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'Jewish al-Jazeera' going on the air - Israel Culture, Ynetnews. World's first pro-Israel international news network, Jewish News 1, to begin broadcasts Wednesday, offering 'everything that interests Jews' in eight different languages Jews of the world, prepare your remote controls: The first-ever Jewish news network will begin broadcasts this Wednesday.

'Jewish al-Jazeera' going on the air - Israel Culture, Ynetnews

Jewish News 1 (JN1) was born as an alternative to the world's leading news networks – CNN, Fox News and Sky News. But its main goal is to serve as the Jewish version of al-Jazeera, which has won the hearts of tens of millions of Arab viewers over the past 15 years. According to the Makor Rishon newspaper, the channel will be broadcast via satellite to Europe, North America and the Middle East. In Israel it will be offered by the Yes satellite company. So what is the new channel's added value? For example, Zanzer reveals, the network will air an exclusive interview with famous American Jewish director Steven Spielberg, who will be visiting Belgium next month.

Why reporter asked Michele Bachmann, ‘As president, would you be submissive to your husband?’ Washington Examiner Byron York’s question was booed at the GOP debate and criticized by other journalists for asking the sole female candidate about her marriage.

Why reporter asked Michele Bachmann, ‘As president, would you be submissive to your husband?’

He explains its relevance to her candidacy: On “Meet the Press” Sunday, Iowa straw poll winner Rep. Michele Bachmann was asked to make the case that she has the “judgment and experience” to be president of the United States. Bachmann listed several qualifications — her work as a tax attorney, small businesswoman, state senator in Minnesota, and member of Congress — but the first thing she said was, “I have a lifetime of experience. I’m 55 years old. Because Bachmann invokes her marital success as proof of her leadership skills, York believed it was relevant to probe this statement she made during her first campaign in 2006: My husband said, now you need to go and get a post-doctorate degree in tax law. York believes Bachmann will be asked again about being “submissive.”

Tags: Political and campaign reporting. Another magazine stops printing to go online. The magazine march from print to web-only publication continues.

Another magazine stops printing to go online

The latest title to make the step is Accountancy Age. From the week after next, the title - owned by Incisive Media - will become an online only publication. The last print edition will be published on 21 April. According to a story on its website, the decision "has not been taken lightly". It "comes after careful consideration of changing reader habits, the growth in use of our website and the burgeoning subscription rates to our emailed newswires. " "The evidence is that our readers are increasingly seeking their news, analysis and features online and want it delivered to their inboxes. " Its journalistic team will remain intact and the magazine's owners believe that "has a bright future.

" Source: Accountancy Age. Journalists on Twitter: how do Britain's news organisations tweet? Data & visualisation. What do Britain's journalists tweet about?

Journalists on Twitter: how do Britain's news organisations tweet? Data & visualisation

Throughout the month of February Tweetminster analysed 82,340 tweets posted by UK media sources and journalists on Twitter. This infographic visualises what they talked about. It aims to display each source's level of activity on Twitter and the attention that each source gave to different news stories and topics during February 2011. A list of accounts for each source can be found here. A history of dance music. News of the World to close on Sunday – live coverage. 5.16pm: This live blog will now continue here.

News of the World to close on Sunday – live coverage

En bref - Rue Frontenac, la fin. Rue Frontenac met fin à sa version hebdomadaire imprimée, a annoncé hier soir le coordonnateur général Richard Bousquet, faisant valoir que «les revenus financiers n'étaient toujours pas au rendez-vous après six mois de publication».

En bref - Rue Frontenac, la fin

«C'est le coeur gros que les artisans de Rue Frontenac annoncent que le numéro de jeudi dernier (28 avril) [le 25e] était le dernier à être imprimé dans la formule actuelle, qui prévoyait une distribution de 75 000 exemplaires gratuits dans le Grand Montréal, à Québec, en Mauricie, en Outaouais et en Estrie», a-t-il écrit sur le site Internet, dont les activités sont maintenues. Site complet. Phone-hacking revelations lift daily quality newspaper sales. Several daily quality newspapers enjoyed a month-on-month uplift in sales in July as the phone-hacking scandal dominated the news agenda, with the i overtaking sister title the Independent for the first time.

Phone-hacking revelations lift daily quality newspaper sales

A 6% circulation boost compared with June saw Alexander Lebedev's 20p spin-off from the Independent sell 796 more copies daily on average than its stablemate in July, according to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations figures released on Friday. The i was the largest daily beneficiary in a busy news month featuring a string of fresh phone-hacking revelations that led to the closure of the News of the World, averaging 183,677 copies. In July the paper's stablemate, the Independent, recorded a 3.5% month-on-month sales increase to 182,881. The Daily Telegraph lifted its circulation by 1.8% month on month to 634,113. The Guardian recorded a 2.93% month-on-month circulation decline – or 7,508 copies – to 248,775 in July. Daily Telegraph. Thesocialmediamonthly.