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Testing raidpycovery through mdadm. Hi!

Testing raidpycovery through mdadm

I'm still working on polishing raidpycovery. I started doing real experiments today to recover data from broken RAID5s. In order to do it, I used linux' md. It allowed me to study md a little bit while testing raidpycovery. So, let's get our hands dirty. First, let's create a directory where we will work, for example: $ mkdir raid5$ cd raid5 Now let's create the separate images where we will create our RAID5.

. $ for i in 0 1 2 3; do dd if=/dev/zero of=disk$i bs=1M count=10; done10+0 records in10+0 records out10485760 bytes (10 MB) copied, 0.0584047 s, 180 MB/s10+0 records in10+0 records out10485760 bytes (10 MB) copied, 0.100258 s, 105 MB/s10+0 records in10+0 records out10485760 bytes (10 MB) copied, 0.0691083 s, 152 MB/s10+0 records in10+0 records out10485760 bytes (10 MB) copied, 0.0508324 s, 206 MB/s$ Now we have four empty files that we will feed into md to create our RAID to do our tests. Great. Now, let's format it so we can use it as a normal partition: There you go. . $ . Not good. Disk Recovery Software and Hard Drive Recovery tool for Windows. Raidpycovery : Code : Edmundo.

Broken RAID5 you said? Don't use Java anymore. Go with python instead! So, you have a broken RAID5 and found the article I wrote for the Free Software Magazine 5 years ago about it and would like to give it a shot.

Broken RAID5 you said? Don't use Java anymore. Go with python instead!

First off: Good luck! You are gonna need it. Second: When I solved that problem I didn't have any experience in python whatsoever plus Oracle hadn't bought Sun, sued Google, etc. During the course of these 5 years I have received some requests to help people out with their situation and it's been a very nice experience to hack on those devices here or there to get the data back. I have received a little money by paypal and even once got a box of whine bottle from Italy (thanks, Marco!) Every single time I've had to help someone with it, I always get the question of how to run the .java classes I made. Given the gripes over oracle/java recently I have decided to translate the library to python for people who want to use it so they don't have to go around trying to learn how to compile/run things in Java (at least in GNU/Linux).

The project is here: How to recover from a broken RAID5. In this article I will describe an experience I had that began with the failure of some RAID5 disks at the Hospital of Pediatric Especialties, where I work.

How to recover from a broken RAID5

While I wouldn’t wish such an event on my worst enemy, it was something that made me learn about the power of knowledge—a deep knowledge, which is so important in the hacking culture. Are you in dire straights with your hard drive? We at Free Software Magazine had a major hardware crash. The good guys at DTI DATA performed hard drive recovery and saved our magazine! This article has downloads! A 5-disk (18GB each) RAID5 was mounted on a HP Netserver Rack Storage/12. The IT manager decided to call in some “gurus” to try to get the data back on-line. The gurus are still trying to get the data back on-line. These guys are stubborn, aren’t they? The IT manager called me late in the afternoon. . # for i in a b c d; do dd if=/dev/sd$i of=image$i.dat bs=4k; done I got all the files in a single HD and left the office. a xor b xor c xor d xor e = p.

Data Recovery Software Products - Runtime Software Products. Let us find the correct RAID parameters for you A RaidProbe can be taken if you do not find your RAID's correct parameters with RAID Reconstructor or if you simply do not have the time to work through RAID Reconstructor yourself.

Data Recovery Software Products - Runtime Software Products

Take advantage of our experience. Since intruduction of the RaidProbe service we have helped recover over 500 RAID systems. If your RAID is recoverable, we will find the parameters! Here is how it works: RAID Reconstructor will create a probe of your RAID drives which you would send to us by FTP or upload to our server. We will analyze this probe and attempt to find the parameters for you, usually within 24 hours. This is a manual service which we charge $299 for. What you will get back Once we determined the RAID parameters, usually within 24 hours, we will send you the following information: Plain English information detailing your RAID's kind, block size, start sector, drive order, rotation. Supported Systems Instructions 1. 2. 3.