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Percy Mitchell

The digital manufacturer (1) Rail Transportation - Cyient. With a domain experience of more than 15 years and 15 Mn+ engineering hours, Cyient has delivered transformative global engineering solutions to rolling stock and signaling OEMs and rail operators to ensure greater capabilities, flexibility, and increased competitiveness.

Whether designing next-generation trains, enabling complex signaling upgrades, or improving efficiency through predictive maintenance, our 1,700+ engineers are at the core of solving business challenges. Network Planning & Design: Wireline Engineering - Cyient. Our wireline engineering services comprise a cohesive network rollout (copper, fiber and hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC)) strategy that optimizes planning, building, operating and maintenance processes.

Network Planning & Design: Wireline Engineering - Cyient

This enables organizations to effectively meet business, regulatory, competitive and time pressures associated with the provision of new services. We have designed to deploy copper, fiber and HFC in Greenfield and Brownfield environments. Our services enable CSPs (communication service providers) to gain market share by supplying new services using the right access technology (e.g., Gigabit enabled Passive Optical Network, EPON or P2P) and FTTx architecture (e.g. SD-WAN - Cyient. Enhance your WAN Technology with Cyient’s SD-WAN Solution The need to go beyond hybrid wide area network (WAN) and commoditize bandwidth is growing and pushing communication service providers to invest heavily in this technology.

SD-WAN - Cyient

By expanding and enhancing the capabilities of the existing WANs, CSPs can utilize cloud technology to offer more reliable and secure network connectivity on public networks. Construction Equipment - Cyient. The global construction equipment market is estimated to grow at an impressive CAGR of 12% by 2020.

Construction Equipment - Cyient

Aftermarket Engineering Solutions For Aero & Defense - Cyient. Servitization is completely reinventing the aerospace business model.

Aftermarket Engineering Solutions For Aero & Defense - Cyient

The next-generation aerospace products are becoming more complex, and this is resulting in increased focus and greater OEM ownership of operational reliability. The airline operators are therefore relying even more on OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for service expertise. This is making organizations shift their strategy to a service-based model that generates revenue from serviceable parts. This has led to greater OEM penetration in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) market while forcing existing MRO companies to leverage digital technologies such as IoT, mobile, and cloud to remain competitive.

Operational Support System (OSS) - Cyient.

Big Data Consulting

Embedded Software & Electronics. Embedded systems play a critical role in a dynamic environment driven by technology disruptions.

Embedded Software & Electronics

Today, embedded devices are expected to perform complex tasks with greater efficiency, guaranteeing real-time behavior in both hard and soft real-time systems. With more than 15 years of experience in delivering cost- effective and high -quality embedded electronics products, we cater to different market verticals such as aerospace and defense, transport, consumer electronics, medical, semiconductors and more. Embedded Software & Electronics. Big Data Consulting. In order to analyze big data, organizations need a flexible, scalable and secure platform that can capture and mine any kind of data.

Big Data Consulting

We bring extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the advanced analytics value chain and deliver customized scalable models, while maintaining business structure and performance. Our strong pool of domain experts, architects and data scientists work diligently on defining and creating business analytics solutions. Avionics solutions for the aircraft of tomorrow. Building A Global Presence For Growing EPC Companies.

Influence of Personal Health on Medical Device Manufacturing and Engineering Solutions. Healthcare is moving away from hospital environs to patients’ personal rooms.

Influence of Personal Health on Medical Device Manufacturing and Engineering Solutions

From a physician-centric treatment to patient-preferred healthcare, technology is creating a positive impact on the ability to manage lifestyle diseases and personal health. How is personal health changing the medical landscape? Personal Health Wearables are slowly but surely transforming medical care. Wearable medical devices sales are expected to top $55 billion USD in revenue in 2022, increasing from $10.5 billion USD in 2017, as per ABI research. Let Ideas Take Flight. Be A Part of Hackadrone 2018-India’s First Hackathon for Drones. It’s not every day that you get an opportunity to do something that can potentially disrupt and redefine the industry.

Let Ideas Take Flight. Be A Part of Hackadrone 2018-India’s First Hackathon for Drones

Working with drones offers one such possibility. The world over, regulators are addressing questions and issues around the use of drones in business and industry. With significant growth in the use of drones across India, the country is following suit. In a significant step, the Indian Government on November 2, 2017, released draft guidelines that outline the first legal framework for the usage of drones and UAVs in the country. These guidelines are likely to provide a huge fillip to the industrial drone sector in India. Drones offer tremendous possibilities for industrial applications in areas such as utilities, telecom, transport, agriculture, law enforcement, agriculture, and energy and natural resources.

And therein lies the opportunity. Digitizing Telenet’s Network Inventory. Future of Networking via Software Defined Networking. In today's world, connectivity is everywhere.

Future of Networking via Software Defined Networking

With the rapid expansion in internet and computer access, and the explosion of mobile, network infrastructures are under more pressure than ever. As a result, service providers are being forced to constantly enhance their networks to keep pace with persistent growth in capacity demands. To do so, many regularly go out to market seeking new advancements in networking technology and associated next generation management tools, and then assess whether they can be applied to the benefit of their networks.

At a basic level, service providers can opt to meet elevated capacity demands through the addition of cabling and active equipment. Enabler - The Market. The telecommunications industry has conventionally focused on organic growth and expanding their customer base.

