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Hi Everyone! I, am Perry Shelly. I am a Programming developer in JavaTpoint portal. JavaTpoint Provides free tutorial of Java, Servlet, JSP, Struts2, Spring, Hibernate, Android, JavaScript, C, Cloud Computing, Ajax, Python, SQL etc. To learn advance technology by connecting website

Difference between Mass and Weight. Definition of Mass Mass is a physical quantity that indicates the total amount of matter or substance in an object.

Difference between Mass and Weight

Mass is the basic property of an object that calculates the object's resistance to acceleration when an external force is applied to it. Mass is represented by M or m. The S.I unit of MassMass is the kilogram (Kg). Mass is a quantity that tells us how much force is required to move an object from one place to another. F = ma Where, F = Force m = Mass a = Acceleration The Mass formula is given as, Mass = Force/ Acceleration If the acceleration itself is the gravity, then M = F/g F = force G = gravity.

Definition of Weight Weight is the force exerted by an object with MassMass when acted on by a gravitational field. Weight is nothing but mass time's acceleration due to gravity. W=m x g Where W = Weight. How to create a terminal progress bar. Whenever we install any Python library, module, or installing software, we see the progress bar to screen, which denotes the small progress bar that estimates how long the process would take to complete or render.

How to create a terminal progress bar

It gives us an impression of activity and can calm the nerves. We all are familiar with the various progress bar. Some of them are attractive and some of them boring. In this article, we will create the progress bar without involving Python's code core logging library. How to capture the image using the iOS app. We can take pictures in the iOS app by using AVFoundation, which is a framework in iOS.

How to capture the image using the iOS app

However, in this tutorial, we will use UIImagePickerControllerDelegate methods. Here, we will build a simple application that will capture the picture using the device camera and set it to the image view. We will not use AVFoundation in this tutorial. Instead of that, we will use UIImagePickerController. How to add or remove Hyperlink in Excel. Hyperlink is also known as a web link.

How to add or remove Hyperlink in Excel

It is a blue or purple-colored text or picture. When we clicked on this text or picture, then it will access a particular part of a current document or a new document containing more detail about it. Add a hyperlink Microsoft Excel will automatically insert a hyperlink. Multiple access protocols - ALOHA, CSMA, CSMA/CA and CSMA/CD. Data Link Layer The data link layer is used in a computer network to transmit the data between two devices or nodes.

Multiple access protocols - ALOHA, CSMA, CSMA/CA and CSMA/CD

It divides the layer into parts such as data link control and the multiple access resolution/protocol. The upper layer has the responsibility to flow control and the error control in the data link layer, and hence it is termed as logical of data link control. Whereas the lower sub-layer is used to handle and reduce the collision or multiple access on a channel.

Hence it is termed as media access control or the multiple access resolutions. PowerShell Get-Date Format. In this article, we will discuss and use PowerShell's Get-Date Format (or Date Format) command.

PowerShell Get-Date Format

Date and times properties are used several times throughout the PowerShell scripts. Using the Get-Date cmdlet, we can retrieve the current date of our machine. Java Spring Pros and Cons. The Spring framework makes Java programming quicker, easier, and safer for everybody.

Java Spring Pros and Cons

Its simplicity, speed, and productivity made it the most popular framework in the world. In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of Java Spring. Java Spring There are a lot of tools that come with the Spring framework and allows us to reap the benefit of the out of box solutions. We do not require to write thousands of lines of code.

Spring Pros. Java Stack Trace. In Java, stack trace is nothing but location of the exceptions.

Java Stack Trace

In other words, we can say that stack trace hunt (trace) for the next line where exception may raise. Constant variable definition. Constant is a value that cannot be reassigned.

Constant variable definition

A constant is immutable and cannot be changed. There are some methods in different programming languages to define a constant variable. Most uses the const keyword. Using a const keyword indicates that the data is read-only. We can use the const keyword in programming languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, PHP, etc. Webmaster Tools. What are Webmaster Tools?

Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool is also called Google Search Console. It is a group of free web utilities to support the owner of the website that their website is Google-friendly. There are various useful applications in this set of Google Web Tools like getting data related to the search traffic, viewing crawl error reports, website indexing, requesting Google to crawl, etc. What is Core Java. The word Core describes the basic concept of something, and here, the phrase 'Core Java' defines the basic Java that covers the basic concept of Java programming language.

We all are aware that Java is one of the well-known and widely used programming languages, and to begin with it, the beginner has to start the journey with Core Java and then towards the Advance Java. The Java programming language is a general-purpose programming language that is based on the OOPs concept. The ocean of Java is too deep to learn, i.e., as much you learn more, you will know its depth.

