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A place to deepen your understanding of global concerns and their connection to local initiatives. A place to deepen your understanding of global concerns and their connection to local initiatives. Dave Pollard's chronicle of civilization's collapse, creative works and essays on our culture. A trail of crumbs, runes and exclamations along my path in search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding. Embracing chaos. Expanding Consciousness. Participation. The Conversation: In-depth analysis, research, news and ideas from leading academics and researchers. Environmental magazine and event series. Clearing the PR Pollution That Clouds Climate Science. Kosmos Journal. Mindful.

Actify ~ Wave of Action ~ A list of organizations that give some hope for the future. Equality means equality for everyone. News for the rest of us. IGNITE.ME - A Community Dedicated to Art, Burning Man and Human Connection. What You Need To Know About The Bradley Manning Verdict. By Hayes Brown "What You Need To Know About The Bradley Manning Verdict" CREDIT: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky At 1 PM EST, a military court handed down the long-awaited verdict in the case of United States v.

What You Need To Know About The Bradley Manning Verdict

Bradley Manning, finding him not guilty of the most serious charge against him, that of “aiding the enemy,” in leaking thousands of government and military documents. Manning has, however, been found guilty of another 19 charges, including 5 counts of espionage. Manning has been both vilified and lionized during his time in the spotlight and today’s conclusion of his trial will likely bring those two sides back into debate over what Manning’s saga means for the ongoing debate between secrecy and security in the United States. The Private Private First Class Bradley Manning joined the U.S. The Leaks The first leak included videos passed along to Wikileaks showing the U.S. military opening fire on a crowd of mostly unarmed Iraqi civilians. The Charges Treatment In Detention Update. Waging Nonviolence - People-Powered News and Analysis.

OuiShare Magazine - Voices for a Collaborative Society. Buddhist Peace Fellowship / Turning Wheel Media. Vision of Humanity. Through See the latest peace news and research Contact us Vision of Humanity is an initiative of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

Vision of Humanity

IEP have offices in New York and Sydney. For more specific inquiries related to the peace indexes and research, please contact IEP directly. Media: Education: Data request: Sydney office PO Box 42, St Leonards, NSW 1590, Sydney Australia Tel: +61 2 9901 8500 New York office 3 East 54th Street 14th Floor New York, New York 10022 USA Tel: +1 (646) 963-2160. SUSTAINABILITY - IHT Rendezvous. Christopher F.


SchuetzeWillem Jan Stamm, the owner of Outlet Stam in Schagen,The Netherlands. In Europe and North America, small businesses are allowing consumers to save money and cut down on food waste by buying food that is past its ‘expiration date.’ Read more… Fabrice Coffrini/Agence France-Presse — Getty ImagesGeneva International Airport. Airline travel is thought to cause 2 percent to 3 percent of the world's carbon emissions. Take part in shaping a better world. - Idea Factory, Consulting Collective, 100% Jargon Free. Collapsing Into Consciousness. The 15 Rules of Web Disruption. How to Spot – and Defeat – Disruption on the Internet David Martin’s Thirteen Rules for Truth Suppression, H.

The 15 Rules of Web Disruption

Michael Sweeney’s 25 Rules of Disinformation (and now Brandon Smith’s Disinformation: How It Works) are classic lessons on how to spot disruption and disinformation tactics. We’ve seen a number of tactics come and go over the years. Here are the ones we see a lot of currently. Worthwhile Canadian Initiative. This is speculative. I don't know whether it works empirically. Or, I should say, I don't know how much it works empirically. The effect I am talking about here might be large, and explain almost everything.

Or it might be small, and explain almost nothing. I'm just throwing it out there. Legally required reserves, if those reserves pay low or no interest, are a tax on banks. The main reason that Canada got rid of required reserves 20 years ago was precisely to eliminate this tax on banks, and to 'level the playing field' between banks and other financial intermediaries. If you put a tax on apples, and not on pears, and if apples and pears are substitutes in both supply and demand, the market will respond by producing fewer apples and more pears. YES! Magazine — Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions — YES! Magazine. Common Causes. The Commoner » The Commoner N. 15 - Winter 2012 - Care Work and the Commons.

For a sustainable and desirable future. Axiom News. Orion Magazine. Elephant journal: Yoga, Sustainability, Politics, Spirituality. Marginal Revolution — Small steps toward a much better world. Nextdoor: Join the free private social network for your neighborhood.

Low-tech Magazine. Open Source Ecology.