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Rectocele Repair – RYC. Repair for a vaginal rectocele is pursued in order to correct the herniation or bulging of the bottom wall of the vagina. Symptoms of rectocele can become quite uncomfortable and painful over time. If left untreated, rectocele can lead to symptoms such as: the feeling of increased pressure or protrusion in the vagina or rectum, inability to defecate or feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowels, pelvic pain, and/or painful sex.

Both non-surgical and surgical procedures for rectocele repair are only considered if symptoms become severe and inhibit daily life. Surgery for rectocele is typically performed transvagianally, yet, in some severe cases, may be completed both vaginally and abdominally. Why Do I Need Treatment for Rectocele? Treatment for rectocele can greatly aid in managing and reducing symptoms of rectocele or other forms of pelvic organ prolapse. Treatment is designed to help reduce symptoms and heal any herniations, tears, or prolapses. Is Rectocele Repair Major Surgery?