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The future of online film distribution and marketing ››› Distrify. AUDI eKurzinfo App. Challenge After the success of the Audi eKurzinfo app for the Audi A1, which was nominated for the 2013 GSMA Global Mobile Awards for Best Mobile Solution for the Automotive Industry, Audi wanted to extend the availability to the new Audi A3.

AUDI eKurzinfo App

In the future, Audi and Metaio both see visualization technology decreasing the need for lengthy, costly and complex user manuals. Car owners should be able to access information instantly and directly from the car itself. EvntLive, Inc. Price and Features. Solve Problems. Win Contests. Make Money. Surprise! Online TV is making money - Apr. 13. By David Goldman, staff writerApril 13, 2011: 4:20 PM ET NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- As broadcasters and television networks try to figure out their Internet strategy, the TV content that actually is online is generating quite a pretty penny.

Surprise! Online TV is making money - Apr. 13

Online TV brought in $1.6 billion last year, up 34% from 2009, according to a data analysis by IHS. The largest contributor to that growth was a 65% rise in Internet TV advertising, which reached $719 million in 2010. That's surprising, since Big Media has often been reluctant to throw its content online, thinking it would jeopardize their lucrative deals with cable providers.