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Nova Scotia Archives. Transcription: Letter to Lord Falkland.

Nova Scotia Archives

My Lord, I have just had a long visit from two very intelligent Indians, and, as I have a leisure hour, would like to lay before your Lordship, before they pass away, some of the ideas suggested by their conversation, and by subsequent reflections upon the present state of the Micmacs... Start by searching for documents to transcribe Transcribe is the Nova Scotia Archives’ collaborative online workspace where the public can participate in enhancing access to our collections documenting over 300 years of Nova Scotia history, people, and culture.

Crowdsourcing empowers communities to participate in their own history. DigiPal. A. Garz: Document Image Analysis of Historical Documents. Research by Angelika Garz Ongoing research HisDoc 2.0 - Towards Digital Palaeography An Integrated Approach Incorporating Text Localization, Script Analysis, and Semantics for Historical Documents We will analyze, develop, and integrate methods for text localization, script discrimination, and scribe identi cation into one holistic approach in order to obtain a flexible, robust, and generic approach for historical manuscript analysis in presence of complex layouts.

A. Garz: Document Image Analysis of Historical Documents

We will address documents with complex layouts and several scribes, which have been circuited by the research community so far. Manuscript transcription projects - Folgerpedia. Fully reported projects Annotated Books Online (ABO) Project Scope: This project based at the University of Utrecht seeks to become a central, international, digital transcription and translation library.

Manuscript transcription projects - Folgerpedia

There is a particular focus on famous early readers, including Gabriel Harvey, Martin Luther, and Philipp Melanchthon. Management Approach: The project relies on academic-style crowd-sourcing, requiring high-level translation and transcription skills. Both the transcriptions and translations as well as provision of digital materials are provided by partner institutions. Similarities to EMMO: Easy search and browsing capabilites. Sponsoring Institutions: Project partners: Paul Dijstelberge (University of Amsterdam) Anthony Grafton (Princeton University) Lisa Jardine (Centre for Editing Lives and Letters, University College London) Bart Jaski (Utrecht University Library) Jürgen Pieters (Ghent University) William Sherman (University of York; Victoria and Albert Museum) Assistants and Interns Dr. Dr. The Smithsonian Works to Digitize Millions of Documents. During the past six months, retired pharmaceutical researcher Irv Cantor helped transcribe a 641-page field book written by an archaeologist traveling through 1920s China.

The Smithsonian Works to Digitize Millions of Documents

Mr. Cantor has also logged details about early-day U.S. currency. DIYHistory. What does it mean to "support TEI" for manuscript transcription? This is a transcript of my talk at the 2012 TEI meeting at Texas A&M University, "What does it mean to 'support TEI' for manuscript transcription: a tool-maker's perspective.

What does it mean to "support TEI" for manuscript transcription?

" You can download an MP3 recording of the talk here. Let's get started with a couple of definitions. All the tools and the sites that I'm reviewing are cloud based, which means that I'm ruling out--perhaps arbitrarily--any projects that involve people doing offline edition and then publishing that on the web. MicroPasts. Epub-tools - Collection of open source (BSD) tools for generating and managing ePub documents. Handwriting Isn’t Dead—Smart Pens and Styluses Are Saving It.

Keyboards and touch screens may have turned our once-fine penmanship into a sloppy mess, but reports of the death of handwriting are premature.

Handwriting Isn’t Dead—Smart Pens and Styluses Are Saving It

I can prove it: I wrote this entire column by hand. Not once did I place my hands on my laptop, tablet or phone’s keyboard. Yet every word I scribbled was almost instantly transmitted to those devices. Yes, the very technology that has put pen and paper on life support is now trying to save it. Styluses, which used to be no match for our pudgy fingers, now work and feel more like real pens. But why save this ancient form of communication? The shorthand of it: focus. “People who handwrite reframe the content, and understand it better.

I also asked celebrated author Joyce Carol Oates why she still writes her novels in longhand. The latest digital writing utensils aim to preserve these traditional benefits, while empowering handwriting with what’s good about typed notes: What you write is stored, made searchable, even converted to editable text. Livescribe 3 SmartPen. Recension av Voice Assistant - Skriv med hjälp av din röst. Användningsområden När jag fick tips om den här röstigenkänningsappen tänkte jag: ”Jaha, ännu en app som säger sig klara något den inte klarar av”.

Recension av Voice Assistant - Skriv med hjälp av din röst

Smithsonian transcription project moves out of beta. Digital Government Smithsonian transcription project moves out of beta By Adam MazmanianAug 15, 2014.

Smithsonian transcription project moves out of beta

Transcribr. This distribution includes all modules and themes required to emulate the National Archives site (mentioned below).


More detailed instructions are on the way. This installation has removed the standard Drupal installation so only the profile is allowed. The National Archives launched a Crowdsource Transcription website in January 2012 at The site allows the public to contribute to transcriptions of historical documents, and helps make them more accessible to the public. Each document is categorized as "Beginner", "Intermediate", or "Advanced", based on the level of effort believed to be needed to transcribe it.

In addition to searching for documents, citizen archivists can browse by difficulty, year, and the status of transcription ("Not Yet Started," "Partially Transcribed," and "Completed"). This Drupal distribution was created to provide the custom Drupal pieces used at to individuals, and organizations who would like to create their own document transcription web site.