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Temple of Artemis Diana. Your Guides — Priestesses Of The Moon. A significant part of our life's purpose is creating sacred space for deep connection, expression, transformation and healing within sisterhood.

Your Guides — Priestesses Of The Moon

Through the ancient ways of the circle that teach and guide us, we share our gifts to activate within you the embodiment of your true womanly essence and live from a place of inner empowerment. We are passionately committed to living in the rhythm of our own feminine power and are continuously learning from the Goddess as She unveils herself through us. We know what it's like to experience excruciating menstrual cramps and be disconnected from our own body's intelligence that keep us separate.

We know what it's like to feel insecure, heartache, isolation, guilt and shame. We know what it's like to experience familiar pangs of longing and desires that have not yet been met. It is our greatest privilege to share with you the teachings that have so exquisitely transformed our lives. THE ECO-GODDESS TEMPLE.

Gods and goddesses

Venus (mythology) Venus on seashell, from the Casa di Venus, Pompeii.

Venus (mythology)

Before 79 AD. Venus (/ˈviːnəs/, Classical Latin: /ˈwɛnʊs/) is the Roman goddess whose functions encompassed love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity, victory, and desire. In Roman mythology, she was the mother of the Roman people through her son, Aeneas, who survived the fall of Troy and fled to Italy. Julius Caesar claimed her as his ancestor. Venus was central to many religious festivals, and was revered in Roman religion under numerous cult titles.

GENDER MATTERS - The GODDESS TEMPLE of Orange County. GENDER MATTERS - The GODDESS TEMPLE of Orange County. Cosmic Gaia Sophia ~ Home to Laura Magdalene Eisenhower. Moon Lodge at the Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, NY with Susun Weed - women's ritual - empowerment. Blood mysteries - Susun Weed - herbal medicine - women's health - menstruation, menstrual blood - Wise Women Wisdom. Blood Mysteries In the beginning, according to the Wise Woman tradition, everything began, as everything does, at birth.

Blood mysteries - Susun Weed - herbal medicine - women's health - menstruation, menstrual blood - Wise Women Wisdom

The Great Mother of All gave birth and the earth appeared out of the void. Then the Great Mother of All gave birth again, and again, and again, and people, and animals, and plants appeared on the earth. They were all very hungry. "What shall we eat? " they asked the Great Mother. Back to articles indexback to press kit © Susun Weed -Wise Woman Center ~ Disclaimer & Privacy Policy ~ Witch Spell Chart. Is There A Hidden Hallucinogenic Pharmacology Behind ‘Witches Brew’ and Broomsticks?

While watching one of my favorite Halloween movies last night, Hocus Pocus, I suddenly began wondering why witches are always portrayed riding broomsticks.

Is There A Hidden Hallucinogenic Pharmacology Behind ‘Witches Brew’ and Broomsticks?

My research led me to the strangest and most unexpected theory: That broomsticks are related to bread, specifically rye bread, and the hallucinogenic fungus that grows on it called Ergot. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, much of bread made in Europe was made with rye. Morrigan. By Honor Johnson This article is about the Goddess Morrigan, whom archaeological evidence now tells us, dates back beyond the Copper age, and was the dominant Goddess of Europe called the Great Goddess.


When I read the material about Morrigan, I suspected that there was more to her story, and that she was a transporter between life and death; a birth Goddess and a death Goddess in that she moved the soul through these cycles. Later writing seems to concentrate on her connection to death, but comes to view her, as warrior societies often do, in a way connected to their own needs (power, energy, enchantment and warfare).

The Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of War - WHEN THE GODDESS CALLED MY NAME. This Chapter is dedicated to my very dear friend, Morgan.

The Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of War - WHEN THE GODDESS CALLED MY NAME

She has been known by many names throughout Ireland, Britain and Wales, such as Morrigu, Morgain, Morgan and The Morrigan. Elemental Correspondences: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit: Elemental Correspondences. Fortune Tellers & Dreamcatchers // yogawitch: For the beginning witch, Herbal Chart... Demeter, the Earth Empress & the Green Man. Confessions of a Kitchen Witch: Witches Brew and Other Autumn Inspired Beverages. "When the leaves start blowing and the wind whips up, the temperatures drop and the urge to cuddle on the couch soars, a hot beverage is all you need to create a happy autumn moment and refresh or calm your energy.

