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MalariaSpot. Uk.businessinsider. In "Firewatch," you'll explore the Shoshone National Forest and build a relationship with your co-worker based on how you respond in conversation.Campo Santo Violence is to gaming as, "I'm not here to make friends," is to reality television.


Historically, the two have been inseparable. But there are exceptions to every rule — I'd be shocked if anyone ever said, "I'm not here to make friends," on "The Great British Bake Off," for example. Similarly, there are plenty of examples of video games that aren't about super soldiers or assassins — You just have to be willing to look around a little. This time, we've done the looking for you. These are the 11 best games that aren't about killing stuff. "Broken Age" Double Fine. Theconversation. Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common childhood physical disability, affecting more than 34,000 Australians, and more than 17 million people worldwide.


The condition results when there is an injury to the developing brain that goes on to affect a child’s movement and posture, but can also include the senses (vision, hearing, touch) and cognition (thinking). On average, the incidence of CP means that a new case occurs every 500 live births, or approximately once every 18 hours. There is no cure for CP and it is a life-long condition. Most children with CP require ongoing therapy and exercise to maintain or improve their function. Typical therapy programs target the legs, meaning the child can be independently mobile, and the hands and arms, so the child can be independent with activities of daily living, like dressing, feeding and manipulating objects. These exercises are necessary to improve muscle and limb coordination, control and range of motion. Serious games Game therapy. Free Serious Game For Robotic Surgery Team Standard Training.

FRS Virtual Team is an interactive, 3D virtual operating theater, where a robotic surgery team can practice critical teamwork and communication skills.

Free Serious Game For Robotic Surgery Team Standard Training

Robotic surgeries are predicted to be the next big thing in medicine, with one survey expecting the market to reach $20 billion by 2021. Virtual Heroes developed the Serious Game for the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center, a medical research and training center founded in 2001 who says there is currently no standard training curriculum for robotic surgery.

Using a grant from the Department of Defense (DoD), the center is trying to create one — and they're using a Serious Game to do so. With robotic surgery, a surgeon controls a machine that does the operating - he or she may be a few steps to thousands of miles away from the patient, nurses, and the rest of the surgical team. FORGET-ME-KNOT: Alzheimer's Explored in a Video Game. Imagine you’re in your own living room, but something is wrong.

FORGET-ME-KNOT: Alzheimer's Explored in a Video Game

It’s filled with photos of people you don’t know, loaded with keepsakes that you don’t remember being given. Three Games About Viruses That Teach Interconnectedness. By Matthew Farber Inside a classroom, opportunities to learn about common viruses arise when illnesses cycle through, like the cold, flu and some conjunctivitis.

Three Games About Viruses That Teach Interconnectedness

Those ailments often come and go with students spending a couple of days recovering at home. However, the types of communicable diseases that capture the nation’s attention tend to be more deadly, such as Ebola. Spirits of Spring. Spirits of Spring (previously Silent Enemy) is the story of Chiwatin and his best friends, Rabbit and Bear.

Spirits of Spring

Chiwatin is a young Native from a mythical land, where he maintains the balance between spring and winter by controlling magical Spirits. One day, giant mysterious Crows descend from the skies and hunt the three friends down, stealing the boy’s Spirits. Trace Effects. A video game for learning American English and culture.

Trace Effects

«Play tu Cure»: mucho más que un videojuego - Noticias educ. Hace unas semanas tuvo lugar el Día Mundial de la Lucha Contra el Cáncer, y entre todas las novedades que fueron apareciendo en esa jornada de difusión y concientización, apareció una muy interesante: el videojuego «Play to Cure: Genes in Space».

«Play tu Cure»: mucho más que un videojuego - Noticias educ

«Play to Cure: Genes in Space» es un videojuego para móviles (con sistema Android o iOS) donde nuestra misión principal es destruir asteroides en el espacio, o por lo menos parece serlo. Lo que lo destaca de otros miles de juegos de naves espaciales es que a medida que jugamos y avanzamos por los niveles, estamos colaborando en la lucha contra el cáncer. ¿Cómo es esto?. El juego está programado de una forma en la que mientras transcurre la acción, en segundo plano se procesan datos de diferentes estudios genéticos.

Así, de la misma forma en que el «Foldit» (donde colaborábamos con el estudio de las proteínas desde nuestra PC) ponemos la capacidad de nuestro celular a disposición de la comunidad científica. Study on the future of Serious Gaming. What will the next generation of serious games look like? What are the key trends and drivers? In what fields of application will serious games have the biggest impact? Triggered by these kinds of questions the Dutch Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT – Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek) organized a study on the future of serious gaming.