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Teaching Shakespeare

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Words, words, words reading Shakespeare with English language learners. Drama - 60 Second Shakespeare - Teachers' Area. Decipher the Bard. Last Updated:4 October, 2013Section:News How to unravel Shakespeare's language for dyslexic students The language of Shakespeare, beautiful to those fluent in its intricacies, is among the most difficult things an English teacher can put in front of a dyslexic student.

Decipher the Bard

Even modern texts, using language more akin to the student's own, can cause problems for dyslexics in relation to reading, sequencing of words and remembering what has been read, so presenting a text that to untrained eyes looks like a foreign language can seem like madness - to both student and teacher. It does not have to be this way. It is possible to make Shakespeare accessible to dyslexic students and enable them to see why so much time is spent studying the works of a man who died nearly 400 years ago. English - The Bard's easy, innit - resources - TES. Last Updated:30 March, 2012Section:resources Relate Elizabethan language to that of modern teenagers I once taught Romeo and Juliet to GCSE pupils at a private school and decided to show them Baz Luhrmann's film version.

English - The Bard's easy, innit - resources - TES

Five minutes in, one boy asked me, in a cultured Surrey accent: "Could I request that you put the English subtitles on? I am having some difficulty comprehending. " Aside from the irony that he expressed himself in somewhat cumbersome language, he had made a fair point. For World and Stage: an Approach to Teaching Shakespeare. Teaching Shakespeare through Induction. The original approach to teach Shakespeare.

Teaching Shakespeare today. Why teach Shakespeare? A reconsideration.