE. Forget the name, this cake is heavenly.


The crumb is tender, the filling and frosting luscious. When I made it one friday, I expected my children, resident food critics much in the mould of the Grim eater, to find it too dark, too rich, not sweet enough: you get the gist. Instead, I came down on Saturday morning to find nothing but an empty, chocolate-smeared cake stand and a trail of crumbs. You may prefer to prepare this the other way round from me, and get the frosting underway before you make the cakes. Either way, read the recipe through before you start cooking (I shouldn't have to remind) to get the shape of things in your head, not least because the frosting is softer, stickier than you may be used to.

Chantelle Grady. It’s a beautiful day in Berkeley so I’m sure BBQs throughout the Bay Area will be in use today.

Chantelle Grady

Here is a dish that can be served as an appetiser for a group of friends, or simply great on its own as a main. And a good one for throwing on a BBQ if you have one. It has a bit of kick in it with the peppery spice and chipotle mayo. And would go perfectly with a crisp cold beer or Mojito. Enjoy! Salt & pepper prawns with chipotle mayo Ingredients 500g raw green prawns, shelled, deveined with tails intact 1 tbsp Sichuan peppercorns 1 tsp sea salt 1 tsp white peppercorns 1 tsp black peppercorns 2 Limes, halved 1/2 cup (75g) plain (all-purpose) flour Handful cilantro leaves, torn. Sugar and charm – sweet recipes – entertaining tips – lifestyle inspiration. Recipes. Índice de receitas. Recipes, recipes and recipes - Taste.

The Food Club - en foodies madblog med meninger og måltider. Food Instructables. Recipe Index. Index. Food Photographers Orange County Los Angeles. Olivia Rae James. Uma Pin-Up na Cozinha. Cozinha para 2. Linda Lomelino. Receitas. Redhead Can DecorateRedhead Can Decorate. RECIPES. Dias com Mafalda. Pré-aquecer o forno a 180º e forrar uma forma redonda com papel vegetal.

Com uma colher de pau misturar todos… Lanche/peq. almoço, Sem amendoim/frutos de casca rija, Sem leite, Sem mariscos ou moluscos, Sem ovo, Sem peixe, Sem sésamo, Sobremesa. * Delícias e Companhia * Recipes. Ida. BBC Two - The Great British Bake Off, Series 1. RECIPE CREATOR. Eat Love. SPROUTED KITCHEN - A Tastier Take on Whole Foods. Home - Seasons and Suppers.

Recipes. Cheers to a long weekend!


Planning to have a little hotel staycation here in los angeles and maybe a beach bbq with friends. what are your plans? If you’re hosting a party of just hanging out by the pool i recommend trying these colorful fruit ice cubes…. for starters we bought a variety of fruit and herbs. then, we cut the fruit into really thin slices before adding them to the water in the tray. it was fun to play around with the colors and shapes, experimenting with different flavors. we kept some simple with a small slice of lemon and made bolder combos like mint + cucumber and lemon + sage.

Recipes. Chai Muffins. Isn't it great to start your day with baked goods?

Chai Muffins

It makes it even better when it involves something so soothing like Fall flavors and aromas. Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and cardamon, came together to make these outstanding chai muffins. I love to utilize whole spices for nearly everything I cook or bake. I lightly warm them in a cast iron skillet just to release their aroma. I then grind them into fine powder and that, my friends, is what sets these muffins apart from the rest. As Receitas da Patanisca. As Minhas Receitas. O que há pró jantar? Recipes. The recipe index is live! Feel free to offer any feedback; categories you would like highlighted (vegetarian? Quick & easy? Holiday?) , organization that would make the index more useful, shock & awe at my deep and abiding love of the scone. Individual preserve recipes are listed on the Preserves page and are not listed separately here. Food, photography and stories. Be Nice, Make a Cake. Brazil nut. Clavel's Cook. Marmita. Food. When our first child, Toby, was little, we didn't know what to feed him.

We didn't love baby-food jars, but we felt exhausted and overwhelmed by the idea of pureeing we basically just fed him 1,000 spoonfuls of store-bought hummus. Poor guy! But with our second child, Anton, we're taking a different approach, and I feel so liberated! In her book Real Food for Mother and Baby, which I recently reread, Nina Planck talks about feeding her baby tons of foods—meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, fruits and vegetables—right from the start. She gave him grated Parmesan mixed with olive oil.

We aren't nearly as ambitious—raw beef kind of freaks me out, and salmon roe is not cheap! Marta writes: a blog by marta dansie. Healthy recipes with a nordic twist. Lemon and rosemary loaf. January 10, 2014 When you move between different cities and have a chance to live in them for a while, you are a happy happy person (I am). But each action goes with reaction. Food & Photography. Blackberry eats. Clavel's Cook.