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One Good Thing About Christmas - nihilBliss - Multifandom. Archive of Our Own. Archiveofourown. Archiveofourown. As Sure As Snow Falls - seekingjets (0fsilver) - Transformers - All Media Types. Megatron catches Starscream just as he’s cleaning up the edges of his lip tint.

As Sure As Snow Falls - seekingjets (0fsilver) - Transformers - All Media Types

A subtle color meant to enhance the shape of a curveless mouth, paired well with the softest brush of red beneath ink dipped lashes. The younger man doesn’t notice him at first, far too obsessed with the reflection in hand. Ensuring all drawn lines are straight, that delicate chains of gold rest evenly and picturesque down the powdered throat. Fussy, elegant thing that Starscream is. “And where do you think you’re going?” “That’s really none of your business.” Starscream, prim and pretty framed by the illusion of the office, told anyone all they ever really needed to know of the man.

Arrêt Touché - neveralarch - The Transformers (IDW Generation One) The video was steady and crystal clear.

Arrêt Touché - neveralarch - The Transformers (IDW Generation One)

You could only tell it was a spectator video by the odd filming angle. Off to the side, awkwardly framed to catch both the fencers and the referee. Well, the other clue was the color commentary. It was much more interesting than the official stuff. "Did someone tell Starscream that glittery red looked good on his armor? " Stars Collide - goresque - Transformers: Prime. Starscream tried to avoid Megatron whenever he drank.

Stars Collide - goresque - Transformers: Prime

Not because he was violent. Quite the opposite. Show Chapter. Archiveofourown. Sunday Morning - fluorescentgrey - The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt. Boris didn’t like Portland but Theo seemed not to either.

Sunday Morning - fluorescentgrey - The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt

And it was Theo who had decided to live there; Boris had only come because he had had to after things had gone south again in Rotterdam, and he had gone first to Hobie’s at the very beginning of the withdrawal only to find that Theo wasn’t there anymore. In what seemed a very Theo sort of methodology for dealing with his problems he had moved across the continent and away from all his debtors in order to work at an artisan furniture shop in the Pearl District. Which was where Boris showed up on a Tuesday morning straight off the airplane and decidedly no longer at the beginning of the withdrawal. There was a squalid toilet in the back and Theo dragged him in there and sat him down on the chipped and uneven tile floor slick with dust and the northwest’s irrepressible condensate.

“What the fuck are you doing here? “It’s not so bad. “I’ve seen enough.” Of Flesh and Metal Chapter 1, a transformers fanfic. Primus was benevolent.

Of Flesh and Metal Chapter 1, a transformers fanfic

Primus was everywhere. Primus was wise and strong… but so was His brother. With every Yin came a Yang and with everything right done in His name, something wrong was accomplished in the name of the Unmaker. Disney High: The Self-Made Man - IncurableNecromantic - Disney - All Media Types. He has to wear glasses to drive.

Disney High: The Self-Made Man - IncurableNecromantic - Disney - All Media Types

It has been that way ever since he got his scar. (He has never told anyone the truth about how he got it. Fortunately, no one is stupid enough to ask.) Show Chapter. Show Chapter. The weight we carry - fealle - X-Men: First Class (2011) - Fandom. So You're Expecting - peroxidepest17 - Bleach. Kenpachi is lying on the back porch of the eleventh division headquarters trying to nap when Abarai bursts through the doors in a flustered rush, flanked by a confused Ikkaku and a suspicious Yumichika.

So You're Expecting - peroxidepest17 - Bleach

In the background, Yachiru puts a new group of academy graduates lucky enough to join the eleventh through their very first set of drills. The current one being called out in the yard is one Yachiru likes to call 'Olly-Olly-Oxen-Free' and is accompanied by enough screams of terror and cries for mommy that Kenpachi figures the weak ones will go crying to the thirteenth division for transfer in about two hours. Which will save him the trouble of having to throw them over the fence for Ukitake to find tomorrow. In the meantime, Abarai squirms in front of him uncertainly and is very clearly anxious about something. Renji makes a face. Growing Out of Me Chapter 3, a bleach fanfic. You're twenty three now and you're strong.

Growing Out of Me Chapter 3, a bleach fanfic

You're grown and have become powerful from endless training and countless battles. A Cure for Love Chapter 25: I Know it's Over, a death note fanfic. Show Chapter. Kimono, a gintama fanfic. Gintama es escrita y dibujada por Hideaki Sorachi.

Kimono, a gintama fanfic

Era un día agradable, como lo últimos días había estado lloviendo, la tierra se encontraba muy fresca. El cielo estaba teñido de color azul repleto de nubes blancas, lo que proporcionaba una gran cantidad de lugares con sombra. En unas pequeñas montañas repletas de vegetación se encontraba una casa tradicional japonesa. Era pequeña, mas acogedora. El dueño se la había prestado a Gintoki, el samurái de la permanente natural, puesto que este junto a los suyos, habían hecho un trabajo para él. El samurái de la permanente natural se levantó algo adormilado del futón revuelto. Lo que no encontraba por ningún lado, era su inseparable kimono blanco con adornos azules.

Caminó con calma por los frescos pasillos de la casa, hasta que tras pasar varias puertas corredizas, llegó hasta un cuarto, donde las puertas que daban al patio se encontraban abiertas y había alguien sentado en el blando suelo cerca de las puertas que daban al patio. Fight on a Monday, Cry on a Tuesday, Throw Up on a Wednesday, but Always Laugh on Saturday & Sunday - mangemouth - Gintama. Going back home - yourhandiheld - Gintama. Gintoki wakes up on a rainy Tuesday morning to a text message.

going back home - yourhandiheld - Gintama

News travels fast in small towns. Show Chapter.