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Crazy Dog Mushing Kennel and Alaskan Adventures Musher: Zoya DeNure 2007 GinGin 200 - Women's Division PRIOR RACE EXPERIENCE: Nenana Ice Classic, Sheep Mountain 150, Chatanika 200 2nd place, Taiga 300- 3rd place. KENNEL NAME: Crazy Dog Kennels, Maclaren River & Paxson, Alaska BIO: Originally from Wisconsin, I packed up and headed north to Alaska in 2002 with one dog and many dreams. One of my many dreams was to live in the woods with mountains, nature, sled dogs and a life full of dog- everything. Today I live happily with my husband in the woods with dogs and mountains, making a living from dog tours, dog boarding, and my small gift shop kennel business. Crazy Dog Mushing Kennel and Alaskan Adventures
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Iditarod Musher Dee Dee Jonrowe DeeDee Jonrowe is the foremost female dog musher competing in the world today. She has fifteen top ten finishes in her career. Her second place finish in 1998 was the fifth fastest Iditarod time ever recorded at that point. In addition to the Iditarod, DeeDee has competed and won most major dog sledding races throughout her career, including the Copper Basin 300, Klondike 300 and the John Bear grease sled dog marathon. DeeDee ran her first Iditarod in 1980 and soon undertook the building of her own sled, a comprehensive breeding and training program for her dogs, and a rigorous physical fitness program for herself. Iditarod Musher Dee Dee Jonrowe
I want to update you on the team mates that are with us in the trucks and no longer racing in the CB300. Everyone is going to be fine with a bit of rest and some TLC. From Allen's BLACK team WILLIE came into Lake Louise not 100 percent, which is unusual for him. He's one of those dogs that gets on with it with minimum fuss. A veterinary consult with Hayden told us he has a sore left tricep; Allen said he thinks he just stepped into a hole towards the end of the run and twisted or jarred it awkwardly. The SP Kennel Dog Log The SP Kennel Dog Log
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Laughing Eyes Kennel Laughing Eyes Kennel NATHAN - My buddy who's finished multiple Quests and Iditarods. Hi, my name's Annie and I live at Annie Lake, Yukon with my best friends and my owner Tamra, who's raised me, my parents, my siblings, and my kids since birth. Things here are great and I'm looking forward to a new year with new challenges. My website will introduce you to my friends here at Annie Lake and will give updates about the daily activities here that keep us busy everyday.
Husky Homestead Jeff King Iditarod Champion - Alaska Dog Sled Tours Husky Homestead Tours Bid! Win! Ride!!Who will it be this year? Husky Homestead Jeff King Iditarod Champion - Alaska Dog Sled Tours
This tactical inspired parka has been modified for the "The World's Toughest Athlete" and four-time Iditarod champion; Lance Mackey. The Lance Mackey Constable, with a unique oversized fur ruff, is perfect for frigid Alaskan days spent training dog teams and can withstand the wear and tear of the 9+ days and 1000+ miles it takes to win the Iditarod. Outfitted with all the exact same sponsor patches that appear on Lance's actual racing jacket "Lance Mackey" drop down name tag from the back yoke. Lance Mackey Iditarod Champion Lance Mackey Iditarod Champion
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