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Shades. There may be uncertainties surrounding the summer months this year, but one thing for sure is that: summer getaway plans are on their way!


No matter you’re hitting the beach or driving away from the city, here are some essentials that you should bring with you to take your sunny escape to the next level. ① Sunglasses Wait, I thought you already know that…sunglasses are the ultimate necessity when it comes to pretty much any summer activities! Aside from being a forever fashion statement, sunnies protect your eyes from harmful UV rays entering your eyes. You may also get some help from color-tinted / polarized shades for an enhanced visual experience. ② Tote Bag Some summer dates could be as casual and random, so it is always a good idea to travel light! ③ Sanitizers / Alcohol Wipes These will be much needed especially when you are out to explore the city!

④ Earpods ⑤ Books Carrying a book with you is never a guilty pleasure – we all need a digital detox from time to time! ⑥ Camera Older Post. Best Sunglasses. Best Colored Spectacle Frames for Women. Best Colored Frames for Women. High Quality Customized Eyewear. Sunglasses Brands. It is a myth that only dark or tinted sunglasses provide 100% UV protection against sunlight.

Sunglasses Brands

Clear sunglasses protection level are as good as dark sunglasses as they are equipped with anti-UV coating. Block harmful UVA and UVB from sunlight Clear lens glasses provide protection just like normal sunglasses except that they are clear lenses without tints. The anti-UV coating protects eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays present in the sunlight. Enhance vision clarity and protect your eyes from hazardous environment Peppertint's clear lens styles are equipped with anti-reflective lenses which allows only mild light rays to pass from the glass lenses, thereby enhancing vision clarity and ensure maximum protection from eye-strain, retinal damage, red-eyes, cataract, retinal migraine and headache. Wearable anytime, day or night. High Quality Customized Eyewear. Yea I got you, spending days and nights Netflix-ing during lockdown, and had run out of movie ideas, right?

High Quality Customized Eyewear

In case you need some fresh inspirations on your next movies as well as next purchase, here are 3 top moments in movies featuring classic sunglasses looks, pop some popcorn and check them out! Gene Tierney in “Leave Her to Heaven” (1945) Who says new movies wins it all? A scene in the 1945-movie “Leave Her to Heaven”, when Gene Tierney elegantly rows on a boat along the Hudson after murdering is thrilling yet notorious. Gene portrayed the role of the psychotic Ellen Berent at her very best, driving audiences into the swirl of the actress’ insanity. Peppertint’s Olive collection is a tribute to the movie – matching diamond-shaped frames with bold-color glasses - one can simple style it with a vintage look and the 40’s glamour is in you. Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961) Our Magpies also took the elements of such affection into the design, making it simple yet elegant. New Design Glasses. Santa Fe in Black. Best Glasses for Women. Best Eyewear Company.

Best Glasses Collection. Delivery Time Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan & China We endeavour to dispatch your order within two working days by SF Express.

Best Glasses Collection

International We endeavour to dispatch your order within two working days. Most destinations worldwide will be delivered to within 5-10 working days, however remote destinations may take a little longer depending on customs regulations within your country. Deliveries are made during normal business hours. Once your order is shipped, we estimate you will receive your order within 5-10 business days of its ship date. Shipping We will email you a tracking number and tracking link within one business day after your order is shipped out. After an order has been delivered to the correct shipping address, we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages by the logistics, any additional shipping costs are non-refundable. For parcel enquiries, please email within 2 months from the shipped date. Shipping Charges, Duties & Taxes Free Shipping Delivery Time.

Ladies Sunglasses. Best Sunglasses Collection. #BeYouDoYou – Peppertint. Designer glasses California. Designer glasses California. Top Quality Glasses California. Sunglasses California. Best Designer Glasses California. Best Colored Spectacle Frames For Men California. Eyewear California. Best women sunglasses California. Best women sunglasses California. Cool glasses California. Top Quality Glasses California. Tinted-Lenses Sunglasses are not just for fashionista Everyone can be the next trendy icon!

Top Quality Glasses California

Sunglasses add the extra element of any outfit and right now, none do that better than sunglasses with tinted lenses. 1) Easy to dress up with casual wear You don’t need to put on heavy make-up or wearing the most expensive clothes to look chic, just simply put on a pair of tinted sunglasses with your T-shirt and jeans, it can add on a small touch to your causal wear! 2) Give you a bit of blushy look If you want to add a bit of blushy tone to your face(no more pale looking), except putting make up on, warm tinted-lenses can be a good choice!

Not sure which tinted-lenses match you the best? Use our Home try on program today! Tags: colour lens, sunglasses, tinted lenses Older Post Newer Post. Thin frames California. Best Glasses to Buy California. Quality Eyewear California. For Summer 2018, Peppertint explores the bold personas in Los Angeles with throwback 90s shapes.

Quality Eyewear California

In colors from the sky, the collection features five styles: Abbot Kinney, Marina, LBC, Inglewood and Blake. “LA is composed of many communities showcasing different personalities. I take inspiration from people with optimistic attitudes and a brave approach to life.” Parallel to Venice beach, Abbot Kinney is a true example of this spirit. The trendy community is where residents socialize and collaborate by sharing ideas. Abbot Kinney is a frameless piece which has lenses accented with double studs. Men glasses California.

Sunglasses collection California. Cool Eyewear to Buy California. New Design Glasses California. Ladies sunglasses California. Best Eyewear to Buy California. Urgent Care. The hot summer days of August are upon us, and as temps rise, so too does your risk of dehydration.

Urgent Care

Learn the signs and symptoms of this common condition, and when it’s time to seek professional medical care. In hot and humid weather, your body sweats as a means to cool itself down. But excess perspiration can reduce body water levels, and if you are not replacing those fluids at the same rate, you become dehydrated. Water is essential for the body to function– it plays a role in nearly all its major systems. Regulation of body temperature, digestion, and joint health all depend on water. Mild Dehydration Symptoms include: Dry lips, tongue and mouthHeadacheWeakness, dizziness, and fatigueLess frequent urinationDark-colored urineNausea If you are a healthy adult, you can generally treat these symptoms on your own.

Diarrhea for 24 hours or moreFeeling irritable, disoriented, much more tired, or less active than usualCan’t keep down fluidsBloody or black stool. Best Women Sunglasses California. Sunglasses California. New Design Eyewear California. Top Quality Glasses California. New design eyewear California. New Design Glasses California. Best Glasses Collection California. Best spectacles collection California. Quality Eyewear California. Designer glasses California. Best spectacles collection. New Design Eyewear California. High quality customized eyewear California. High quality customized eyewear California. New design glasses California. Top quality glasses California. Best designer glasses California. Best spectacles collection California. Best sunglasses for men.