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Rodalenews. Photograph By Thinkstock If antihistamines make you drowsy for hours and the idea of allergy shots is enough to make you woozy, why not reach for your spice rack the next time you're suffering from allergy symptoms?


Rosemarinic acid, which occurs naturally in rosemary, shiso (a common herb in Asian cuisines), and sage, is a chemical that possesses potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that are able to protect against asthma and allergy symptoms, according to a recent scientific review. More from Rodale News: 9 Food Cures You Can Grow Traditional medicine has known about the healing power of herbs like these for a long time, and it seems like modern medicine is finally catching up. The new review flagged a study showing that doses of rosmarinic acid–enriched shiso help alleviate allergy symptoms, including itchy nose, itchy eyes, and watery eyes.

There's even more good news when it comes to herbs and allergy symptoms, though. Rodalenews. Photograph By Thinkstock Aromatherapy can be a big help when you are confronting difficult or painful emotions.


Only a few drops are needed at a time. Their molecules are very small, so they can be easily absorbed by the skin to do their work. The best part? A small bottle can last a few years if you use the oil sparingly. To ease: AngerTry: Chamomile, jasmine, marjoram, rose, rosemary, ylang-ylang To ease: AnxietyTry: Bergamot, chamomile, frankincense, geranium (for balance), lavender, orange, patchouli, rose (for confidence), sandalwood, sweet marjoram, vetiver (for grounding)

9 All-Natural Tips To Alleviate Allergies & Asthma. 9 Steps To Heal Adrenal Fatigue Naturally Have you ever caught yourself thinking, Wow, I'm burned out!

9 All-Natural Tips To Alleviate Allergies & Asthma

It's a feeling most people can identify with. But what does that really mean, and how does it happen? I recently saw a patient whose Read The incidence of asthma in children is increasing at an astronomical rate. I'm an allergy and asthma specialist with many years of training on the subject, so you'd think I would have learned the "answers" to this growing problem.

In fact, I'm constantly searching for more natural solutions. Below is a compilation of treatments I am going to try for my patients and my own children for 28 days. I don't include experimental or questionable herbal treatments. 1. There's been a recent outpouring of data supporting the use of vitamin D for allergies and asthma in children.

Note: make that if you're testing your or your child's levels, the test should be for 25-hydroxyvitamin D, also called vitamin D3. Probiotic Raspberry + Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic. Looking for a cleansing drink thats both tasty and beneficial?

Probiotic Raspberry + Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic

Look no further to this lovely liquid trend: shrubs! The traditional preparation is with raw apple cider vinegar, which is full of good probiotics and nutrients that work to break down fats to leave your insides shiny and clean. This new clean environment allows you have better digestion, reduced blood sugar levels and overall makes you shine from the inside out. Raw apple cider vinegar is rich in anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, which is especially helpful in these colder months. It also helps clear up skin and promotes healthy hair. This recipe could be used with any berries you have on hand. Probiotic Raspberry Shrub Tonic Ingredients 2 cups apple cider vinegar1 handful of raspberries1 tablespoon maple syrup (optional)Preparation Mix together and let sit in a sealed container for two days at room temperature.

Photo courtesy of the author Fertility-Friendly Adzuki Bean Stew. 11 of the Best Essential Oils for Treating All Kinds of Illnesses. Like many other holistic remedies, essential oils are a great way to improve overall health, treat cold and flu symptoms, calm nerves, elevate your mood and generally create a world that just all around smells better.

11 of the Best Essential Oils for Treating All Kinds of Illnesses

You could spend a fortune purchasing specialized essential oil blends that have been developed to treat specific ailments. These can be excellent, but the truth is, you don’t need to fork over a ton of cash to help yourself. Essential oils are basically concentrated liquids containing key compounds from plants. They have been used for hundreds of years as a safe and effective medicine. There are a number of ways to make essential oils, but the most common forms involve distillation, cold-pressure and through the use of a solvent.

When it comes to aromatherapy, food-grade essential oils are not absolutely necessary. Why Western Medicine Gets Autoimmune Diseases All Wrong. A Guide To Essential Oils #essentialoils. A renewed spirit and health are just a few drops away When something goes awry with your health, it usually sends you straight to the drugstore—or worse, to your doctor.

A Guide To Essential Oils #essentialoils

But what if we told you the fast track to mental and physical wellness (not to mention great skin) is inside a drop of essential oil? It’s true. And if you are done dealing with the pharmacy for every little ache and pain, you’d be wise to stock your medicine cabinet with these natural alternatives. Why go au naturale? Inhalations through a hot compress, diffuser, or hot water facial steams. In the bath to create the ultimate healing retreat without leaving your home. Massages with a 2.5% concentration of essential oils is a classic way to relieve muscle tension and relax. For as easy as they are to apply, it’s not as simple to spot a fake. Try the ring test. Check the label Look for a bottle that includes the plant’s Latin name on the label. Medicinal Yarrow First Aid Salve - Montana Homesteader.

How to improve your gut health. Natural Home Remedies For Health Woes.


Cold | Flu. 19 Bizarre Home Cures That Work. Crazy—and easy!

19 Bizarre Home Cures That Work

—natural remedies Of course there are some health staples you should never be without—bandages or OTC pain relievers come to mind. But you can treat or cure a surprising number of minor ailments with these unexpected household objects and foods. Next time you burn your tongue on piping hot pizza or come down with an unshakeable case of hiccups, keep these tips from The Big Doctors Book of Home Remedies in mind. Learn more about the book and buy it here! Home cure: Vodka Use it for: Foot odor If your feet smell less than swell, wipe them down with a vodka-soaked washcloth to get rid of the stench. Quick Home Cures For Health Problems.