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Alienware quiere que México y América Latina jueguen en PC. US Male Millennials View as Much Esports as Baseball or Hockey. Oct 12 2016 New esports partnerships, investments, and sponsorships are announced on a daily basis.

US Male Millennials View as Much Esports as Baseball or Hockey

American sports clubs, owners, and celebrities are particularly embracing esports in many ways. Why is the sports world suddenly investing outside of its realm? And why are all big global and local brands now triggered to enter this space while they, for the large part, have not paid any attention to gaming as a whole?

Our latest free report, based on our Esports Consumer Insights research in 27 countries, aims to answer just that. Download the report here. Pieter van de Heuvel, Head of Esports at Newzoo: “The huge interest in esports from sports celebrities, clubs, media companies, and brands alike illustrates how games are leading the media and entertainment business toward a new future that has more in common with games than not. Three Reasons Consumer Brands and Sports Are Embracing Esports 1. Several other highlights from the report:

México, primer lugar en consumo de videojuegos en AL. New Dinkytown business a haven for gamers. A new University-area business hopes to give gamers a destination while improving their image.

New Dinkytown business a haven for gamers

Left Click Lounge, Dinkytown’s first video game center, will open its doors on Friday, Sept. 15. The business, located on 14th Ave. SE between Tim Hortons and The Refinery, will offer various gaming platforms for local students and clubs to play on. Left Click Lounge owner Ryan Christianson saw the business as a way to unite an often quiet community.

“I wouldn’t tell someone I’m a gamer, I kind of keep it on the down-low,” Christianson said. Through the business, he said he hopes to dispel negative notions of gaming. “It’s so beautiful because it shouldn’t be something people are embarrassed about but unfortunately it is, and that’s very … sad because there are people that are so good,” Christianson said. The business will offer around 40 PCs and console systems, along with various games. No form of fighting or bullying will be tolerated, he said. “It’s different,” Gast said.


Comportamiento de los Gamers en México. Investigacion desarrollada por alumnas del ITESM.Republicada con permiso de las autoras.

Comportamiento de los Gamers en México

¿Por qué lo escogimos? Escogimos dicho tema porque en principio nos interesa mucho, ya que no tenemos una idea vasta sobre dicho grupo. No sabemos sobre su cultura, sus comportamientos entre ellos y con las demás personas, sus ideologías y sus costumbres. Así también, consideramos que es un grupo actual, por lo que podemos obtener mucha información, pues podemos tener mayor acceso a los diferentes espacios donde se podría encontrar esta comunidad conviviendo.

Objetivo. Abre un centro de videojuegos en línea. Longview retoma el PC Gaming en México llevando la tecnología al consumidor. Las tendencias de la industria coinciden en que el PC Gaming es la última frontera para todo amante de los videojuegos, pero impulsarlo requiere adoptar otras formas de pensar.

Longview retoma el PC Gaming en México llevando la tecnología al consumidor

En México, la falta de iniciativa de las marcas y de un ecosistema de mercado bien definido ha dado lugar a que su adopción se de a pasos pequeños, apoyándose únicamente de quienes ya lo conocen y la Internet. Al día de hoy, el PC Gaming continua ascenso en el país pero no se le ha dado la importancia que requiere como ya sucede en otras partes de mundo donde funciona como el principal motor que sostiene la industria del gaming. Con un enfoque distinto del que pensamos se había extinguido hace un tiempo, el pasado 26 de Octubre, Longview abrió las puertas de su Gaming Center ubicado en sus oficinas en Polanco, Ciudad de México, con la finalidad de ofrecer un espacio que se convierta en el segundo hogar tanto del gamer así como de las marcas con presencia en el país.

Enviado especial: Can a Gaming Cafe be Successful? Interview with a LAN Center Owner – Part 1: Finances. We’ve got a special treat for our Smartlaunch blog readers today.

Interview with a LAN Center Owner – Part 1: Finances

Some time ago we stumbled on a old interview from 2009 by a former customer of ours, Eric Schreffler formerly of LAN Speed Games in Pheonix, Arizona. After being involved in several LAN Center businesses, Eric founded Dreams Game Center Solutions with a partner in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2008. Today DGCS works with customers in the LAN Center industry by helping them get started with their own internet cafe business. Eric also runs a side business selling sleek Smartlaunch Skins on his personal website Polycromatic Thematis. We profiled some of his skins in a blog post back in April. In this in-depth interview (graciously reposted from Reddit with interview questions posed by readers of Reddit), Eric talks about how he got into the LAN center business, finances, technical hurdles and the many customer stories from years of being in the business.

Black Wolf Gaming Center. Gamers HQ: Lake County's Premier Gaming Center. - Index. Day 2: Lan Center Business Plan - Start a Lan Center. This Post is the 2nd part of the 30 Day Game Center Start Up Guide.

Day 2: Lan Center Business Plan - Start a Lan Center

Okay we are on day 2 of the 30 day Game Center Startup guide. If you read Day 1: Game Center Market/Demographic Research you should be well on your way to researching your demographic on the area you propose to setup your Game Center. Now to the fun part, writing a Lan Center Business Plan. This will be a valuable outline for you to have to keep you focus and truly manifest the intentions of your goals.

Football teams don’t take the field without a Gameplan, neither should you. Most people believe the only reason you write a business plan is to assist you in securing funding. To summarize the importance of your business plan it will assist you in the following: So its time to consider all those things and put them into a nice readable format. If there is information in this article that you would like expanded on visit this posts section in the forums located here. The LAN Center Startup Checklist - Start a Lan Center.

Starting a LAN center or any form of business takes a lot of time, money and consideration.

The LAN Center Startup Checklist - Start a Lan Center

Visualizing your business should be simple but actually making it happen can be a daunting task. There are laws and guidelines to follow, competitors to look out for and most of all financial analysis to ponder upon.