Enabler - The Market

That, however, is set to change. With mobile penetration reaching saturation levels, companies across the board are being forced to develop new, diversified growth strategies and look towards inorganic expansion. A number of factors are converging to disrupt the telecom sector in the U.S. Enabler - The Business. When it comes to telecom infrastructure, having an efficient and adaptable network is just as important as your server bandwidth and storage capacity. A software defined network (SDN) offers significant advantages over traditional architectures, including greater agility, flexibility, security, and ease of configuration. Getting the Basics Right The primary idea behind SDN is the decoupling of network configuration from traffic forwarding. This gives programmers more control over the network allowing them to directly define how each device sends traffic around the network. It also allows administrators to control network operations from a single console, which is located either locally or in a remote data center.

Given these benefits, the SDN market is seeing rapid expansion in the telecom industry. However, it's important to be aware of the challenges that may arise in the transition to any new type of data network. How AI Technology is Reshaping the Telecom Customer Experience. Many businesses are unable to run well without a dependable, high-quality wide area network (WAN) service. But as digitalization steps up and companies continue to move functionality into public and private clouds, they also grow hungrier for bandwidth. Enterprises are unable to upgrade their network bandwidth every few months as they add to their arsenal of applications.

Even if they could, it's not a cost-effective or efficient way to manage the network that connects them to their clouds and between different office locations. But software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) can help. Gartner predicts that the SD-WAN market will grow at 59% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2020 to become a $1.3 billion market. Operational Support System (OSS) Operational Support System (OSS) Operational Support System (OSS) Smart Cities Are Here! Where Are the Networks? The meteoric growth of digitalization has readied us for smart cities, and telecom service providers have played a significant role in supporting these concepts. But are traditional service providers really ready and equipped to take up smart projects? Significance of Smart Cities If we look at the stats, the urban population is heading towards 70% globally by 2050. Smart cities can play a significant role in improving the quality of urban life by providing better access to basic amenities including water, power, transport, health, and communications.

What makes a city smarter? It is network connectivity—faster, easier, and available 24/7. Telecoms to Prepare for 5G Technology Takeover. The public is ready for superfast, highly reliable 5G networks, but the telecom industry needs time and money to make them a reality. M2M Communications the Next Big Investment for Telecoms. Machine-to-machine (M2M) simply refers to the communication between devices without the intervention of a human, and it's what makes many IoT applications possible. It is the backbone of the Internet of Things (IoT), and represents a tremendous growth opportunity for telecom operators looking to find new revenue sources. Australian Smart Cities: The New Future and Reality.

The number of connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to double by 2020, and smart cities are already being built around the world. But Australia is still in the early stages of infrastructure planning and developing its first smart cities, boosted by its government's $50 million investment in the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. Where Are the World's Smart City Hotspots? Becoming Better by Design: Building an Ecosystem for Innovation. The Scope of Telecommunication Sectors in 2017. It's been a hectic year for the global telecom industry. Unexpected political results have caused much uncertainty the world over, with the full repercussions of the UK’s Brexit vote and Trump’s election victory yet to be seen. Enabler - The Business. Design Led Manufacturing: An Integrated Approach to Manufacturing.

Role of Plan, Build &Operate Model in IT Infrastructure. Changing Landscapes Within the American Telco Industry. Bluetooth Technology Eases IoT Device Connections. Imagine the power to be able to connect with thousands of IoT devices from a remote area without deploying anything at a high level. That's how the Bluetooth technology under the IoT architecture will ease connections for businesses as well as individuals. Future of Networking via Software Defined Networking.

The Synergy Between Cyient & Western Sydney University. For most university graduates there is one thing on their mind, and that is how and where they can get their first chance of real world work experience in the field of their recently attained expertise. How Bluetooth Enhances IoT Architecture To Next Level. Enabler - The Market. Enabler - The Market. Enabler - Our Solution. Enabler - The Market. Enabler - The Business.

Enabler - The Business. ASIC, SoC, FPGA Design Services. Value Analysis and Value Engineering. Aero Engines. Hydraulic Design. IoT and M2M. Mobility Solutions for Field Engineering Services. Climate Change – What the Engineering Community Can Do – Cyient Blog. “Time to Change” – How Digitalization is Changing Your Sector – Cyient Blog. Smart cities can help enhance lifestyles; but are we ready with the infrastructure? – Cyient Blog. Using Mixed Reality to Create a Metamorphic Effect on Learning and More – Cyient Blog. Liberty Global Technology Summit 2017. Reimagining Railways: How Big Data Analytics can Boost Condition Monitoring of Rolling Stock. Designing and Developing UAV applications – Cyient Blog.

Designing Medical Devices for Emerging Markets – Cyient Blog. Supporting the next generation seeking an ‘energy breakthrough’ – Cyient Blog. Are You Taking the Right Approach to Transition to SD-WAN? – Cyient Blog. 4 Reasons Why 3D Printing is the Future in HealthCare Systems – Cyient Blog. Enabling a Connected Inventory System for Communication Service Providers. Transformers: How telecoms are moving into service assurance – Cyient Blog. Finding New Product Value in Medical Devices Through Functional Analysis – Cyient Blog. Bluetooth -A Smart Communication Protocol for the Internet of Things – Cyient Blog.