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54: Careful Affection - Divination Foundation. Affection is the basis of all lasting relationships, but must be channeled properly in order to bring satisfaction and support the self-esteem of both parties.

54: Careful Affection - Divination Foundation

For example, a married person’s lover would have the conflicted feelings of affection coupled with insecurity. 53: A Steady Pace - Divination Foundation. Like an ancient old-growth forest — where the subtle play of light, texture and shadows is the product of a process measured in centuries and inches — most things of lasting value develop gradually, at their own pace.

53: A Steady Pace - Divination Foundation

The ability to learn from experience — one of humanity’s greatest treasures — implies constant yet gradual progress. The combination of stillness within and determination without are the essence of this condition. Sustainable Eating, Gardening, and Living- The Gaia Health Blog. Sustainable Eating, Living, Gardening... ....and all that Jazz The Garden of Eatin'Episode 5 - You Reap What You Sow( from the Garden) Upscale Sustainable Living!!!

Sustainable Eating, Gardening, and Living- The Gaia Health Blog

Oil Nut Bay British Virgin Islands. Boerhavia diffusa, Spreading Hogweed, Horse Purslane, Uses of Punarnava. Latin name –Boerhavia diffusa English name – Spreading Hogweed, Horse Purslane Indian name –Punarnava Introduction Punarnava is found throughout India and Brazil.

Boerhavia diffusa, Spreading Hogweed, Horse Purslane, Uses of Punarnava

It is a very important plant for urinary system. It can be white or red and has long since been used as a treatment of liver disorders such as jaundice and hepatitis. Throughout the tropics, it is used as a natural remedy for Guinea worms. 1 Quart KleenXtract Tax included — Kleen Xtract. Creating Reality. Update 1 September 2004 Simply put, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Creating Reality

Our thoughts determine the present and future of what is contained within our lives. It’s all about our choices. How and what we choose, upon what we focus, concentrate, or direct our attention, and where we spend our mental and emotional energies -- this is precisely what we will attract or draw to ourselves. And the universe always provides. Charting your cycle with the moon. Women have been using the moon as a tool to keep track of their cycles for literally ages.

Charting your cycle with the moon

In fact it is thought that the first calendars sprung into being, as a result of women keeping track of the moon and their menstrual cycles. "Chinese women established a lunar calendar 3000 years ago, dividing the celestial sphere into 28 stellar 'mansions' through which the moon passed. Among the Maya of central America every woman knew "the great Maya calendar had first been based on her menstrual cycles. "" From The Woman's Encyclopaedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G Walker. Enchantress Persephone archetype. The Moon : Female Energy Cycle The Enchantress phase occurs after ovulation and before menstruation, in that premenstrual phase known for heightened emotions, irritability and mood swings.

Enchantress Persephone archetype

The Enchantress phase is the time when most women desire some solitude and often experience recurrent dissatisfaction about particular aspects of their lives. This phase prepares us for the release and letting go of the (Crone) bleeding phase of our cycles. There are two goddess archetypes which correspond to the Enchantress Phase and show us different ways of dealing with this highly charged time. Table of Ayurvedic Plants and Minerals with Sanskrit, Common, and Botanical Names. Dosage and Form of Herbs: Decoctions, Dried Decoctions, Powders, Pills, Etc. Return to ITM Online Decoctions, Dried Decoctions, Powders, Pills, Etc. essay by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon Herbal dosage is a difficult concept to grasp; partly, this is because of the limitations in our knowledge about the herbs, but it is also the result of variations in our concepts of how herbs may contribute to health.

Dosage and Form of Herbs: Decoctions, Dried Decoctions, Powders, Pills, Etc.

For example, we are limited because we often do not know the identity of the main active constituents or their quantities, nor how those quantities might vary among samples of the raw materials, or how they might be affected by the way the herbs are prepared. As to conceptual framework, some people think of herb action in terms of "energetics" in which the quantity of the herb might not be critical; this is an unorthodox idea, one which has influenced Western practitioners via homeopathy. In this presentation, Chinese herbs are the primary concern, though the implications would apply to other herbs. Ayurvedic Herb Seeds - Tulsi, Amla, Bhringaraj, Shatavari - Architecture of invasive plants in relation to Brazilian pepper tree, Schinus terebinthifolius. Return to resume.

Architecture of invasive plants in relation to Brazilian pepper tree, Schinus terebinthifolius

DIY Herbal Goddess Soapnuts Shampoo - TheHippyHomemaker. When I first learned about making my own shampoo with soapnuts, I was very excited.

DIY Herbal Goddess Soapnuts Shampoo - TheHippyHomemaker

I have been on a journey this year to learn the many ways that I can no-poo my hair and soapnuts was on the list to try out. After I first made this shampoo, I haven’t turned back. My hair is super soft after using this shampoo, and didn’t cause me to have to detox again with my no-poo regime. This has been my favorite herbal shampoo to date! Soap Nuts: The Benefits and Uses of One Small Berry. Soap nuts (sometimes called "soap berries") are probably the most sustainable cleaning product on the market. What are they? They are an all-natural, plant-based product (just a nut from a tree!) , easy to grow organic and require very little processing or packaging. What Are Soapnuts? Soapnuts are drief fruit shells that contain soap. Soapnuts are known worldwide by many names such as soapberry, Reetha (Hindi), Chinese soapberry and many more. They were discovered as being great for lots of things mainly because they were resistant to diseases and insects.

Local villagers wanted to know how come, and discovered that the high amounts of soap in the fruit were a natural pest and insect repellent for the tree! This great natural soap has been used for centuries as a 100% natural alternative to chemical laundry detergent and soap. Soapnuts (they're not nuts, they are actually dried fruit shells, totally hypoallergenic and they won't aggravate your skin) have soap in their shells and you can put 5 of them in a bag and put them in the wash with your laundry to wash your clothes. They can be re-used up to four times before you compost them. Not all soapnuts will clean or sud in the same way. Powderpuff Tree. Calliandra haematocephala The pretty powderpuff tree blooms with red, pink or white blossoms resembling soft, fluffy powder puffs.

Powderpuffs are actually large, fast-growing, wide shrubs. Untitled. Sorry, your link into our bookstore does not work. Please search by author, title, or subject below: The inaugural Florida Bookstore Day will celebrate independent and used bookstores, local authors and small presses in various cities throughout the Sunshine State. CLICK HERE to find a celebration near you and submit your design for a special release poster based on our famous Florida book A Land Remembered by Patrick Smith! A Land Remembered Patrick Smith Here are three generations of the MacIvey family, from dirt-poor Crackers to wealthy real estate tycoons, in an epic portrayal of the American pioneer will to survive against all odds. Atala Eumaeus butterfly breeds only on Florida coontie. Ayurveda Tips for Good Digestion. Over 90% of Americans suffer from everyday digestion problems such as gas, bloating, stomach pain, constipation, heartburn, and fatigue after eating.

Maharishi Ayurveda provides simple solutions to these common complaints by considering not only what we eat but how we consume our meals. How I Healed My Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Am Helping Others Do the Same · Reader Success Stories. How one reader cured her IBS through diet and lifestyle changes. Being diagnosed with an “incurable” health condition when I was 28 years old was a low point in my life. I had constipation-dominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and my doctors had nothing but bad news for me. BT - Yeast Culturing Practices for Small-Scale Brewers. Yeast Culturing Practices for Small-Scale Brewers By Karl King Republished from BrewingTechniques' May/June 1994.

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