Confessions of a Kitchen Witch: Witches Brew and Other Autumn Inspired Beverages

" Witches Brew Coffee8 Cups of Fresh Cold Water (Plus 1 teaspoon of very high quality Vanilla Extract mixed into the water)4 heaping tablespoons of Fresh Ground Coffee (I prefer a Dark or Espresso Roast)1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamonPinch of Nutmeg The coffee brews through the vanilla/spice mixture, so it needs to go into the water reservoir of the coffeemaker. Brew as Usual To the steaming coffee, add fresh cream and sugar to taste. Magickal Properties: Hot Toddy Recipe. Featured GODDESS: Persephone - Awakening the Goddess Within. Tiamat. The Sirrush Dragons guarded the Gate of Ishtar and were assisted by Lions in this endeavour.


The Gate is the sacred passage to the Goddess; and this Gate is the entranceway to the Labyrinth. Pass in perfect Love and in perfect Trust; and meet the guardians of the Gate ! Tiamat’s Name originates in the word Tehom, meaning “the deep of the ocean”, the Abyss or Source of all Creation. Nun is the Creator Goddess of ancient Egyptian traditions whilst the primal Mesopotamian Goddess An.Zu is Tiamat, later venerated as Ishtar, the Ancient Near Eastern Creator Goddess. There were several Middle Eastern Crone Goddesses. Urania, Space Magic.

FOI Online Liturgy Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess By: Olivia Robertson Printable PDF File 1.

Urania, Space Magic

Space Magic PRIESTESS: Divine Inanna, Queen of Heaven, Celestial Mother, aid us to follow Thy Path of Love. We would tread in Thy footsteps, and descend into the Depths to save others, as Thou didst. Home - Sacred Wicca. Pagan Magic: Wicca and Witchcraft Shop - Delivery Worldwide - Articles - Rituals - Performing Wiccan Rituals – A Guide.


Pagan Magic: Wicca and Witchcraft Shop - Delivery Worldwide - Articles - Rituals - Performing Wiccan Rituals – A Guide

Cleansing Yourself Although cleansing is often considered as a physical action, it' is also important to cleanse yourself on a spiritual level, shaking off any psychic debris. An important part of the cleansing is bathing and anointing your body, but as a ritual calls for a calm peaceful mind then a meditation may also be necessary. Land of Goddesses. German goddess of love, fertility, beauty, gold, magic, war and death. She originated from the Vans and was considered to be the daughter of Njörđr and his unnamed wife as well as Freyr’s twin sister. She was married to Óđr and had two daughters Hnoss i Gersemi with him. She owned Fólkvangr, the field prepared for the warriors killed in battles. Freyja means ‘Lady’ in Proto – Germanic. Sacred Feminine Archetypes, Samyama Meditation, Spiritual Awakening : Temple of the Sacred Feminine.

When the Mother archetype is in shadow, the wounding with our own mother may be profound. We may not know how take care of our own physical needs, be in our bodies, or nurture a child. We may feel incompetent as mothers, or be narcissistic and deny our child her own individuality and experiences. Altar of the Great Goddess. The memory of the Ancient Goddess lives within me today, and I am protercted by Her primal, healing presence. The Ancient Goddess has brought my ancestors through unimaginable challenges for me to stand here today, alive, well ans the carriers of their wisdom and strength.

This day is a unique moment in time. A moment when I have the power to claim my life and the richness of the experiences offered to me by the Universe. This is a unique moment that allows me to open my eyes and notice the miracles and lessons that are all around me, waiting for me to grow and learn. I am like a flower bud, slowly opening as I bask in the sunshine of my days. Temple of the Goddess Astarte. There are many other things you will find in the Spiral Goddess Grove include; ~ temples ~ altars ~ groves ~ earth goddess ~ hygeia ~ the hearth ~ kali ~ gaea ~ gaia ~ autumnal equinoz ~ vernal equinox ~ solstice ~ kuan yin ~ laussel ~ labyris ~ labyrs ~ mary ~ moon goddess ~ neolithic goddess ~ pagan ~ paganism ~ pagan goddesses ~ pele ` nammu ~ mother ~ moon ~ ancestors ~ amazon ~ self acceptance ~ ancient goddesses ~ aphrodite ~ goddess 2000 project ~ goddess art ~ celebration ~ astarte ~ minoan crete ~ crone ~ earth goddess ~ dolni ~ athena ~ brigid ~ brigit ~ cave art ~ wicca ~ wiccan ~ dianic ~ witch ~ spirituality ~ goddess 2000 project ~ ancestress ~ greenman ~ green man ~ spirit path ~ nature ~ kali ma ~ serpent ~ earth mother ~ spiritual renewal ~ and much more to explore and discover!

