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Homemade Beauty Products

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This Natural Recipe Will Make Your Facial Hair Disappear Forever. Ladies on the East utilize this saving technique for a considerable length of time.

This Natural Recipe Will Make Your Facial Hair Disappear Forever

There is no lady on Earth that doesn’t get apprehensive from facial hair. The greater part of them has issues with hair over the lips. You have most likely utilized wax as a first answer for managing these issues. Rethinking Oral Health Care: A Homemade Toothpaste Recipe for Tooth Remineralization. Several years ago, I started to question some of the ingredients in commercial toothpastes as well as the approach of modern dentistry in general.

Rethinking Oral Health Care: A Homemade Toothpaste Recipe for Tooth Remineralization

I view some modern dentistry practices as appropriate and beneficial. Consider, though, that the foundation of today’s dental philosophy is similar to the mainstream medical model in that it focuses on treatment and not prevention. I believe the focus of dentistry (like medicine) should be prevention of decay and disease through sound nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. This begins in utero (even pre-conception), when the teeth and jaw structure are formed, is well established through breastfeeding, and must be adhered to for one’s lifetime. Avoiding dental decay and disease through diet is challenging, because it means one must stray far from the standard American diet. How To Wash Your Face And Remove Makeup With Oil. The Only Beauty Product You'll Ever Need Coconut oil is an absolute miracle ingredient and an all-around superfood.

How To Wash Your Face And Remove Makeup With Oil

It's usually thought of as a food full of important vitamins, minerals and fats. But coconut oil isn't just great in the Read Did you know that you can use oil to remove makeup and wash your face? It’s true! I spent years trying to eliminate unnecessary chemicals from my life so I was happy to ditch the chemical-laden eye make-up remover awhile back, but it took me a really long time to find a natural replacement that actually worked. Enter the oil-cleansing method. Here's the problem, though: when our skin is stripped of its natural oils, it produces more oil to compensate. Using oil to wash your face means that it will naturally dissolve the dirty oils on your skin without stripping it or using harsh chemicals. The key to the oil-cleansing method is castor oil which comes from the castor bean. Simple Natural Whitening Toothpaste Recipe.

The idea of making homemade toothpaste may sound strange to some people, but it truly is an awesome, healthy, and cheaper alternative to the fluoride laden conventional toothpaste that graces our grocery store shelves!

Simple Natural Whitening Toothpaste Recipe

It contains all natural ingredients, no fluoride, and you can whip it up at home with things that are already in your cabinets. Oral health is very important, and completely fascinating how it can affect your entire body. Not to mention, homemade toothpaste generally costs around half the price of the low-end store bought variety of toothpaste. The natural ingredient list especially the non-use of fluoride is the main benefit though, Fluoride has been banned from drinking water in Europe and Asia because of the possible health risks.

5 Simple Beauty Products You Can Make From Coconut Oil. Healthy News and Information. Specialty Bottle - Wholesale Glass Bottles, Glass & Plastic Jars, Tins, Vials. Do-it-yourself kit - Hard Lotion For Dry Skin. The Lotion and Lip Balm Kit includes all the ingredients and supplies pictured here so you can make lip balms, lotion, and even sunscreen and rash cream (with zinc oxide added to your order).

Do-it-yourself kit - Hard Lotion For Dry Skin

Instructions for hard lotion bars, lip balms, hair butter and rash cream are included with the kit. To make one batch of rash cream as instructed in the My Buttered Life, baby edition e-book, add one order of zinc oxide to your order. To make two batches of sunscreen using the recipe in the My Buttered Life, summer edition e-book, add two zinc oxides to your order. Click the blue "visit store" button to see which e-book is included for free with the purchase of the kit. Now for the recipes, videos and FAQ: Subscribe to my YouTube Channel here. VIEW VIDEO: The kit makes 13 oz' worth of lotion, which is the equivalent of 6 family sized bars! DIY 3 Ingredient Natural Deodorant. Posted by Sia Cooper I read an article on the top 5 chemicals in deodorants these days and it shocked the hell out of me.

DIY 3 Ingredient Natural Deodorant

According to the article by Natural News, “The primary ingredient used in most antiperspirants is aluminum. Aluminum is a metal, which is used in antiperspirants to help block the sweat from escaping the pores. Aluminum has been linked to breast cancer in women and has also been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.” Coconut Lime Body Scrub. Coconut…Lime….two of my favorite aromas come together to make the ultimate coconut lime body scrub!

Coconut Lime Body Scrub

I’ve been making a bunch of delicious sugar scrubs and body butters with my essential oils over the last few weeks. When I received my bottle of Lime Essential Oil I knew I had to make coconut lime body scrub. An All-Natural Secret For Radiant, Glowing Skin. How to Make Non-Toxic Long Lasting Organic Deodorant. DIY Vaseline. Cold weather is tough on hands, so soothe dry skin with this DIY nonpetroleum-oil jelly that is wonderfully nurturing without being sticky.

DIY Vaseline

Petroleum jelly is a derivative of oil refining, most have been triple-purified and regarded as noncarcinogenic, but making a helpful ointment from basic ingredients is a big win. Slather this lotion all over dry, cracked hands, and you'll love how they stay nice and soft even after lots of hand washing. And it's ready in minutes. What You'll Need: 6 teaspoons beeswax1/4 cup coconut oil1/4 cup olive oilSmall metal or glass bowlSmall saucepanHand towelHand mixerSmall sealable container Directions: Measure and add the beeswax, coconut oil, and olive oil in a small heat-safe bowl. DIY Deodorant: The 4-Ingredient Recipe to De-Stink Naturally. Though homemade deodorants may sound like some sort of a Pinterest fail, many DIY-ers are converts to the make-your-own stuff as a cheaper, healthier alternative to store-bought varieties.

DIY Deodorant: The 4-Ingredient Recipe to De-Stink Naturally

This recipe is customizable, super inexpensive, and free from loads of scary, bad-for-you ingredients. It’s made with just three base ingredients — baking soda, coconut oil, and cornstarch — which means you likely have what you need right in your pantry. While deodorant helps combat body odor, antiperspirants actually prevent sweat by blocking the ducts that release it. 3 simple homemade toothpaste recipes. While some people in rural parts of the world may resort to the use of brick, charcoal, rangoli powder, mud, salt or ash for toothpaste, western brushers usually rely on a tube of mystery ingredients to make their pearly whites sparkle like the Pepsodent girl's.

3 simple homemade toothpaste recipes

Homemade Body Scrubs. Homemade Eye Makeup Remover. How To Make Your Own Lotion Bars. Make Your Own Lotion Bars and Stay Moisturized On the Go. DIY Dry Shampoo For Morning Hair Emergencies. DIY Non-Toxic Sunscreen. Getting sunburned sucks, and according to the Environmental Working Group's 2012 survey of over 800 sunscreen brands, 75% of them contained potentially harmful ingredients linked to hormone disruption and even cell damage that may lead you to skin cancer. Yikes. Other than becoming a complete vampire during the summer months, you can also make your own sunscreen in a few simple steps using ingredients that you can easily obtain from the supermarket or from online.

Heat olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax in a glass mason jar (or Pyrex measuring cup) in a pot containing a few inches of water over medium heat. Once the ingredients have melted together, mix in zinc oxide powder and allow for the ingredients to completely cool before transferring to a separate glass jar or tin.