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COM WhitePaper V5G SC 0719 3 (1) Location-Based Services. We have nearly two decades of experience in transforming, managing and interpreting location data.

Location-Based Services

Value Analysis and Value Engineering. We follow a structured process at Cyient for value analysis and value engineering (VA/VE) to eliminate unwanted features and reduce weight and cost.

Value Analysis and Value Engineering

This technique also aims to improve the functionality and performance of the product or subsystem. Our approach towards VA/VE covers multiple aspects such as: Weight optimization: design study and identification of optimization opportunitiesFeature enhancement: functional study of product, subsystems and partsPerformance improvement: validation of product performance aspects and identification of improvement opportunities How We Can Help Strong team of product specialists across industries, to help in the introduction of new product features without compromising on performanceMultidisciplinary optimization techniques coupled with standard operating procedures to improve performance and efficiency Quick facts. Advanced Analytics. Our advanced analytics solutions help businesses build the right capabilities to garner insights that enable better decisions to create value through four key functions: Descriptive analytics: We examine and analyze your business’ key performance indicators to provide insights that help understand your business at an aggregate level and evaluate the various business processes.

Advanced Analytics

Design and Analysis of Aero engine Cases Subjected to Blade out 050716 3 2. Hydraulic Design. We leverage our domain expertise at Cyient across various industries for hydraulics application engineering. Our product knowledge enables us to identify exact usage, application and performance expectations from hydraulics systems in diverse products, ranging from hydraulic torque wrenches to airplanes.

Aero Engines. Over the last decade aero engine manufacturing processes have become significantly more complex to meet advanced engineering design requirements.

Aero Engines

Engine configurations are now highly complex modular systems which are constantly being pushed to higher performance standards and lower maintenance costs. This evolution is driven by the need for reduced engine emissions, lower noise and higher fuel efficiency. Recently, technology has advanced these criteria at twice the rate achieved during the past three decades. In-service maintenance is now even more critical to maintain these performance benefits. Electronic Manufacturing Services. With so many electronic manufacturing services (EMS) vendors to choose from, how do you select one that will make your next project a success? Cyient provides EMS for companies around the world with our state-of-the-art equipment and reputation for high-quality products. Cyient’s value engineering ensures optimal, cost-effective production.

MTH Brochure Helping MedTech OEMs Successfully Navigate EU MDR Landscape. Semiconductor Design Services. Cyient offers turnkey analog, digital and mixed-signal application-specific integrated circuit ASIC design and system-on-chip (SoC) design services.

Semiconductor Design Services

Our strong ecosystem, including design tools, EDA tools, and foundries provides our clients a complete, end-to-end product development solution all in one place, making Cyient an ideal semiconductor design services partner. Cyient offers 20+ years of SoC design services experience with ARM and other ASIC processors for multiple applications.

With more than 300 successful tapeouts of varying complexities, power and speeds for automotive, industrial, medical, consumer, smart home and data centers, we can partner with you to develop a successful chip for your next innovative application by shortening time-to-market. Five of the top 10 global semiconductor vendors are our ASIC design services clients. Material Handling Equipment. Enhancing productivity with automation is expected contribute to the growth of the material handling equipment market, poised to cross $190 billion by 2024.

Material Handling Equipment

In addition to automation, the demand for flexible distribution operations as well as the adoption of disruptive technology (i.e., IoT) are other contributing factors that OEMs need to keep in mind. Cyient Solution: End-to-End Material Handling Equipment Solution for Accelerated Development At Cyient, we support OEMs in meeting these demands by providing product and application engineering solutions for material handling equipment including cranes (mobile, port, crawler, all terrain, tower), aerial work platforms, scissor lifts, and conveyor systems.

Our solutions encompass product design for material handling equipment, ranging from two to 100 tons of lifting capacity, as well as conveyor system design for various industry applications. Outcomes Delivered. Upstream Drilling & Production Facilities. Upstream companies need to balance the growing global demand for oil and gas with increased operational efficiencies by adopting new and innovative technologies. Some of the current challenges faced by industry players include limited resources, increasing costs, legacy systems and a long time to market. Cyient provides engineering solutions that ensure safety, environmental and local compliance for green-field and brownfield upstream facilities such as rigs and platforms. Our design solutions cover the entire spectrum of the engineering life cycle, ranging from concept and basic design, detailed engineering, as well as construction and commissioning support. PredictiveMaintenanceSolution 1019. Network Planning & Design: Wireless Engineering.

Our wireless network engineering and development solution enables our clients to compete effectively viastrategic business planning, risk analysis, market, and feasibility studies. Our team of wireless professionals provides comprehensive support to CSPs in areas of technology, operations and project management. We assess clients’ needs thoroughly and implement the best-fit services using the latest technologies from industry-leading providers. Network Planning & Design: Wireline Engineering.

Our wireline engineering services comprise a cohesive network rollout (copper, fiber and hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC)) strategy that optimizes planning, building, operating and maintenance processes.

