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Learning Basic First Aid as a Family. The family that is prepared to take on any challenge has the confidence and will to do so.

Learning Basic First Aid as a Family

Regaining Skills After a Stroke. Difficult does not mean impossible.

Regaining Skills After a Stroke

Regaining lost skills can be difficult but it does not mean everything is lost. Stroke survivors are not just facing the medical challenges of stroke. When the News Stresses You Out. Mental health is in every bit a part of our health.

When the News Stresses You Out

What we think influences how we feel. And how we feel affects how we live our life. In today’s challenging times, turning on the TV or opening a social media account means chancing upon something tense or sad. While you cannot change the news, there are ways to help manage the situation. values your entire wellbeing, evident with the variety of our healthcare services in Ohio. Convenience, Comfort, and Safety. When it comes to your health, the decision lies in your hands.

Convenience, Comfort, and Safety

With the many options available, you alone have the right to select the best choice possible. All these efforts are for your good. Convenience, comfort, and safety are among the critical factors you may be considering. How Seniors Can Benefit From Gardening. Stepping out into one’s very own place of greens and vibrant colors is a refreshing sight to see.

How Seniors Can Benefit From Gardening

The view of one’s garden can be a sight to behold. The garden scenery is not just the only reward for the household. The gardening itself offers benefits for those who cultivate their place. Tube Feeding for Kids: Notes for Parents. Remains your trusted choice when you need home health care in Columbus, Ohio.

Tube Feeding for Kids: Notes for Parents

We commit to helping our patients achieve as much comfort as possible while they are recovering or living in different situations. Providing quality skilled nursing makes sure your loved ones receive exceptional care, especially the most vulnerable members of the family – the children. Different Activities for Seniors to Fight Stress at Home. Everyone gets stressed over different things every day; however, if we fail to manage it, stress can affect our overall health as well over time.

Different Activities for Seniors to Fight Stress at Home

For seniors, relieving their stress is essential to maintain good health as stress hormones weaken the immune system, making them more susceptible to infection. As seniors spend their time home with we help them with activities they can easily do to fight the stress they have. Our Home Health Care in Columbus, Ohio, ensures that they are safe and comfortable during the stress-relieving activities they do. Here Are Ways to Help Seniors Get Better Sleep at Night. For seniors, they lose the ability to sleep deeply because they no longer produce the growth hormones responsible for such.

Here Are Ways to Help Seniors Get Better Sleep at Night

As sensitive sleepers, they experience sleeping problems or interruptions more frequently. Top Reasons to Get In-Home Rehab for a Senior Loved One. After a hospitalization or a debilitating illness, most seniors need rehabilitation to regain their function.

Top Reasons to Get In-Home Rehab for a Senior Loved One

If you have an elderly loved one who needs rehab, there are home health care in Columbus, Ohio, that offers rehabilitative therapies so seniors can get treatment in the comfort of their own home. At we have reliable rehabilitation experts who can help your loved one assess their condition and create a personalized program for them. Some of the most common conditions we assist patients with include arthritis, hip and knee replacements, fractures, and ligament injuries. How to Pay for Home Health Care for a Senior Loved One. Are you planning on getting home health care in Columbus, Ohio for your elderly loved one?

How to Pay for Home Health Care for a Senior Loved One

Before you commit to home health care, it’s important to know the different ways to pay for it. This is because hiring healthcare services in Ohio varies wildly depending on the services that your senior loved one need. To help you prepare for the cost, we’ve listed several methods available that could help you pay for skilled nursing services. Paying out of pocket where family members choose to pay for the services on your own.Asking for government assistance through Medicaid, Medicare, or veterans programs. How to Communicate Better Despite Hearing Loss. Conversations can be very challenging if you’re having difficulty with hearing. You can always maximize hearing aids or make use of other ways listed by a Home Health Care in Columbus, Ohio as follows: Ask for heads up when they’re talking Make other people give you a heads up when talking like getting your attention first and saying your name whenever they talk to you.Face people when speaking Seeing a person’s face and lips when talking can help you better understand the context of what they’re saying.Turn off other noise Switch off background noises or move away from noisy places when you want to have a conversation.Repeat information back Plenty of words can sound alike, so make it a habit repeating what others say to get it more accurately, like your skilled nursing visits’ time and date.

Types of Hearing Loss. Hearing loss comes in various levels from mild, moderate, severe, to profound. The most common causes of hearing loss are noise exposure, heredity, head trauma, disease, virus, or simply aging. Home Health Care in Columbus, Ohio lists the following types of hearing loss: Sensorineural hearing loss. This is the most common kind of hearing loss which is due to damaged hair cells and ear nerves which may have been caused by noise damage, age, or other factors. In most cases, sensorineural hearing loss can be helped and treated through the hearing aid and by medical or surgical manner. Is It Time for Help from a Home Health Care Provider? Here's How to Know.

Are you a primary caregiver? We salute your dedication in taking care of your loved ones. However, we know that the constant demands of the job can be overwhelming and emotionally demanding. How to Make Your Home the Perfect Environment for Your Loved One. Along with uncompromised and accessible care, one of the most significant factors to consider in your loved one’s recovery post-hospitalization or in getting well overall is the quality of the place where they’re staying. The Benefits of Recovering at Home. For years, we have been providing the quality Home Health Care in Columbus, Ohio that is built on trust. At , nothing matters than your speedy recovery and quality of life.

Our broad range of healthcare services in Ohio is delivered to accommodate your many needs. One component of it is in ensuring that you get the reliable rehabilitation services you deserve. Along with our skilled nursing, the rest of our rehabilitative therapies are delivered by competent professionals. Getting these sessions done at home provides numerous benefits that the patient and their families can enjoy. Care at Home Makes a Good Difference. At the most challenging times, small things that can make the situation feel better are all that matters. Overcoming a Pandemic and Prioritizing Yourself.

Why Choose Home Health Care in Ohio?