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Massive perfectprofile. Modules perfectprofile. Perfect Profile For a Perfect Job. Perfect Profile For a Perfect Job1. Perfectprofile for a perfect job. Personalityclassesinchennai. Recruitment Perfect Profile. Softskill perfectprofile. Soft skills1 perfectprofile. Student Perfect Profile8. Success1 perfectprofile. Success perfectprofile. Success Perfectprofile. Technician Perfect profile. Thoughts Perfect Profile. Ways to reduce employee stress.perfectprofile. Why hire you perfectprofile. Workplace bullying perfectprofile. Workplace bullying perfectprofile. Write perfectprofile. How to Differentiate between Job and Career? The difference between Job vs Careers can be understood in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

How to Differentiate between Job and Career?

A person on a job spends a limited amount of time to earn a fixed amount of money. A career professional offers services depending on the nature of the work and does not measure his or her ability to work in terms of time or money. The confusion regarding jobs vs careers can be overcome by understanding the following points- What not to Say in an Interview. Interviews and Viva Voce are a major component in any selection process.

What not to Say in an Interview

Aspirants seeking internships and jobs have to attend either an oral examination or a personal interview. The interview is conducted primarily to test the aspirant’s communication, social, and technical skills. Young and fresh applicants are clueless about the things not to say in a job interview. 10 Things Not To Do During An Interview Careless With Hands Do not flay your hands, cross your arms, or rest your hands on the desk.Do Not Convey Anxiety Chewing gum, eating a toffee, checking the watch, etc., show that you are anxious.Bad Body Language Do not show your disinterest by looking bored, averting your eyes, or by dropping your shoulders.Negativity When you answer incorrectly do not make a sad face or bite your tongue to show disappointment.Unpunctual Do not arrive late or make amends by barging into the interview room.Bad Preparation Do not attend the job interview without preparation.

Related. How Resumes/CV's are Screened by Recruiters? In the highly competitive market place, Recruiters adopt a well-defined resume screening process.

How Resumes/CV's are Screened by Recruiters?

Professional jobs in the modern world are available only to candidates with specific profiles. Recruitment’s are done either by in-house Selection Committees or outsourced consultancies. How resumes are screened by recruiters varies depending on the recruiters but the following guidelines are applied – Practices followed in CV Screening The recruiters focus mainly on the qualifications and experience of the applicants.Bullet lists, performance-oriented experience grab their attention.Recruiters find resumes with clean formatting, consistent font size, and styling very interesting.A premium is placed on attention to detail and resumes that are more than 2 pages long do not find many takers.During the CV screening process, Resumes that make correct use of emphasis are given top priority.

Resume Buzzwords A well-presented resume can make the difference between an interview call and rejection. How to Differentiate between Job and Career? How to Boost your Confidence before Interview - Some Tips. Being confident is not an ability with which people are born.

How to Boost your Confidence before Interview - Some Tips.

In fact, it is a human state learnt through several experiences and incidents that we go through on a daily basis. It is common that everybody feels those butterflies in stomach while attempting anything for the first time. Same is the state with attending interviews which is learnt eventually. Here are some takeaways from my experiences to be prepared. Understanding the specific Role and Responsibilities: Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the job helps in being focused on what is required and what is not. Read the Job description carefully, Learn about the specific role and responsibilities of the job and prepare yourself accordingly. What's the Value of a College Degree? Competition in today’s job market demands for more and more advanced technical skill sets and qualifications along with a proper degree in hand.

What's the Value of a College Degree?

Is it worth while to have a Degree? If you have to choose between a job and obtaining a degree, one has to decide whether it is worthy enough of the time and money spent to attain a degree. While a college degree holds value and great potential, there are other factors that could have a negative effect. The price of obtaining a degree especially for economically struggling families, it is quite above reach. Ways to reduce Employee stress. What is Stress?

Ways to reduce Employee stress

Stress is a negative as well as a positive force that hits hard on us. Stress that boosts our metabolism is termed as a positive stress while stress that undermines our health both mentally or physically is a negative stress. It plays an aggravating role on the physical and emotional disorders of the body also effecting the thoughts, mood, behavior and psychological conditions. Common symptoms of stress are rise in blood pressure, rise in pulse rate, rapid breathing, muscle spasms, lack of sleep, depression, anger, anxiety, trouble concentrating, feeling exhausted, extreme tiredness, moodiness, social withdrawal, irritability, racing thoughts, over-eating, under-eating, over-reacting, arguing, nervousness, excessive smoking, drugs or alcohol, constant worrying, memory problems, poor judgement etc.

One of the most common forms of stress is related to our careers and the workplace. Conditions that lead to Stress: How to Successfully Use Social Media to Get a Job. Rise of Social Media Bygone are the days of the hard copies of newspapers, as the web world gained popularity with building of websites.

How to Successfully Use Social Media to Get a Job

Gradually the social media has become a partner in corporate offices in order to develop their presence. This has provided a platform to exhibit the business requirements through social networking. The public has woven their thoughts intelligently by experimenting the ways and means of using the social media to focus on work aspects from searching jobs till attaining of the opportunities via vivid options. LinkedIn Mistakes that effect Your Job Search. In today’s modern society, social media plays an active role in the job search for both employee and employer.

LinkedIn Mistakes that effect Your Job Search

Social websites like face book, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and google+ allow employers to research about you even before they meet in person. The same can be said about the employee as the system works vice-versa. 84% of the recruiters use social media to hire for positions. For a business professional, while social media can be used as a tool to make connections and improving your network which help in career progression, it also has many drawbacks as it can stall the chances of succeeding an interview. Some of the possible mistakes you could be possibly doing are listed below. Mistakes like the following might cost you your job Letting out frustration related to your profession on social media sites.