Network Planning & Design: Wireline Engineering

This enables organizations to effectively meet business, regulatory, competitive and time pressures associated with the provision of new services. We have designed to deploy copper, fiber and HFC in Greenfield and Brownfield environments. Our services enable CSPs (communication service providers) to gain market share by supplying new services using the right access technology (e.g., Gigabit enabled Passive Optical Network, EPON or P2P) and FTTx architecture (e.g. FTTh/p/b/c/n). Asset Data Management Solutions. IT/OT Integration. We at Cyient offer integration services across utility IT and OT systems either as a standalone service or as part of an overall implementation activity. It involves various systems such as GIS, SAP, OMS, SCADA and distribution management, customer information, enterprise resource planning, and other legacy systems. We follow various system integration mechanisms that include point-to-point (application-to-application), bespoke (customized software for specific applications), web-based and middleware-based integration, SOA integration, etc.

Our skills span integration technologies such as XML, SOAP, WebSphere, Oracle ESB, Hibernate, BizTalk, SAP XI, and custom-built adaptors and scripts for integration. Communications. The impact of the constant evolution of technology in the telecom industry is unparalleled. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to be agile and adaptive to succeed in the cutthroat competition. Power Generation. With the demand for electricity expected to grow by a whopping 70% over the next 25 years, the need for reliable power generation is greater than ever before. However, given the evolving regulatory and technological landscape and increasing fluctuation in commodity market prices, optimizing the cost of power generation is a major challenge. Cyient Solution: Tailored Offerings to Drive Better Outcomes. Connected flyer air travel in digital era.

IT Service Management. Cyient has been providing IT Service Management solutions for over 17 years to some of the largest organizations across the world with large, complex IT infrastructures. The business services that Cyient provides may have different names depending on the market. Some of the names include IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Service Assurance, Business Service Management, and IT Service Operations Management. Though the name of the services we provide may vary, the outcomes that our clients require are consistent and encompass the below requirements: Enable IT staff to efficiently manage the complex IT infrastructure used to deliver business servicesEnsure a satisfying user experience by providing timely service fulfillment, reliable service availability, along with quick and accurate interactions.

Location-Based Services. SD-WAN Solution - Cyient. The Digital Manufacturer. Upstream Drilling & Production Facilities. Mobile Workforce Management System. Mining Equipment. Over the next decade, the global mining equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 8.3%. Mining equipment OEMs need to be aware of the increase in road and railway construction activities especially in hilly areas, as well as the rise in demand for coal in electricity generation and technologically advanced mining equipment. Network Operations Customer Maturity. Service Fulfillment. Downstream Plants. Limited internal design resources, cost and time overruns on projects and legacy systems are some of the challenges facing the oil and gas industry players with downstream plants.

Big Data Consulting & Analytics Services. In order to analyze big data, organizations need a flexible, scalable and secure platform that can capture and mine any kind of data.

Big Data Consulting & Analytics Services

Data Analytics in Aerospace & Defense. Product Localization. Big Data Consulting & Analytics Services. Predictive Analytics Solution for Off Highway Equipment. UDI – Moving Beyond Identification More a Practice than Compliance. Aerial Photography. Aerial photography provides a cost-effective, accurate, and reliable method to deliver mapping and modeling projects. We have long-standing agreements with national, and international clients to provide aerial photography to a variety of resolutions and specifications, all of which we’re extremely proud to be a part of. Obsolescence Management. Big Data Consulting & Analytics Services. PredictiveMaintenanceSolution Industrial Final (2) Utility Systems. Systems Implementation. Detailed Design and Engineering. The Digital Manufacturer. Nuclear Plant Engineering Services & Solutions - Cyient.

Heavy Equipment & Industrial Solution - Cyient. Communications Operate Services - Cyient. Enhancing Competitive Advantage Through Connected Equipment 1 (1) Material Handling Equipment. Big Data Consulting & Analytics Services. Mechanical Manufacturing Services. Framework for Intelligent Operations FiOps (1) Mapping. Product Localization. Electronic Manufacturing Services. COM WhitePaper FTTx 0208. Network Engineering Operations. IT Software Solutions. Hydraulic Design. Additive Manufacturing for Personalized Knee Systems cyient. Aero Systems - Cyient. Data Assessment Consultancy - Cyient. Operational Technology Solutions - Cyient.

The digital manufacturer (1) IT Software Solutions. Network Planning & Design: Wireless Engineering. Framework for Intelligent Operations FiOps. Electrical Design. Medical Technology & Healthcare. Cyient refutes claims on its involvement in development of Boeing 737 MAX systems. Enhancing Competitive Advantage Through Connected Equipment 1.

Production Machinery. Rail Transportation. 15 Reasons Cyient Outshines Other Semiconductor Design Service Providers. Electrical Engineering. Upstream Drilling & Production Facilities. Oil & Gas. Making Smart Grids Smarter Deploying Next gen Fiber to the Meter FTTM. Wind Main Plant Equipment. Mapping. Mining Equipment. PredictiveMaintenanceSolution Industrial Final. Fixed Wing LiDAR. Aero Interiors. Aftermarket Engineering Solutions For Aero & Defense. MTH Casestudy Transducers 0717 DFR. IT/OT Integration. Power Generation. Mining Equipment. The digital manufacturer. Data Assessment & Consultancy. Upstream Drilling & Production Facilities. Mining Equipment. The Digital Manufacturer Cyient. Heavy Equipment & Industrial Solutions - Cyient.

Geospatial Aerial Photography Services - Cyient. Geospatial Mapping Services - Cyient. TRA Brochure Enhance safety with CYCERO 0219 1. Network Operations Center (NOC) Operational Solutions.