Java is a platform-independent and robust programming language. Difference Between Set and Map in Java. In Java, Set and Map are two important interfaces available in the collection framework. Both Set and Map interfaces are used to store a collection of objects as a single unit. The main difference between Set and Map is that Set is unordered and contains different elements, whereas Map contains the data in the key-value pair. In this section, we will discuss the Set and Map interface in detail also see the differences between them.

Set Interface The Java.util package provides the Set interface. Digital Electronics MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) 1) Which number system has a base 16 HexadecimalOctalBinaryDecimal Answer: a Explanation: Hexadecimal is a number system with a base 16. We can divide the word HEXA+DECIMAL for better understanding; it means 6 and 10 make 16. Types of Genes. The human body is made of around 200 types of cells, such as bone cells, blood cells, skin cells, nerve cells, liver cells, etc. These cells make different organs and vary in terms of their structure and function as a different set of genes are expressed in these cells as per the requirement of respective organs. Such as the serum albumin gene which becomes active only in liver cells (hepatocytes). Similarly, the insulin gene expresses itself only in the beta cells of the pancreas.

Besides this, some genes are present in all cells of the human body but some of them express themselves in kidney cells and some are expressed in liver cells, and more. Genes can be of different types. 1. Difference between Voltage and Current. This is a very basic question we face in school or college days, but if you are new to electronics and electrical, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the concepts of voltage and current. Read on the given tutorial to know the difference between Voltage and Current.

What is Voltage? Voltage refers to the potential difference between two points per unit electric charge (Excess of lack of electron on the given body is called charge at the body). Java Copy Constructor Example. Like C++, Java also supports the copy constructor. Different Ways to Print Exception Message in Java. Difference Between Quick Sort and Merge Sort. After Effect Timeline. Adobe After Effect is graphic editing software that can be used for the editing of video graphics. There are different working panels of this editing software that makes our work very easy. Composition in After Effect. A composition is a framework in Adobe After Effect. Abiotic Components of Ecosystem.

In ecology or biology, abiotic factors or abiotic components are physical parts and non-living chemicals of an environment. Discrete Mathematics MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Most Asked BPO Interview Questions. Following is the list of most asked BPO interview questions for fresher and experienced candidates to get their dream job. Most Asked Civil Engineering Interview Questions. 1) What is civil engineering? Civil engineering is a professional discipline of engineering that works in the field of the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including public works such as roads, canals, bridges, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings, and railways etc. 2) Which are the different sub-disciplines of civil engineering?

Civil engineering is considered the second-oldest engineering discipline after military engineering. Equilibrium Index of an Array in Java. Entropy Definition. SDLC vs STLC. Difference Between Globalization Testing and Localization Testing. Database Testing. What is Robtex used for. How to Install Composer on Windows. What is Recycle Bin. Cloud-Native Applications. What is Raspberry PI. Facebook Login Integration in iOS. Awk Command Usage. Java Code for DES. Giant Chromosomes. How to Calculate Standard Deviation in Excel. What is Pen Table. Giant Chromosomes. Prototype Design Pattern. Git Modules in Python. Classification of Design Pattern. How to Improve Coding Skills in Java. Java Testing Tools. Unique Number in Java Program. Convert Java object to JSON. Computer Graphics MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

How to Calculate Date Difference in Java. Difference between Modem and Router. What is MAC Address. Cyber Security MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) Top 10 Beer brands in India. What is Blood Pressure. What is Anemia. CPR-Definition. What is a nucleotide. Watson and Crick's model of DNA. Brute Force Meaning. Types of Fire Extinguisher. Python Memory Management. Power Function in Java. Identifiers in Java. InvocationTargetException. Why String is Immutable or Final in Java. Types of Exception in Java. How to create Gmail account. How to Upload or Post Videos on YouTube (Step by Step 2020) How to download Facebook Videos. How to change YouTube Channel Name (Step by Step Guide 2020) How to Upload or Post Videos on YouTube (Step by Step 2020) How to change Gmail password. How to delete Playlist on YouTube (Step by Step Guide 2020) How to download and install Java (JDK 15) on Windows 10. How to download and install Java (JDK 15) on Windows 10. How to delete Playlist on YouTube (Step by Step Guide 2020)

How to download Facebook Videos. How to download Facebook Videos. How to Upload or Post Videos on YouTube (Step by Step 2020) How to download and install Java (JDK 15) on Windows 10. How to create a Playlist on YouTube (Step by Step Guide 2020) How to create Gmail account. How to change Gmail password. How to change YouTube Channel Name (Step by Step Guide 2020) How to create a Playlist on YouTube (Step by Step Guide 2020)

How to delete Playlist on YouTube (Step by Step Guide 2020) How to download Facebook Videos. How to cite a website. Run Elasticsearch in Kibana. What is Edge Computing.