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Hotelamerika. Space & Time Magazine's Current IssueSpace and Time Magazine. Spring 2016 The Sadly Only Mildly Dramatic Tale of Sijo Uthwen by Scott H.

Space & Time Magazine's Current IssueSpace and Time Magazine

AndrewsThe Pick-Up by Justin R. LawferAdelio’s Window by James O’BrienState of the Union by Michael HaynesThey Came Bearing Dangerous Gifts by Christine LucasFrank’s Head by Wess WorthXed by Robert PritchardThe Sound of Breaking Glass by Thomas BroderickJack Liberty’s Son by DJ Cockburn Singularity in a Jar by Christina SngForgotten by Michelle ScaliseOuter Space by T.K. LawrenceMe Time by Anthony Alan BrownView from Above by Beth CatoEyes of Dust by G.O.ClarkDryer by Kristin KirbyThe Yokai of Fukushima by Anshuman ReddyCharon by Jacob HaddonHaiku by Prof.

Strange Horizons, a weekly speculative fiction magazine. Home of the World's Leading Science Fiction Magazine. All Fiction. Analog Science Fiction & Fact. ...has a couple of linked, unusual, and immediately obvious traits: the cover illustrates a piece of writing by the artist himself, and that piece is a fact article, not a story.

Analog Science Fiction & Fact

Michael Carroll, well known and regarded as both artist and writer, recently got an inside look at NASA's plans for a project to build an actual settlement on the Moon in the relatively near future, and shares that vision with us here. As usual, the fiction covers quite a bit of ground, including an alternate history in which Galileo Galilei is psychoanalyzed and "helped" by a chap with a suspicious resemblance to Sigmund Freud--told, not surprisingly, by Harry Turtledove.

Donald Moffitt also ventures into the past with a time-traveling art dealer who hopes to get in on the ground floor with one of the Old Dutch Masters. And we have a broad spectrum of stories by Stephen L. Burns, Howard V. Contrary Magazine. The Brooklyn Quarterly. Twelve Stories. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. DecomP magazinE. MUZZLE MAGAZINE - Home. Issue 24. The

Poetry for the 21st Century - Poetry for everyone. » RATTLE: Poetry for the 21st Century. BigTruths. Jellyfish eleven. Homepage - [PANK]