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Behance. BONS BAISERS DE PARIS/ THE PARISIANER - Exposition *NEW - JULIE JOSEPH - Graphic design and illustration. Behance. Behance. Behance. Icons - Leonie Bos. Behance. Pablo Alfieri on Behance. Hey. La Granja Editorial. MISCELANEA · Artworks: IRIS APFEL - Collection of Work. HARA DESIGN INSTITUTE. Marie larrive. Huile sur papier, 50x50cm. 2015 Huile sur bois, 15x13,5cm. 2015 12376603_1512554662373737_3467239492935206816_n 12376075_1512555685706968_8907848161826150072_n 12360203_1512554572373746_1115652634826578071_n.

marie larrive

Precious Rascals. Tom Froese — BC Liquor. Created and produced by Everlovin’ Press and myself, Greetings From Canada is a limited edition run of fine letterpress postcards featuring the work of 10 Canadian artists, illustrators and designers.

Tom Froese — BC Liquor

The first project of its kind in the country, it aims to elevate the art of letterpress printing while showcasing a selection of some of the best creative talent Canada has to offer. I designed the packaging and branding for the project, and also was arm-twitsted by Vince into designing one of the cards (the dogsled one). It's humbling to be featured among such amazingly talented illustrators! For more info and to purchase a card or the whole set, visit Featured on Poppytalk and Applied Arts. Bouquet on Behance. Olga Capdevila. Behance. Behance. Behance. Paul Giambarba. Estudio Linavila. Animalarium. Behance. Gig posters, flyers and handbills from around the world! Skip Dolphin Hursh. Flamingo Magazine: The Future Craft Issue. A couple of weeks ago I received a copy of Flamingo Magazine: The Future Craft Issue.

Flamingo Magazine: The Future Craft Issue

Founded in 2010:‘Flamingo is a London-based culture and illustration magazine that celebrates doing-it-yourself. Investigating alternative lifestyles, we believe that creativity, community and grassroots culture are the most fascinating things in life.’ Apart from the subject matter, which is well written and concise, what I immediately liked about the magazine was it’s size, print quality, layout and the diverse spread of it’s content. It is well packed with stuff. Having the approx dimensions of a book, it fits neatly in my bag, and as I like to take my arty reading matter about with me, is very useful.

This issue deals specifically with an ethos that is close to my own heart, and that is the ‘handmade’ and the ‘art and craft movement’ as opposed to the ‘mass produced’. Here is what Flamingo have to say about this issue: Lorrie Whittington. Plumb Notebooks by Knock Knock. Les Notebooks. Jeannette Weber. Reykjavikcornerstore. KING GAMES - Colin Bigelow. MarninSaylor - The Poor Patron Featuring Skip Dolphin Hursh. We stalk along the trails of the internet jungle, hacking through content.

MarninSaylor - The Poor Patron Featuring Skip Dolphin Hursh

Wet pixel bits stick to our pith helms as we drive out new media quarry. We rip through the landscape in gangs of cool-finders. Repost and forget. Like and leave. But sometimes we stumble on something that will not be jilted. On a seemingly fruitless internet adventure I opened up a link called "Is This Thing On? This piece was just the beginning. For "Off Screen", Nickelodeon designer and animator group show Thomas: Even your static pieces convey ample amounts of kinetic energy.

Skip: Working in the context of animated GIF art has subconsciously changed the way I think about static work. For Kiblind from "GIF Party" Exhibition Thomas: Like your work, you are also constantly busy. Alexxgrigg. Earlier this week the awesome crew at Fiverr asked me to join up and start selling my services for 5 dollars a pop!


I think its about time I embraced the sharing economy, so go check out my new page. I’ll draw you a dick for 5 bucks. There are loads of upgrades too so be sure to customize your order if you feel that way inclined (the image above for example is a smiley face upgrade). Thanks for all your support guys. I’m very sorry, but fiverr has banned my gig for some reason. I’m a professional artist and will deliver quality results for those on a modest budget. $5 gets you a single black and white drawing of a dick of my choosing. Milo Targett. SOFIA BERAKHA. All marker on paper / 25 x 20 cm / 2015.


Minimalist. Diseñar es planificar » Pulgar. Action - CreativeMornings themes. Tomasz Wagner on Behance. YETI 8. Bam Bam Kollektiv / Blog. Work — BLOCK & TACKLE. Diego Pérez on Designspiration. David et Pauline. - Art direction for the “Arts Festival“ of the German Green Party in Berlin (2012 & 2013 editions). - Greetings, condolences & thanks folded cards, for the President of the German Green Party, Claudia Roth.

David et Pauline