Honoring the Great Goddess is honoring human history and the reverence our ancestors held for the divine ability of women to grow new life within their bodies. Goddess Garden. Crossing the Bridge of Time – by Red Queen. Gaia Earth Star Daily Planetary Dance, October 10th 2014 - Gaia Earth Star. Moon in Taurus Today, Mercury is at the degree where the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio will happen in about 2 weeks. Pay attention to what is being communicated to you within and without. Mercury will re-enter the sign of Libra (10:26am PST) assisting us to take a second-look in matter of relationships. The square from the Moon Goddess in Taurus to Jupiter in Leo (10:48am PST) will remind us to value ourselves and keep an open heart when the other might have different values.

Love is not about getting what you want. You might want to consider a “Soul Love reading” The Beauty Of Tantric Sex. Tantra is one of the modern sexual buzzwords that many people are talking about. It’s the topic of many books, some are very simple and others show complex positions and breathing techniques, in fact almost every book written about sex today has a chapter on Tantra or refers to Tantra in some way. However, there is not much clarity on what Tantra or Tantric sex is all about. The word ‘Tantra’ is Sanskrit in origin and has a few different meanings. Sacred Wicca. Manifesto ~ Membership ~ Join ~ Enrollment. A Mabon Ritual.

Comunity Centers

Pagan Regeneration: Chapter III: Dionysian Excesses. Sacred Texts Classics Index Previous Next. Who Are The Wiccan Goddesses. Gaia’s consciousness. This Category, *Pagan Ethics, contains a series of posts that are a commentary on a book – Living with Honour – written by Emma Restall Orr. My interest in Pagan ethics emerges out of a need to capture in words the attitudes and behaviour that might manifest out of a person’s love of Gaia and dedication to an Earthen Spirituality.

Emma’s beautiful book, which I at first eagerly skimmed, then read slowly and carefully and now enjoy re-reading has stimulated my thinking and inspired the comments in these posts. Ishtar. Book of Shadows. Witchcraft/Wicca. Tarot Cards and Moon Phases. The days following a New Moon phase are auspicious.

The actual day of the New Moon, the balsamic or dark Moon period, marks the beginning point when the heavens shift from dark to light. On the following days magic is in the air and the inner life is awakened. This is a perfect time to tap into your inner wisdom with a Celtic Cross Tarot reading and prepare for a new beginning in your life. Imagine the first crack of an egg. It takes work and diligence to crack that egg open and expand toward new dimensions, but the effort is always worth it in the end. This metaphor illustrates the potential available to each of us the day after a New Moon approaches. “A New Moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Wejee's Wiccan Magick Correspondences.

E-SCircle. Gods and Goddesses. Free Witchcraft Downloads: ebooks, pictures, movies. Wicca: For the Rest of Us. The United Herbal Archives. A_New_Golden_Dawn~Metaphysical,Psychic,Magic Spells, Voodoo,Spirits. The Myth of Persephone - Greek Goddess of the Underworld. The Demonization of Pan. Listing. Earth Witchery.

Ceremonial Magick Blogs. How to cast a circle. ☤The Path Of Red Tantra. The Dance at Alder Cove: Circle Casting and Sacred Space Written and... Casting The Circle. Los Baños de Vapor Vaginales Corazón de Luna. How do you cast a circle? Anu. Dienst Online - Free Chart 100% Beltane and Greenwood Marriages. How to Make a Book of Shadows (BOS) Herb Grimoire - Magickal Correspondences of Herbs, Flowers & Resins.

BasharCommunications. Liberation of the Goddess – Approaching Sunday’s Full Moon in Virgo - Crystal Wind™ Pagan Calendar - April 2014. Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Ritual - A Full Moon Meditation - Crystal Wind™ Clearing and Cleansing. Days of The Week. Ecofeminism on the green fuse. The Element of Spirit - The Elements. The Element of Water - The Elements. The Element of Fire - The Elements. Gneiss Moon Astrology. The Element Of Earth - The Elements. Marija Gimbutas Legacy and Controversy. The Element of Air - The Elements. Starhawk's response to Charlotte Allen's article.