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Videojuegos y Política en España. - Presura. Los videojuegos se han convertido en un medio de comunicación de masas.

Videojuegos y Política en España. - Presura

Los mensajes que transmiten y portan son recibidos por millones de usuarios. Es de suma importancia conocer no solo estos mensajes, sino también su intención. Hasta la fecha y probablemente durante mucho tiempo más los videojuegos han sido percibidos como un medio inocuo. Sin embargo existen dos elementos que pueden cambiar por completo esta visión, la democratización del medio tanto en el consumo como en el desarrollo y la madurez de las diferentes escenas que componen el videojuego a través de la incorporación de discursos ideológicos, sociales, de género o políticos.

En este reportaje vamos a tratar precisamente a los videojuegos que portan entre sus píxeles discursos políticos concretos y manifiestos con la particularidad de que serán títulos nacidos en España. Captura de Pedro Sánchez Simulator 2016. Claro que no cualquiera puede pasar a desarrollar un videojuego. Uk.businessinsider. In "Firewatch," you'll explore the Shoshone National Forest and build a relationship with your co-worker based on how you respond in conversation.Campo Santo Violence is to gaming as, "I'm not here to make friends," is to reality television.


This Doctor Just Destroyed Anti-Gaming Myths And It's Beautiful To Behold. It's Laughably Easy To Circumvent Australia's Torrent Site Blocking Yesterday, the first practical application of Australia's site-blocking laws was used to block websites apparently used for illegitimate file sharing of copyrighted materials.

This Doctor Just Destroyed Anti-Gaming Myths And It's Beautiful To Behold

The block, which will be implemented within a fortnight by some of Australia's largest ISPs, will prevent Australian users from accessing the sites. 25 Real Ways Minecraft is Being Used in the Classroom. Theconversation. Imagine writing a story where the first thing the “reader” asks when they begin is: what do I do?


The answer might be one or all of these things: explore, survive, observe, solve, form a strategy, make decisions. Game writing is a type of storytelling where the reader is a player. Everything about the game, like the environment, the characters, the rules and the gameplay, can be opportunities to tell the story. This makes game writing extremely collaborative, technical and iterative. Fifty apps that are reinventing mobile gaming. Innovation is an overused and abused word in the technology industry but if you strip it down to the basic principle of “new ideas”, it’s clear that there’s a lot of it going on in mobile games.

Fifty apps that are reinventing mobile gaming

When you gather some of the best examples together, you realise how many new ideas are out there. For example, there have been some creative experiments with the idea of interactive fiction, from the round-the-world thrills of 80 Days to the beat-the-censors story of Blackbar. There are games that play with sound in new and interesting ways: Papa Sangre II is played entirely by listening rather than looking, while Dark Echo visualises your sounds on the screen. 5 ways games make kids smarter. Games are challenging but they’re also fun.

5 ways games make kids smarter

That’s a formula worth emulating Ninety seven percent of kids spend an average of ten hours a week playing video games. It’s hard work, but they keep coming back. They often fail at whatever they are trying to do, but they persist until they learn the strategies, concepts, and skills to achieve their goals. Then they set new ones and come back for more. Isn’t that the way we want education to work?

1) Games are an optimal learning environment. In their chapter Flow in Schools Revisited in the “Handbook of Positive Psychology in Schools,” Chernoff and Chikzentmihalyi (don’t ask me how to pronounce it or spell it from memory) point out that enjoyment and interest in school are good predictors of student success. Using Video Games To Reconnect With A Lost Generation Of Male Learners. Camins que porten als jocs. A Visual History of Racing Games.


A Visual History of Racing Games

5 Online Games That Teach Kids the Art of Persuasion. By Tanner Higgin, Graphite If there’s one thing that games can teach really well, it’s systems thinking.

5 Online Games That Teach Kids the Art of Persuasion

Getting good at a game like Portal, for instance, means learning its physics engine. When the game’s over, it’s only natural to draw comparisons between how things move, fall, and interact in the game and physical worlds. Similarly, building nations in Civilization exposes players to complex political, social and cultural relationships they can see reflected in global history. These examples are, admittedly, a bit old hat. The following five games do just that by modeling the work of argumentation. 1. Set on a colony somewhere out in space, Quandary tasks the player with settling disputes and solving problems by building sound arguments for one side or the other. 2. Good argumentation isn’t just important to the humanities. 3. Paper Arcade - un album sur Flickr.

Serious Games

U-win. Los 10 mejores videojuegos educativos. Friv. 40 Sites for Educational Games. A Beginner's Guide To Making Your First Video Game. Teachers, Students, Digital Games: What’s the Right Mix? Digital Tools Teaching Strategies.

Teachers, Students, Digital Games: What’s the Right Mix?

Do Educational Video Games Actually Work? Eines per crear. Tom Chatfield: 7 ways games reward the brain. Infografia. L’efecte dels jocs en l’educació.