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Perusalocity Girl

So, you want to know some more about the crazy girl who decided to speed read business books? Check out my blog: we go...I am an avid reader (DUH!), runner/exercise-centered, food-focused (see previous...I pray it balances out), music lover , over-achiever type-A...oh hell...I am just a girl who can read pretty darn fast. Oh, I have a sense of may find it hanging around. Speed reading books about business, entrepreneurship, finance, economics, self-help, etc. Brilliant, witty commentary of the Top 5 List "Must Take-Aways", "The Point" (a summary in 2 paragraphs or less), and "Brilliant Articulate Mind Maps"! You know those bookcases full of I know this is a stretch unread BOOKS? Well, so do I. The funny thing is that a couple years back, I took a speed reading course. And let me tell you, what I learned really, really works. No kidding! I have used my skills mostly in work and academic pursuits, but not for my personal-development-good-for-the-soul books. So, I figured why not? Here is a blog of the books that I have speed read and plan to speed read.Where did the name come from? Peruse: to read through with thoroughness or care + Velocity = rapidity of motion or operation; swiftness; speed == Perusalocity


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